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Chihuahua, Mexico: Kiecker and Perzábal Found Innocent in the City's Femicide

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    FNS: Kiecker and Perzábal Found Innocent in Chihuahua City Femicide Date:1/14/2005 From:gbloom@nmsu.edu On Friday, December 17, 2004 US-citizen Cynthia
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      FNS: Kiecker and Perzábal Found Innocent in Chihuahua City Femicide

      On Friday, December 17, 2004 US-citizen Cynthia Kiecker and her Mexican
      husband Ulises Perzábal were found innocent of the murder of 16-year-old
      Viviana Rayas. Rayas was murdered in Chihuahua City in May 2003, according
      to Chihuahua law enforcement.

      Throughout their ordeal Kiecker and Perzábal stated that they were tortured
      for days until they falsely confessed to murdering Rayas. During the trial
      alleged witnesses reversed statements against the two saying that they were
      also tortured or coerced into make false, incriminating statements.

      Kiecker and Perzábal’s case received international attention and became an
      embarrassment for the Fox administration. In June 2004, while in Minnesota
      on a trade mission, President Fox told US Senator Norm Coleman that the
      murder charges would most likely be dropped against Kiecker and Perzábal.
      Then, approximately a week later, the Mexican embassy reversed the president
      ’s statement saying that the charges would continue and that it was charges
      against the police officers accused of torturing Kiecker and Perzábal that
      were being dropped.

      According to Carol Kiecker, Cynthia’s mother, her daughter and son-in-law
      left Mexico as soon as possible after their not guilty verdict. To insure
      their safety they were whisked to El Paso by US consular officials in a
      bullet-proof vehicle that was accompanied by Mexican federal police vehicles
      and another vehicle with three US FBI agents.

      Kiecker and Perzábal have said that they will live in Minnesota—Kiecker’s
      home state—and will not be returning to Mexico for years. According to both
      Cynthia and Carol Kiecker, the family plans to join the struggle for justice
      being waged by others that have been unjustly incarcerated and by the
      families of the serial-killing victims in Ciudad Juárez and Chihuahua City.

      Cirilo Rayas, the father of Viviana, says that he will not be quiet until
      there is justice for his daughter, according to an article in the Chihuahua
      newspaper El Pueblo. He plans to meet with the state attorney general to
      discuss his daughters case, he said.

      According to a December 18, 2004 article in the Chicago Tribune the Mexican
      Secretary of the Interior criticized prosecutors noting that “"to blame the
      innocent only foments impunity, and that only benefits the guilty."

      Chihuahua prosecutors have said that they plan to appeal the acquittal.

      El Pueblo (Chihuahua), December 17, 2004. Article by Carlos Hernández.
      Chicago Tribune, December 18, 2004. Article by Hugh Dellios.

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