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1/10 Tijuana, Mexico: Rain-Homes Destroyed, Shelters Filled and Schools Closed

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    Tijuana Rain: Homes Destroyed, Shelters Filled and Schools Closed January 10, 2005 Frequent rains in December 2004 and January 2005 have had severe
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      Tijuana Rain: Homes Destroyed, Shelters Filled and Schools Closed
      January 10, 2005

      Frequent rains in December 2004 and January 2005 have had severe
      consequences for Tijuana. Approximately 100 homes have been partially or
      totally destroyed, the city has requested the evacuation of 2,000 homes,
      most temporary city shelters are filled to capacity and schools have been

      According to Marco Antonio Sánchez Navarro, the city's assistant director of
      Protección Civil (Civil Protection), approximately 100 houses have been
      partially or totally destroyed due to rains since December 26, 2004.
      Sánchez said that specific reports of damaged homes have come from the
      neighborhoods of Cañada Verde, El Florido, Las Torres, Colonia Libertad,
      Playas de Tijuana and Colonia Juárez.

      As part of his work to protect the city, Sánchez says that his office is
      visiting neighborhoods to look for homes that are about to fall down
      hillsides because of erosion or that are threatened by mud slides. So far
      Protección Civil has requested that 2,000 homes be abandoned for safety

      Sánchez says that not every family that leaves its home goes to a city
      shelter. Instead, most families prefer to stay with relatives when

      Currently 382 people are living in temporary shelters established by the
      city. Of Tijuana’s four temporary shelters only one is not filled to
      capacity, Sánchez noted.

      Another consequence of the weeks of precipitation has been a lack of city
      services, according to an article in the Tijuana newspaper Frontera (no
      relation to FNS). Some neighborhoods have not been serviced by waste
      disposal trucks for over a month. This has led people to dispose of their
      garbage in open fields and along roadsides.

      Some citizens are worried that this waste could have negative health effects
      and they have requested that dumpsters be brought into their communities.
      Some of the communities that are experiencing illegal dumping of garbage are
      Héroes de la Independencia, Villas del Sol, Ejido Francisco Villa and
      neighborhoods near the Cerro Colorado.

      Finally, due to inclement weather, state and city civil protection officials
      have ordered the closure of all schools from preschool through high school
      in Tijuana, Rosarito, Tecate and the surrounding areas for Monday, January
      10, 2005. The Universidad Tecnológica de Tijuana also cancelled both day
      and evening classes.

      Source: Frontera (Tijuana), January 10, 2005. Articles by Manuel Villegas
      and Hamlet Alcántara.

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