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Help Defend the Rights of New Americans, Join Justice for New Americans!

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    Help Defend the Rights of New Americans From: info@nonprofitnexus.org January 15, 2005 8:10:27 AM PST JUSTICE FOR NEW AMERICANS SEEKING VOLUNTEER BOARD
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      Help Defend the Rights of New Americans
      From: info@...
      January 15, 2005 8:10:27 AM PST


      Justice for New Americans (J4NA) was formerly known as WenHoLee.org.
      New Americans is anyone, regardless race, culture, religion or
      countries of origin and their American born children who continue to
      be treated as if they are "foreigners" no matter how Americanized they
      are. It was started in 1999 from the home of our founder Cecilia Lee

      Our most notable accomplishments are our success in conducting
      advocacy and public relations campaigns on behalf of
      Taiwanese-American scientist Dr. Wen Ho Lee working at Los Alamos
      National Laboratory and Chaplain James Yee working at Guantanamo Bay.
      Both men were released from jail. Dr. Wen Ho Lee was freed with a
      public apology from Judge James Parker. Chaplain James Yee was
      released with all charges dropped.

      After 9/11, Muslims, Arabs and South Asians have been and continue to
      be automatically judged as "terrorists" or "enemy combatants." They
      are harassed, detained, deported, and some have been and continue to
      be under secret arrest.

      About the Board of Directors
      As a working board, the J4NA Board serves as both the volunteer body
      and governing body of the organization. We currently operate on
      volunteer time and contributions from individual donors. We meet once
      a month to discuss organizational development, program direction, and
      individual cases that J4NA is involved with. Board members are
      expected to volunteer on assignments between each board meeting.

      Board Member Job Description
      Justice for New Americans is seeking Board Members dedicated and
      passionate about working to ensure the civil and legal rights of New
      Americans. Board terms are for a period of two years.

      We are looking for individuals who understand civil and legal rights,
      advocacy, community organizing, immigrant rights, legal issues,
      fundraising, organizational development, and/or diverse communities.

      Responsibilities of Board Members include:
      - attend one Board meeting each month, 2 hours
      - volunteer on J4NA projects each month, 4 hours
      - make a financial commitment to the best of your ability and
      participate in fundraising activities


      Cecilia Chang
      Justice for New Americans
      (510) 537-2929
      e-mail: cecilia@...
      URL: _www.j4na.org_ (http://www.j4na.org)

      National Immigrant Solidarity Network
      No Immigrant Bashing! Support Immigrant Rights!
      webpage: _http://www.ImmigrantSolidarity.org_
      New York: (212)330-8172
      Los Angeles: (213)403-0131

      Please consider making a donation to the important work of National
      Immigrant Solidarity Network
      Send check pay to:
      1013 Mission St. #6
      South Pasadena CA 91030
      (All donations are tax deductible)

      *to join the immigrant Solidarity Network daily news litserv, send e-mail
      to: isn-subscribe@...

      *a monthly ISN monthly Action Alert! listserv, go to webpage

      Please join our new Asian American Labor Activism Alert! Listserv,
      send-e-mail to: _api-la-subscribe@..._

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