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1/11 Aert! Oppose LA County Board of Supervisor Deals with ICE!

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    LA County Board of Supervisor to consider MOU with ICE From: _jamonroe@UCLA.EDU_ (mailto:jamonroe@UCLA.EDU) January 7, 2004 From National Immigration Law
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 8, 2005
      LA County Board of Supervisor to consider MOU with ICE
      From: _jamonroe@..._ (mailto:jamonroe@...)
      January 7, 2004

      From National Immigration Law Center:

      Next Tuesday (1/11/05) the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors will be
      considering Sheriff Baca's proposal to enter into a Memorandum of
      Understanding with ICE in order to have Sheriffs' Dept. Custody Assistants
      interview new arrivals at the jail inmate processing center, and write them
      up for detainers and notices to appear. Currently ICE officers interview
      them at the end of the process, after they have been convicted, just before
      they are released. Many more people - including many who will not be
      convicted -- could be interviewed and placed in proceedings under this
      process. Sheriff Baca initially promoted this proposal as a way to get more
      federal reimbursement to the county for detaining undocumented persons
      through the SCAT program - but he now concedes that SCAT money is decreasing
      and there is no guarantee this process will bring any additional money. He
      claims that having 6 custody assistants perform this work entails no cost to
      the county because they already ask new arrivals a series of questions, and
      will simply need to ask some more questions and fill out some more

      Immigrants' rights groups and others are opposing the proposal on numerous
      grounds, including that (1) it will increase distrust of the Sheriff's Dept.
      in immigrant communities and deter crime victims from coming forward to
      report crimes, thereby weakening law enforcement; (2) in reality it will
      incur increased costs, because immigration processing is much more time
      consuming; and (3) it will expose the county to liability, both for errors
      committed in immigration processing by poorly qualified custody assistants,
      even w/ ICE supervision, and for the county's responsibility in taking time
      away from existing jail personnel for additional duties at a time the county
      is experiencing a crisis due to overcrowding and lack of personnel at the

      Currently of the 5 supervisors only Gloria Molina has come out in opposition
      to the proposal. It would very helpful to have people at the meeting to
      show opposition to this proposal. The meeting is at the Board of
      Supervisors (Temple and Grand) on Tue. Jan. 11 - they start the meeting at
      9:30, though the measure could be discussed at any time that morning.

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