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1/8 El Paso, TX: Call to Action: Rally to Shut Down Asarco!

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    Call to Action: El Paso to rally on Saturday to prepare for Asarco hearing _http://www.shapleigh.org/news_detail.sstg?id=117_
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      Call to Action: El Paso to rally on Saturday to prepare for Asarco hearing

      More than 100 people are expected to join Senator Eliot Shapleigh in a press
      conference on Saturday.

      Who: Senator Eliot Shapleigh, Sunset Heights residents, UTEP students
      What: Press conference to talk about Asarco’s air permit
      Where: Mundy Park in Sunset Heights neighborhood
      When: 11 A.M., Saturday, January 8. Information: 544-1990

      January 06, 2004 - Senator Eliot Shapleigh
      Press Release

      EL PASO - More than 100 people are expected to join
      Senator Eliot Shapleigh in a press conference on
      Saturday, January 8, where work will begin to ensure
      that Asarco’s air renewal permit is not approved. The
      press conference will be at 11 a.m. at Mundy Park in
      the Sunset Heights neighborhood.

      “Since at least 1970, ASARCO has covered up facts,
      lied about health risks concerning the issue of lead,
      arsenic, children's health and our future arises,”
      Senator Eliot Shapleigh said. “Our community has never
      had a full airing of the issues publicly, it is time
      that we do.”

      A preliminary hearing on the permit application has
      been set for 10 a.m., Thursday, Jan. 27, at UTEP in
      the Tomas Rivera Conference Center. At this
      preliminary hearing, the ground rules and affected
      parties will be established for the upcoming contested
      case hearing, which is a legal proceeding similar to a
      civil trial in state district court.

      Under the pending air permit, ASARCO proposes to
      release 7,300 tons of new pollutants (sulphur dioxide,
      lead, other) at a site that is 400 yards from UTEP and
      less than 1.5 miles from Downtown El Paso.

      Currently, there are over 500 homes in El Paso with
      lead and arsenic contamination caused by ASARCO, and
      there is not enough money to pay for the cleanup and
      the EPA is no longer cleaning up homes.

      The matter comes before the State at a critical time
      with regard to El Paso’s environmental standing. El
      Paso has applied to be taken off of the State’s
      “non-attainment list,” as it has made great strides in
      meeting Clean Air Act standards. Senator Shapleigh
      fears that the seven tons of lead, as well as other
      pollutants ASARCO would be able to emit with this
      permit, would put the city right back on the
      non-attainment list.

      The irony grows when you consider that ASARCO is
      asking for the permit when they have a $79 million
      dollar liability in El Paso, and have only contributed
      one million to the cleanup. Senator Shapleigh believes
      the company should take full responsibility for the
      cleanup, or the permit should be denied.

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