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9/14-15 Los Angeles DREAM Fast Updates!

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    9/14-15 Los Angeles DREAM Fast Updates! DREAM Fast Vigil: DAY TWO September 14, 2004 (Tuesday) From: Alvaro Huerta e-mail: ahuerta@chirla.org CHIRLA 2533 W.
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      9/14-15 Los Angeles DREAM Fast Updates!

      DREAM Fast Vigil: DAY TWO
      September 14, 2004 (Tuesday)
      From: Alvaro Huerta
      e-mail: ahuerta@...
      2533 W. Third St. Ste. 101
      Los Angeles, CA 90057
      P) 213-353-1333

      Los Angeles, CA - Across the street from an institution of higher learning,
      the Los Angeles DREAM Fast and Vigil participants continued their efforts to
      inform the public about the significance and necessity of passing the DREAM Act.

      Waking up with daily stretch exercises, the fasters prepared for a second day
      of the Campaign. However, a member of the two-week fasters had to end his
      vigil as he became ill and could not continue. His condition was not serious and
      due to his advanced age, the decision to end his fast was best for his
      health. The remaining fasters continued to hold steady and spent the day reading,
      playing board games and engaging in conversation with local university students
      who are increasingly becoming interested in the Campaign's 'Tent City' and
      supporting our efforts.

      Wise Up! members arrived to stay with the fasters and to provide information
      to passing students. The day also involved creating a set of visually
      exciting banners (in Korean, Spanish and English) that attracted the interest of many
      of those passing by the busy intersection of Hoover Street and Jefferson
      Boulevard. Team-building activities and reflection exercises helped to galvanize
      the group. A few USC professors stopped by to discuss the historical and
      philosophical origins of fasting as a powerful method of transmitting a message.

      Supporters who have expressed interest but could not fast on-site have
      pledged to fast off-site in solidarity with the on-site fasters.

      Six new endorsers, including the California Immigrant Welfare Collaborative
      (CIWC), the Interfaith Coalition for Immigrant Rights and the Asian Law Caucus,
      joined the original 19 endorsers on the second day of the two-week fast.
      Along with the organizational endorsements, endorsements from supportive
      individuals keep pouring in. Each new endorsement reinforces the resolve of the
      fasters as they persist in their struggle to let Congress and the Administration
      know that the DREAM Act must be made law immediately.

      Media interest includes the Los Angeles Times, which is considering doing a
      story on the Campaign. We will provide additional information on this as we
      learn more. We are also searching newspapers with articles carrying the story.
      Pacifica Radio's "Enfoque Latino" show was on hand to interview participants
      and plans on returning to cover the fast. Our media coordinators are doubling
      their efforts to draw media attention by releasing statements and updates
      each day of the Campaign.

      Day Three of the campaign will see the fasters preparing pickets and banners
      that depict symbols of higher education and the DREAM act. The Association of
      Latin American Students (ALAS) from Santa Monica Community College will join
      the fasters in solidarity.

      DREAM Fast Vigil: DAY 3
      September 15, 2004 (Wednesday)

      Jane E. Chung
      Program Associate
      National Korean American Service & Education Consortium (NAKASEC)
      Tel: 323/937-3703
      e-mail: jane@...
      Web: http://www.nakasec.org/

      [Los Angeles] Day 3 of the DREAM Fast Vigil kicked off with the theme "Higher
      Education Day." The highlight of the day came through paintings that fasters
      drew that tied higher education to the DREAM Act. Fasters also drew pictures
      depicting their thoughts and feelings. These will be hung as part of the
      existing visuals at the fasting site throughout the 2 weeks. The fasters are
      also engaged in daily journals and writing daily letters to Senate Majority
      Leader Bill Frist and to President Bush.

      The fasters were also joined by two new 24-hour solidarity fasters. Noraney
      Compo from the Immigrant Rights Coalition at UCLA joined as a student in
      support of the student legalization legislations. Noraney commented on Day 3
      saying, "I'm feeling pretty good. Today a parent stopped by our information booth
      and found out about the DREAM Act. She wanted to get involved and said she
      will come back to support us. It is important that we get support and interest
      from everyone."

      The interest from the campus grows daily as students, parents, and teachers
      are stopping by the information booth to take information and wishing the
      fasters luck. There were also those students that had noticed the campaign on
      previous days and stopped by the information desk for the first time to ask about

      Han Jin Kim, a 22-year student at UCLA and a 1-week faster said, "I'm feeling
      pretty full to see all the people here in Los Angeles and across the country
      working for this cause. I'm feeling optimistic to see students and just
      people stopping by our information booth asking questions and wishing us luck. I
      don't have time to think about my hunger because I am hopeful."

      Hopeful is also what Mrs. Chang (wants to withhold whole name) also felt
      today. Mrs. Chang is a mother of an undocumented student. She had heard about
      the fasting campaign through the Korean media and wanted to participate.
      "Anything that I can do as a mother I will do for my daughter. I feel like I am
      making a difference. Because of work I cannot come out everyday. But I am going
      to come out again, with my daughter, on Sunday."

      The fast action has been gaining media attention. Today covered the Korean
      Daily, Hankyoreh Daily, and Radio Seoul came out to support the fasters as well
      as interview students and Ms. Chang. As fasters gear up for Day 4 of the
      DREAM Fast Vigil, they are all hoping for escalated support and action around the
      student legalization legislations.

      DREAM Fast Vigil Campaign
      September 13 - 25th
      In front of the University of Southern California (USC) - CORNER OF HOOVER

      Fasters Needed for Los Angeles DREAM Fast Vigil 9/13-25!

      ActionLA and National Immigrant Solidarity Network had endorsed the fast and
      will provide faster for the DREAM Fast Vigil, we are encourage APALA members
      to support as well!

      Suggest fast date:
      Sept 16th, 2004: 24 Hr. General Supporter Day
      Sept 21st, 2004: 24 Hr. Labor Supporter Day Fast and Immigrant Convention 9
      AM - 12 PM at Korea Town
      Sept 23rd, 2004: March and Vigil Day

      For more information, or to get involved, please call us at (213) 201-4449 or
      email harroyo@...

      Lee Siu Hin
      National Immigrant Solidarity Network

      National Immigrant Solidarity Network
      No Immigrant Bashing! Support Immigrant Rights!
      webpage: http://www.ImmigrantSolidarity.org
      New York: (212)330-8172
      Los Angeles: (213)403-0131

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      Coalition, National Immigrant Solidarity Network and US-Mexico Border Actions
      Send check pay to:
      1013 Mission St. #6
      South Pasadena CA 91030
      (All donations are tax deductible)

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