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    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 8, 2004
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      HispanicVista.com Weekly Digest


      Rising power of the immigrant vote
      By Carolina Gonzalez
      With the number of Hispanic, Asian and immigrant voters growing across the
      United States, those choreographing the public face of this week's Republican
      National Convention are working hard to shed the party's image as a bastion of
      white, conservative America. For the first time ever, the convention features
      daily press briefings in Spanish and Spanish translation of all the convention
      proceedings on its website.

      From Democratic Party headquarters:
      "After watching the Republicans attack him over and over for four straight
      nights, John Kerry launched the general election campaign last night with a
      stirring midnight rally in Ohio. In his speech, Kerry made it clear that the
      Republicans aren't going to get away with the lying smears that define their
      politics of personal destruction."

      Women Know What is at Stake
      By Dolores Huerta
      Last week, I joined women from across the country for the Women for
      Kerry-Edwards national kick off. As a lifelong organizer, I was honored to celebrate
      Women's Equality Day on the 84th anniversary of women gaining the right to vote.
      Women from New Mexico, Pennsylvania and Ohio, California and even Alaska
      organized events in support of John Kerry and John Edwards. Women everywhere had
      the same concerns -- concerns that I am personally familiar with as a Latina
      and a grassroots activist.

      Does G.O.P. Compassion and Opportunity Extend to the Undocumented?
      By Guillermo Chacon
      "Compassion" and "opportunity" appear to be in plentiful supply in New York
      this week, at least judging by how the Republicans are using these words as
      central themes of the Republican National Convention… Immigrants, and especially
      the undocumented, are left to scratch their heads in wonder: "Are they talking
      about me?"

      GOP's Wrestling Match Over Immigration-Schizoid or Fixed?
      By Roberto Lovato
      Blockbuster California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger used his personal story
      and star power to deliver one message to the immigrants watching this week's
      Republican Convention: Immigration is still the stuff of dreams. Tom Tancredo,
      Colorado congressman and head of the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus,
      came to New York to deliver another message.

      Will Governor Schwarzenegger's Words Be Met With Immigration Reform Action?
      National Immigration Forum
      Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California gave a rousing speech to RNC
      convention delegates in New York describing his view of America and his own
      immigrant experience. He, like so many immigrants, came to this country seeking the
      American Dream, and like so many immigrants, he has achieved it. But for many
      other immigrants…

      Wooing Wisconsin's Latino Voters
      By Robert Miranda
      Latinos, long dismissed as a marginal force in Milwaukee by the political
      parties, find themselves now being avidly courted by Republicans and Democrats
      alike - Bush, Cisneros, Huerta….

      What Rights Are We Willing To Forego?
      By Mayor Michael Hassig
      Carbondale, CO
      (Note: More than 330 communities and towns and four states have passed local
      resolutions against the USA PATRIOT Act and the intrusions into civil
      liberties that it represents. These resolutions have come not only from small bastions
      of liberalism like Madison, Wis., but also from large cities like Jackson,
      Miss.; New York City; Washington, D.C.; and Los Angeles, Calif. Recently,
      Carbondale, Colo., joined their ranks, and Carbondale Mayor Michael Hassig gave the
      following remarks to a gathering of local residents and activists on Aug. 29.)

      REBUTTAL to Frank Chavez's July 24, 2004
      Counterpoint to "Higher Education and Instruction in Spanish: A Call for
      By Pablo Hidalgo
      In responding to my initial column in Hispanic Vista about the need to
      establish schools and universities providing instruction in Spanish, Frank Chavez
      raises many important points about the need for education in lifting the
      fortunes of today's Latinos. I respect his personal achievements as an immigrant
      Latino as well as his emphasis on learning English. I feel, however, that some
      central arguments of my original column…

      Who Are the Real Terrorists? More Than Meets the Eye of The GOP in New York
      By Roberto Lovato
      While protesters and politicians here prepare to address a world audience
      with speeches about terrorism and platforms about protecting Americans, Jesuit
      priests testifying this week in the case of a man accused of killing Salvadoran
      Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero in 1980 have an audience small enough to fit
      into a San Joaquin Valley courthouse.

      "The Mexican Perspective"
      By Patrick Osio, Jr.
      Click here for more info
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      Patrick Osio, Jr.

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