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Karl Rove on immigration...we only have a border with Mexico...not with Canada???

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  • Al Soto
    Excerpt from Transcript Karl Rove on Fox News Special Report with Brit Hume, August 26, 2004 ...] HUME: I want to bring up one issue that since it was known
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      Excerpt from Transcript
      Karl Rove on Fox News' "Special Report" with Brit Hume, August 26, 2004


      HUME: I want to bring up one issue that since it was known you were
      going to be on this broadcast we have been inundated with e-mail about:
      immigration. And the e-mail seems to come from southern and western
      states where people believe that the border is porous and that the proposal
      that the president has come up with for addressing this problem, which
      has not been enacted as I understand it, is basically an amnesty
      program masquerading as a guest worker program.

      ROVE: No. It's not an amnesty program. In fact it's just the opposite.

      What it says is is that we will pair up willing workers and willing
      employers when there is a job that is -- that Americans won't fill, we
      will pair up willing workers and willing employers.

      People will be allowed to come here and work. But they don't get --
      they don't go to the head of the line. If they want to become a U.S.
      citizen they've got to the back of the line, stand in line like everybody

      We are -- this president is very much against amnesty. He also
      recognizes that there are jobs that are going to go unfilled in this country
      and that rather than encouraging people -- you know, look, family values,
      as he says, don't stop at the Rio Grande River. If you're making 50
      cents a day in Mexico and you can make $5 an hour in the United States,
      you're coming for the $5 every time in order to support your family.

      And what he wants is a program that relieves the pressure on our
      borders by saying to somebody in Mexico or Central America, you can come up
      here and work for a time, put together a little bit of money and go

      HUME: The same critics who have been e-mailing me say that this program
      has been offered and not accompanied the kind of resources to stop the
      traffic across the border, that the enforcement mechanism is simply too

      ROVE: No. I disagree. Look, more can be done, certainly, but we have
      dramatically increased border security, first of all by putting all these
      different agencies -- it used to be when you'd go to the border, you
      had the INS, you had the Border Patrol, you had the Customs, and they
      were -- and you had so ag units. You had all kinds of people who had
      different functions along the border.

      We've now put them all in one entity so that we can take our resources
      and apply them to the border. And we've given them more resources to
      get the job done. And we are giving them the tools to deal with the
      illegal immigrants in a way that it's just not a revolving door. That people
      come across, that they get let out in our society. That they never show
      up for their hearings.

      We've given them some very significant tools to stop that.


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