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8/13 Alert! Pakistani Immigrant Detained in N.Y.C. Deported!

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    Pakistani Immigrant Detained in N.Y.C. Deported .c The Associated Press HUDSON, N.Y. (AP) - Immigration authorities have deported a Pakistani immigrant who was
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 13, 2004
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      Pakistani Immigrant Detained in N.Y.C. Deported
      .c The Associated Press

      HUDSON, N.Y. (AP) - Immigration authorities have deported a Pakistani
      immigrant who was detained after snapping photos of a reservoir during the jittery
      weeks after the 2001 terror attacks.

      Ansar Mahmood, 27, a former pizza deliveryman, called a supporter Thursday
      night to say he was at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City
      and getting ready to board a plane for Pakistan.

      Mahmood raised suspicions when he was seen taking a photograph near a
      reservoir in upstate New York just weeks after Sept. 11, 2001. While no
      terror-related charges were filed against him, investigators discovered that he co-signed
      an apartment lease and registered a car for a Pakistani couple with expired

      Mahmood was convicted in January 2002 of harboring illegal immigrants and
      later ordered sent back to Pakistan. He was released from the Buffalo Federal
      Detention Center on Thursday.

      Within hours, Susan Davies of the Ansar Mahmood Defense Committee said she
      received a phone call from Mahmood at the airport.

      08/13/04 06:49 EDT

      Also at the US-Mexico Border..

      New laws tighten borders
      Homeland Security will speed up some deportations, prolong Mexicans' legal

      Associated Press
      August 11, 2004

      WASHINGTON -- The day before President Bush was to campaign in Arizona and
      New Mexico, the Homeland Security Department announced it would hasten
      deportations of illegal immigrants who are not Mexican or Canadian citizens.
      The department also said it would grant legal Mexican visitors up to one
      month, rather than just three days, to visit or do business in U.S. communities
      close to the southern border.
      Both changes will take effect immediately after the new rules are published
      in the Federal Register this week, said Asa Hutchinson, the department's
      undersecretary for border and transportation security.
      "There is a concern that as we tighten the security of our ports of entry
      through biometric checks there will be more effort made by terrorists through our
      vast land borders," Hutchinson said. "We recognize we have to secure those."
      Bush was to make a campaign swing today through Arizona and New Mexico, two
      battleground states in the presidential election. Hutchinson said the
      announcement was not timed to coincide with the visit.
      The president had made immigration reform a priority but put it on the back
      burner after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks.
      "In terms of reforming immigration policy, this is very small potatoes," said
      Gordon Hanson, economics professor at the Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies at
      University of California, San Diego. "You are not doing anything to affect the
      legal status of the roughly 5 million Mexicans in the United States without a
      green card. I don't think this is for Mexico. I think this is for Hispanic
      voters of the United States. I think this is for Arizona and New Mexico."

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