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    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 10, 2004
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      HispanicVista.com Weekly Digest
      Our Point of View - Nuestro Punto de Vista
      HispanicVista COLUMNISTS
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      HispanicVista.com COLUMNISTS

      Extreme poverty and poverty down in Mexico - is there reason to brag?
      By Patrick Osio, Jr.
      Big news - Mexico proudly announced amid pomp and congratulations from the
      World Bank along with self back patting that from 2000 through 2002 the number
      of Mexican citizens living in extreme poverty had decreased from 24.2 to 20.3
      million citizens or down to 19 percent of the total population. Extreme poverty
      is defined as those who don't even have or earn enough to feed themselves
      adequately. The second bit of good news is that those living in poverty, but not
      extreme, decreased from 69.6 to 51.7 million or 49 percent of the population.
      So that between the extremely poor and poor there are a total of 72 million
      Mexicans (68 percent of the population) living in such conditions. So that out
      of a population of 105 million only 33 million do not live in some form of
      poverty - and this is something to be brag about?

      Mexican Women as domestic workers in the USA - helps careers, but not theirs
      By Erika Robles
      It's a fact that First World imperialism and development policy in the Third
      World have resulted in resource depletion, debt, and poverty for many of these
      nations. The extraction of resources by the United States and other First
      World nations forces many people in the Third World to migrate to follow their
      countries' wealth.

      Does Bilingualism Keep You Young?
      By Domenico Maceri
      Like any other human organ, the brain needs exercising. By using it in two
      languages, bilingual children develop a mental agility which monolingual ones
      lack. That's what Laura-Ann Petitto, a researcher at Dartmouth University,
      revealed in a study published last year. Bilingual children can perform certain
      cognitive tasks more accurately than monolinguals. They are also more creative,
      better at problem-solving, and also score higher on literacy tests.

      The Christ I Knew
      By Patrisia Gonzales and Roberto Rodriguez
      This is a first-person column by Roberto Rodriguez
      Not a day goes by that someone on this planet isn't invoking God or a higher
      power for the purposes of war or some other self-enriching scam. When I was
      growing up, like most people on this continent, I was introduced to a Christ and
      his teachings about the sacredness of life. Today, I no longer recognize that
      same Christ nor those teachings.

      Dead Cat Bounce
      By Steven J. Ybarra, JD
      So I am back from the Democratic National Convention (and from training
      Latino activists in Vermont and New York) just to change the underwear and do the
      laundry. During the Convention I was a constant source of punditry to local and
      national news. Being a renowned pundit, one person asked me how much of a
      bounce Kerry would have coming out of the Convention.

      Terrorists among you and the other more costly in lives and money significant
      By Richard N. Baldwin T.
      This article is primarily addressed to our cousins in the United States, but
      it also concerns us in México. The subject is terror… Putting this in
      prospective, let's review some of the statistics from the infamous 9/11 terrorist
      attacks in 2001 against the US… Direct deaths, 3,030 and total injured 2,337.
      World Trade Center cost, original $1.5 billion. Present value basis, $3.5 billion.
      This does not include infrastructure rebuilding and clean up. This was a
      significant event in US history and without going into pros and cons, has so far
      involved the US in two wars and has created a lot of ripples in the economy…
      But today, we are going to look at another significant war that has been ongoing
      for quite some time . . . the drug war. Do some comparisons here.

      Denver: Fundraiser for Lalo Delgado

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      Patrick Osio, Jr.

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