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Unions Anti-immigration

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  • Al Soto
    Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2004 12:37:04 -0700 (PDT) From: carlos bravo Subject: Re: Re Latino/immigrant bashing That Is Pure Non-Sense....
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      Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2004 12:37:04 -0700 (PDT)
      From: carlos bravo <seafarersstar@...>
      Subject: Re: Re Latino/immigrant bashing

      That Is Pure Non-Sense....

      Maybe the Farm workers or other Unions strongly Connected to Immigrant
      but the National Unions have lined up as Anti-Immigration.

      Unions and Chicanos have always had an adversarial relationship.
      in The Mid-West and East Coast...Clinton signed tha Bill because his
      in the South, Esat and Mid-West had put a gun to his head. They Vote,
      in the Southwest we do not.

      Rosalio Munoz <rosalio_munoz@...> wrote:
      Then it was passed by the Republican Congress and signed by Clinton in
      an election year. Again in an election year there is the danger the
      GOP Congress will move and Bush sign. There is more support among
      Democrats, more Latinos, more pro labor folks, but the Republicans may try to
      force them into a corner. We have to be ready and also strengthen our
      ties to our allies. Rosalio

      Felipe Aguirre <aguirrefel@...> wrote: the law was signed in
      1996 and took effect in 1997
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      From: Rosalio Munoz
      To: Aztlannet_Action@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Thursday, August 05, 2004 6:00 AM
      Subject: Re: [Aztlannet_Action] Re Latino/immigrant bashing

      Companeras y companeros,
      If the law Felipe talks about was signed in 1997 it would have had to
      have been passed after the November 1996 elections when Clinton ran
      against Dole. Not to defend Clinton, though on that one, though again one
      should note that if it was in that period the bill would have to have
      been passed by the Republican controlled Congress.
      The Republicans control Congress today, (plus the White House and the
      Supreme Court much to the dismay of most of the world) and there is a
      great danger of last minute anti immigrant legislation from the
      Republicans, the Clear Act being one of them deputizing cops as immigration
      As for the worst laws in the last 100 years. What about the quota
      system?, the creation of the border patrol with math deportation powers,
      lets have some historical context here. I have no love for the
      Democratic Party though there are many progressive democrats that I support.
      One of the worst immigration laws in my lifetime was the Eilberg Law that
      was past in the last minutes of Congress (Democrat Controlled) on the
      consent calendar during the 1976 Presidential Election year, one vote in
      the House or Senate could have stopped it but the fix was in, It
      reduced the Mexican access to the then Western Hemisphere quota to 20,000
      and took away the preference for parents of minor citizen children. I
      think you remember that one Felipe, we first worked together on
      immigration issues fighting against its impact organizing a forum at the Embassy
      Auditorium downtown.
      There is the danger of another legislative migra raid on our rights
      after Congress reconvenes after Labor Day. The raids of last June was a
      powerful opening salvo of a right wing Republican attack across a whole
      front of immigration issues, though some Democrats like Joe Baca and
      others are fighting hard in their way, we cannot depend on the Democrats
      to stop facist style policies, it will take mass efforts of our people
      in coalition with labor, African American, Asian American, civil
      liberties and many others, as ell as a massive movent to defeat Bush and the
      right wing Republicans in the November 2 elctions . This coming
      conference is a big step forward in such a fight for immigrant rights, and the
      rights of all. Rosalio

      Felipe Aguirre <aguirrefel@...> wrote:
      dear brothers and sisters;
      in reference to the email by brother rosalio munoz dont forget that it
      was the democrat clinton that signed the Anti-immigrant IIRIRA law in
      1997 that was the federalization of Prop 187 , during his campaign for
      re-election against bob dole- This law along with "welfare reform and
      the anti-terrorist law were the most reactionary immigration laws in the
      last 100 years(Clinton laws) and it was under his administration that
      the Sandia National Laboratory of new Mexico developed the blueprint
      for the low intensity war against immigrants in the border regions was
      developed- hold the line -operation gatekeeper
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      From: Rosalio Munoz
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      Sent: Wednesday, August 04, 2004 12:34 PM
      Subject: [Aztlannet_Action] Re Latino/immigrant bashing

      For the past several weeks I have been sending out items about
      immigrant and Latino bashing primarily taken for the hate group web site
      American Patrol as well as other sources. Since the mid seventies
      orchestrated immigrant bashing has been a concern of mine when it surfaced very
      strongly around the time the United Farm Workers began winning elections
      in the fields and other labor and community organizing efforts that
      included Latino immigrants began to grow. It grew stronger with the
      Proposition 13 tide and institutionalized in the Reagan years.
      Last year during the California recall election a new wrinkle arose,
      the attack on Mecha launched to smear Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante that grew
      into the smearing of Governor Gray Davis and brought Schwartznegger
      into office. The new wrinkle linked the anti immigrant efforts of the
      past to an anti Latino empowerment backlash effort and was very
      successful. People were not ready for it, a retreat took place most noticeably
      on the repeal of the immigrant drivers license bill with not an opposing
      vote in the State Senate, as part of a compromise that was never
      The right wing has continued on this line but now on a national basis.
      Foreign Policy, a top level establishment journal published Harvard
      professor' Samunel Huntington's ravings on a Latino/immigrant threat to US
      culture and values, among other things it linked the anti immigrant
      hysteria with the "values" concerns of the religious right. Anti immigrant
      forces tried to take over the Sierra Club . Republican student groups,
      began well publicized campaigns against Mecha on the prestigious
      Stanford and UCLA campuses, mass immigrant raids began in June, military
      planes and equipment is being added to the Border Patrol, deportees are
      being flown by jet deep into Mexico. Congress has been flooded with anti
      immigrant proposals that could be railroaded through or at least made
      highly visible after Labor Day. The Bush administration has taken
      special steps to squash bipartisan legislative efforts for more rights for
      immigrants. Right wing forces in state and local governments are
      implementing or threating anti immigrant measures in every state of
      the Union.
      Much positive of course is happening like the labor led immigrants
      rights Freedom Ride last year, and all kinds of follow up since. As the
      election approaches an upsurge of Anti Bush sentiment and effort amongst
      Latinos is growing, however the anti Latino/immigrant backlash campaign
      is also unfolding in an unprecedented manner as well. Recently an AFGE
      union group of Border Patrol agents is campaigning against the 100% pro
      labor Latino Rep. Joe Baca (D-CA) for his stand against immigration
      raids, and they threaten more such efforts. Republican Latino Congressman
      Bonilla of Texas has joined in the anti immigrant hysteria focussing on
      Central Americans. A South Carolina African American Republican
      candidate for Senate has been so anti immigrant that even GOP leader Jack
      Kemp has had to disown him. Bogus studiens and investigative journalism is
      being produced on every major issue about how immigrants "negatively"
      impact on education, gangs, health care, sex crimes, etc., etc.
      What we have before us is a highly sophisticated campaign to use the
      anti Latino/immigrant themes as a wedge issue against the whole spectrum
      of anti bush forces that will also seek to intimidate the Latino vote,
      scare away liberals from pro immigrant stands, provoke nationalist
      reactions and add to the overall climate of hate and fear of the far rights
      electoral strategy.
      I think what is needed is a truth squad, an anti defamation effort that
      helps people counteract the lies. Developing responses, or gathering
      up good responses produced, common stereotypes and lies. If some left
      and progressives start doing it others I am sure would get involved,
      perhaps there are such efforts already.

      Possible topics.
      Immigrants and taxes, social services, social security, health care,
      crime, learning English, wages, history of immigration & other forms of
      importation of labor eg slavery, the ultra right nightwork of hate in
      general and related to Latinos and immigration, etc, etc.

      Is anyone already doing such work? Are there good articles and essays,
      research on this, are there people out there wanting to help on such a
      project. ?

      The news is to be reported not to sway opinion. No more melodrama of constant entertainment trivia on news time. The founding fathers knew that government is always corrupt, that is why they gave us civil liberties. The people must lead to survive corrupt governments. Read the constitution. (In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this includes information for research and educational purposes.) Al Soto (c) 2004

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