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8/7 U.S. Immigration News from CHRI

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    Immigration News Briefs Vol. 7, No. 32 - August 7, 2004 From: _nicajg@panix.com_ (mailto:nicajg@panix.com) 1. Immigrant Triggered Terror Alert? 2. Boeing
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      Immigration News Briefs
      Vol. 7, No. 32 - August 7, 2004
      From: _nicajg@..._ (mailto:nicajg@...)

      1. Immigrant Triggered Terror Alert?
      2. Boeing Contract Workers Arrested
      3. Traffic Raids in Missouri
      4. Texas Airport Raided Last February

      Immigration News Briefs is a weekly supplement to Weekly News
      Update on the Americas, published by Nicaragua Solidarity
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      A federal grand jury will meet in Houston on Aug. 16 to consider
      the case of Farida Goolam Mahomed Ahmed, a South African national
      arrested on July 19 while attempting to board a plane to New York
      at McAllen Miller International Airport in McAllen, Texas, near
      the Mexico-US border. Ahmed, who had lived in the US previously
      with a valid 1996 visa, had no current visa and was carrying wet
      jeans in her bag. After entering Mexico legally, she had crossed
      the Rio Grande River to get to the US, she confessed to federal

      On July 22, Ahmed was charged with entering the US illegally,
      lying to a federal agent and altering her South African passport
      by removing six pages from it. "We are handling this like any
      other immigration case," the US attorney on the case, Michael
      Shelby, told a local paper on Aug. 4. "And I think there are some
      media outlets and even some public officials who may very well be
      embarrassed by the way they have reported on this case once the
      facts of the case become public." [The Monitor (McAllen) 8/5/04]

      Fox News, a rightwing television news network, had reported
      that Ahmed's arrest "appears to be linked" to a warning Homeland
      Security Secretary Tom Ridge issued on Aug. 1 about possible
      terrorist attacks on financial centers in New York, Newark, NJ
      and Washington, DC. The Al-Qa'ida terror network "planned to send
      terrorists across the Mexican border into the United States to
      conduct suicide attacks" in New York, according to unnamed "law
      enforcement officials," who also said Ahmed's name appeared on a
      Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) watch list. Rep. Solomon
      Ortiz (D-TX) said "very credible" people told him Ahmed had
      traveled within the US more than 250 times. [Fox News 8/1/04]

      Eddie Flores, Border Patrol spokesperson for the McAllen sector,
      told the New York Times no negative information about Ahmed came
      back from the FBI's automated fingerprint check. Mexican
      authorities deny that she was on any watch list, and Tshepo
      Mazibuko, a spokesperson for the South African embassy in
      Washington, said the US had not asked for help in identifying
      her. [NYT 8/7/04]


      On June 15 or 16, immigration agents arrested three men who were
      working for a roofing company at a Boeing plant in Wichita,
      Kansas. The three Latino immigrants were charged with misuse of a
      Social Security number. They were employed by Buckley Roofing
      Inc., which has a contract for general maintenance at the plant.
      The arrests were part of a nationwide crackdown on immigrants
      working at defense sites. Boeing, which receives information from
      contractors and performs its own background checks, became
      concerned about the workers and notified authorities on June 15.
      Immigration officials said they plan to review records for
      Buckley Roofing's other employees. [AP 6/16/04]


      On June 10, local police in Buffalo, Missouri, arrested 50
      undocumented immigrants at a license and insurance checkpoint
      near a local park. Officer-in-charge Sgt. John Maddux said
      Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents took 34 men, 11
      women and five juveniles into custody after the Buffalo police
      stopped four vans and a passenger car traveling together at the
      checkpoint. Maddux said ICE was still holding those arrested as
      of the morning of June 14--including one who apparently had a
      permanent residence document. [Buffalo (MO) Reflex 6/16/04]

      It was the second such operation in Buffalo in two months: on
      Apr. 23, local police called in ICE agents to arrest 19 people
      traveling through the town in a pickup truck. ICE took all 19
      into federal custody for being in the US illegally. Randall
      Grimes, resident agent in charge of ICE's office in Strafford,
      about 30 miles south of Buffalo, said a local police officer
      stopped the vehicle because he noticed the driver and passengers
      acting suspiciously. Grimes said the group was heading from
      Phoenix to Tennessee. ICE agents apparently arrested 78
      undocumented workers during seven such stops in the same area
      during April. [News-Leader (Springfield, MO) 4/26/04]


      Last Feb. 10, ICE agents arrested 39 out-of-status aircraft
      repair workers at Rick Husband International Airport in Amarillo,
      Texas. "They didn't have a warrant or any explanation about what
      they were doing there, just machine guns and ski masks," said
      Mike Manclark, president of Leading Edge Aviation Services,
      which employed the workers--from Mexico, Brazil, Guatemala and El
      Salvador. According to Manclark, some 30 agents surrounded the
      facility and blocked surrounding streets while a helicopter
      circled overhead. ICE spokesperson Maria Elena Garcia-Upson
      admitted that two undercover agents wore masks during the
      operation, which Manclark said was an uncalled-for show of force
      by "a runaway federal government." City, county and state
      officials also took part. [ICE News Release 2/10/04; Amarillo
      Globe News 2/11/04]


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