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He has a right ...and he can get NOT be re-elected..., Immigrant Bashing, Stop death camps in Arizona

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  • Al Soto
    Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2004 05:03:22 -0700 (PDT) From: Rosalio Munoz Subject: Republican Latino Rep Joins Anti Immigrant Chorus Bonilla
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 5, 2004
      Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2004 05:03:22 -0700 (PDT)
      From: Rosalio Munoz <rosalio_munoz@...>
      Subject: Republican Latino Rep Joins Anti Immigrant Chorus

      Bonilla Wants Federal Aid To Jail More Illegal ImmigrantsTerrorists
      Might Pose As Central Americans, Avoid Capture
      POSTED: 9:13 pm CDT August 2, 2004
      UPDATED: 11:36 am CDT August 3, 2004

      SAN ANTIONIO -- U.S. Rep. Henry Bonilla, of San Antonio, wants to use
      Homeland Security funds to pay for temporary shelters or increased jail
      space for some illegal immigrants.

      Our Homeland Security Page
      Images Of Suspects
      Preparedness Tips
      Alert Levels Change Your Behavior?
      Five Levels Of Alert System
      Report suspicious activity to the FBI.
      Web Site:
      FBI Tips, Leads
      Hot Line:
      (866) 483-5137

      Bonilla made the request in a letter to Department of Homeland Security
      Secretary Tom Ridge.

      Bonilla said he was particularly concerned about so-called
      "other-than-Mexican" illegal immigrants, often from Central America, who are caught
      by the Border Patrol and then released because of a lack of confinement
      space and funds.

      The Republican congressman said that he's worried about terrorists
      sending attackers posing as Central Americans into the United States over
      the Mexican border.

      "Illegal aliens are by their nature, law breakers," he said in the
      letter to Ridge.

      The catch-and-release program is "a serious gap in our nation's
      homeland security."

      "A terrorist can take advantage of the policy that allows Central
      Americans to go free," Bonilla said, in a separate statement.

      Bonilla's office said that over 4,400 Central Americans have been
      released so far this year in the Border Patrol's Del Rio sector and 86
      percent of those captured never appear before an immigration judge.

      Federal funds to build or expand detention facilities would help the
      situation, Bonilla said.

      In Frio County, a federal facility is still a year away from
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      be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed

      Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2004 12:34:26 -0700 (PDT)
      From: Rosalio Munoz <rosalio_munoz@...>
      Subject: Re Latino/immigrant bashing

      For the past several weeks I have been sending out items about
      immigrant and Latino bashing primarily taken for the hate group web site
      American Patrol as well as other sources. Since the mid seventies
      orchestrated immigrant bashing has been a concern of mine when it surfaced very
      strongly around the time the United Farm Workers began winning elections
      in the fields and other labor and community organizing efforts that
      included Latino immigrants began to grow. It grew stronger with the
      Proposition 13 tide and institutionalized in the Reagan years.
      Last year during the California recall election a new wrinkle arose,
      the attack on Mecha launched to smear Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante that grew
      into the smearing of Governor Gray Davis and brought Schwartznegger
      into office. The new wrinkle linked the anti immigrant efforts of the
      past to an anti Latino empowerment backlash effort and was very
      successful. People were not ready for it, a retreat took place most noticeably
      on the repeal of the immigrant drivers license bill with not an opposing
      vote in the State Senate, as part of a compromise that was never
      The right wing has continued on this line but now on a national basis.
      Foreign Policy, a top level establishment journal published Harvard
      professor' Samunel Huntington's ravings on a Latino/immigrant threat to US
      culture and values, among other things it linked the anti immigrant
      hysteria with the "values" concerns of the religious right. Anti immigrant
      forces tried to take over the Sierra Club . Republican student groups,
      began well publicized campaigns against Mecha on the prestigious
      Stanford and UCLA campuses, mass immigrant raids began in June, military
      planes and equipment is being added to the Border Patrol, deportees are
      being flown by jet deep into Mexico. Congress has been flooded with anti
      immigrant proposals that could be railroaded through or at least made
      highly visible after Labor Day. The Bush administration has taken
      special steps to squash bipartisan legislative efforts for more rights for
      immigrants. Right wing forces in state and local governments are
      implementing or threating anti immigrant measures in every state of
      the Union.
      Much positive of course is happening like the labor led immigrants
      rights Freedom Ride last year, and all kinds of follow up since. As the
      election approaches an upsurge of Anti Bush sentiment and effort amongst
      Latinos is growing, however the anti Latino/immigrant backlash campaign
      is also unfolding in an unprecedented manner as well. Recently an AFGE
      union group of Border Patrol agents is campaigning against the 100% pro
      labor Latino Rep. Joe Baca (D-CA) for his stand against immigration
      raids, and they threaten more such efforts. Republican Latino Congressman
      Bonilla of Texas has joined in the anti immigrant hysteria focussing on
      Central Americans. A South Carolina African American Republican
      candidate for Senate has been so anti immigrant that even GOP leader Jack
      Kemp has had to disown him. Bogus studiens and investigative journalism is
      being produced on every major issue about how immigrants "negatively"
      impact on education, gangs, health care, sex crimes, etc., etc.
      What we have before us is a highly sophisticated campaign to use the
      anti Latino/immigrant themes as a wedge issue against the whole spectrum
      of anti bush forces that will also seek to intimidate the Latino vote,
      scare away liberals from pro immigrant stands, provoke nationalist
      reactions and add to the overall climate of hate and fear of the far rights
      electoral strategy.
      I think what is needed is a truth squad, an anti defamation effort that
      helps people counteract the lies. Developing responses, or gathering
      up good responses produced, common stereotypes and lies. If some left
      and progressives start doing it others I am sure would get involved,
      perhaps there are such efforts already.

      Possible topics.
      Immigrants and taxes, social services, social security, health care,
      crime, learning English, wages, history of immigration & other forms of
      importation of labor eg slavery, the ultra right nightwork of hate in
      general and related to Latinos and immigration, etc, etc.

      Is anyone already doing such work? Are there good articles and essays,
      research on this, are there people out there wanting to help on such a
      project. ?

      Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2004 06:07:41 -0700 (PDT)
      From: Gabriel Ramiro Sandoval Cruz <Cruzzer2@...>
      Subject: The things going on the BORDER IS NO JOKE! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

      My day off again. Don�t want to say much except for an experience that
      I had that I will probably carry for the rest of my life.

      This past Thursday through New American Freedom Summer, I was a little
      mad about getting up at 3:45 A.M. and going to Southern Arizona to work
      the �No More Death Camps� ! After picking up a documentary crew in
      Tucson which was going to follow us we headed to Arivaca in South AZ near
      Sasabe which is a small town near the border.

      We decided to go out and patrol for migrants crossing the desert and
      assist them with water and food. I didn�t expect to meet anyone since we
      had met little amount of people in the desert who needed help yet. It
      was all green too because of the rains in the past two weeks. Anyhow, we
      didn�t find anyone at the first location, so Alma Flores (She is a
      graduate of UCLA,) the Documentary crew, and Daniel who is a student from
      Colorado and was leading the group, walked down a street and in to a
      wooded wash area. Well after three or four minutes of walking and yelling
      out �Somos amigos (We are friends), Tenemos agua (We have water),
      Tenemos comida (We have food)� we heard a response.

      We found a group of about 30 migrants who had been traveling for two
      days with out water and food. They were waiting for a ride. We talked
      with the group for a good bit, 45 minutes at the most.(Which was dangerous
      because we did not want to alert Border Patrol) The thing that bothered
      me the most was the three young teenage girls who were about 13-15
      years of age, and the young boy who was around 10-13� We gave them water,
      and it was cool because we felt we had done something to help someone
      out for once.

      Well it did not end there. Alma and I walked to a Humane Borders
      (www.humaneborders.org) water tank which was about less than a Kilometer away
      from the �No More Deaths Camp� (www.nomoredeaths.org) and talked with
      the Documentary crew on our feelings and work with New American Freedom

      Well we went back to the Arivaca Arc, and as we were about to leave,
      when Margo said an individual was hurt and needed to be picked up in
      Sahuarita and needed to be transported to Southside Presbyterian. We picked
      �Carlos� at a church. His arm was not broken, yet twisted, and really
      sprained as well. He cried and said that he thought he was going to die.
      He was 24 years of age, which is my age. I had to have a lot of
      strength not to also cry in the car as he told us his story. We took him to
      Southside where he got to shower, have medical aid from a volunteer
      nurse, and he got fed. It seemed �Carlos� had not eaten for 5 days. He had
      killed a rattlesnake and showed me the rattle. He wanted me to have the
      rattle but I refused and told him to keep it as a remberance of his
      trek through the desert. I then called my friend Orlando who lived in
      Tucson if he could assist �Carlos� with directions to the bus. �Carlos� has
      family in here in Phoenix but did not have proper transportation to
      him up. Carlos told me a lot of his reasons for coming here to the
      U.S. and why he did it. It seemed he had left other family members in
      Altar Mexico who were also going to cross. I got word from Carlos to get
      message to his other family for them not to cross, which worked out
      because about 30 people from New American Freedom Summer were going to go to
      Altar and we were able to send word to his family about the dangers of
      the crossing the desert.

      I wish a lot more of my MEChista Hermanos Y Hermanas could assist or
      experience this. I am not pointing at any specific MEChA group or
      anything, but my personal feelings is that MEChA has strayed away from it�s
      original intent and I think it�s about time those MEChA start getting
      back on track on what the purpose why MEChA was created. It should be
      about the �social issues� affecting our gente, not just the issues or the
      social part of it alone.

      This event has really opened my eyes more and I now posses a greater
      heart at creating Immigration Reform.

      Anyhow, on August 16, I will be returning to the Arivaca camp in South
      Tucson and I am really going to encourage my close friends to join me
      for a couple days. I am working on setting overnight arrangements with
      Orlando (a MEChISTA from UofA, and once GCC) I want a lot of you all to
      experience the realities of what is going on with the people on the
      BORDER. This is no joke or lie that the media makes in the newspaper, this
      is real.

      Oh well. That was my biggest experience ever yet, and it made all the
      doors slamming in my face after asking them to vote these past four
      weeks, well worth it,

      Oh, the local newspaper, Arizona Republic had an article on us and what
      we are doing http://www.azcentral.com/news/articles/0801freedom.html#

      I am working with the Arizona Interfaith Network group. I have worked
      with the AFL-CIO roofers as well here in Phoenix. It has been really fun
      and I really enjoy the work I am doing. Basically I am doing and
      learning effective ways to do voter registration, learning to organize,
      conduct house meetings and hitting the streets.

      The news is to be reported not to sway opinion. No more melodrama of constant entertainment trivia on news time. The founding fathers knew that government is always corrupt, that is why they gave us civil liberties. The people must lead to survive corrupt governments. Read the constitution. (In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this includes information for research and educational purposes.) Al Soto (c) 2004

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