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    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 29, 2004
      HispanicVista Weekly Digest
      Our Point of View - Nuestro Punto de Vista
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      Abelardo "Lalo" Barrientos Delgado: an icon died Friday.
      By Tina Griego
      Rocky Mountain News
      His name was Abelardo Barrientos Delgado. Everyone knew him as Lalo. He was a
      poet, a teacher, a gentleman. He was one of the rare few in this town who
      earned the right to be called a community leader. He dedicated his life to it, to
      us, Latinos, Chicanos, Mexicanos.

      Documenting Hatred: 'The Letter'
      By Brian Willoughby
      Managing Editor, Tolerance.org
      (sic)…The Letter tells the story of Somali immigrants in Lewiston, Maine. The
      title refers to an actual letter sent to the community by the city's mayor,
      Laurier T. Raymond Jr. On Oct. 1, 2002, Raymond sent an open letter to
      Lewiston's growing Somali community - by then about 1,100 people - telling them the
      town was "maxed-out, physically and emotionally" from what the press began to
      call a Somali "invasion."

      African-Americans Propose Far-Reaching Immigration Reform
      By David Bacon
      If you listen to President George Bush, the only way Mexicans can avoid the
      illegal and sometimes deadly trip across the U.S. border is to come as guest
      workers -- temporary contract laborers for U.S. industry and agriculture. The 14
      million immigrants already living in the United States without visas, he
      says, must become guest workers too, if they want to get legal documents.

      People Are Starting To Ask: Does the President Support or Oppose Immigration
      Immigration Forum
      For those watching President Bush on immigration, inaction is one thing, but
      active opposition to sound immigration reform legislation is another. As
      reported by The Wall Street Journal on July 14, the White House instructed Senate
      Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN) to block a bipartisan immigration reform bill
      known as AgJOBS (S. 1645)…

      For centuries the Tohono O'odham and Yaqui migrate on ancestral land -
      proposed wall at border would separate them - ask for UN intervention.
      By Brenda Norrell
      Indian Country Today
      Tohono O'odham and Yaqui leaders told a United Nations representative that a
      proposed wall along the international border on O'odham ancestral land would
      bring further misery to indigenous peoples already suffering from the
      militarization of the border.

      Homeland Security Officer Charged with Violation of Civil Rights
      By Carolyn Thompson
      A Homeland Security inspector who forcibly subdued a Chinese tourist he
      mistakenly believed was involved in marijuana smuggling was charged Friday with
      violating her civil rights, officials said.

      The Immigrant Gang Plague
      By Heather Mac Donald
      City Journal (Los Angeles)
      Before immigration optimists issue another rosy prognosis for America's
      multicultural future, they might visit Belmont High School in Los Angeles's
      overwhelmingly Hispanic, gang-ridden Rampart district. "Upward and onward" is not a
      phrase that comes to mind when speaking to the first- and second-generation
      immigrant teens milling around the school this January.

      Immigration agency seeks to beef up financial investigations
      By Chris Strohm
      The Immigrations and Customs Enforcement Bureau's financial investigations
      program has successfully integrated legacy personnel, and plans to hire
      additional agents, a senior official said Tuesday…ICE launched the Cornerstone program
      a year ago this month to target alternative financing mechanisms that
      terrorist and criminal organizations use to earn, move and store money.

      90 Million Missing Females, and a $45 Trillion Gap - The Fruits of Misguided
      Family Planning
      While the United Nations and family planning groups continue in their efforts
      to lower birthrates, several recent books have drawn attention to the severe
      economic and social problems linked to having too few children.

      The 9/11 Report: "A Failure of Imagination"
      New York Post editorial
      The 567-page report made public yesterday by the 9/11 Commission concludes
      that President Bush and his top advisers, almost immediately upon taking office,
      "began developing a new strategy with the stated goal of eliminating the al
      Qaeda threat [to America] within three to five years."

      Democrats lose Bush-Bash Opportunity
      By Deborah Orin
      New York Post
      The 9/11 commission said everyone shares the blame for failing to think the
      un thinkable about how terrorists could hit America - instead of pointing a
      finger at President Bush as many Democrats hoped…As a result, the political fa
      llout could be limited and John Kerry may not get the pre-convention boost many
      analysts had anticipated.

      The Biggest Elephant
      By S. Brian Willson
      As we get closer to the 2004 US presidential selection, the "war on terror"
      continues to be ever so dominant in the campaign rhetoric. Kerry and Bush are
      competing with each other as to who will be the best candidate to "protect
      America from the terrorists." They both believe in use of pre-emptive war,
      absolutely unconstitutional and in grotesque violation of international law under ANY
      interpretation. Thus, each proudly, and safely, announces to the US public
      and the world, their intentions to continue the criminal and extraordinarily
      dangerous doctrine of planning and conducting systematic terror against whomever
      they so choose.

      Whose Values Are They, Anyhow?
      By Richard Reeves
      "Our forefathers would see a nation of strong values, faith in God and love
      of our families," said President George Bush on July 4th in West Virginia.
      "They would take a look at this great country and see a place where opportunity is
      common, where all stand equal before the law, where all can hope for a better
      life ... They would see a nation that is the world's foremost champion of

      Sandy's socks
      By Linda Chavez
      Surely it was an innocent mistake, former Clinton National Security Adviser
      Sandy Berger's stuffing classified documents into his pants, jacket and perhaps
      even his socks before leaving the National Archives building last fall. After
      all, what could he possibly have been trying to hide?

      By Paul Jacob
      Governor Mark Sanford is no stranger to pork-barrel politics. He valiantly
      fought pork in the nation's capitol, for six years. And then, true to his
      promise to limit his own terms, he went back into private life. Now he's at the helm
      of South Carolina, where's he's discovered that pork runs loose in state
      capitols, too.

      Xenophobia in Mexican soccer -- A new soccer rule says 'naturalized' citizens
      aren't really Mexicans. Does this definition go beyond sports?
      By Ken Bensinger
      Sports and love of country are old amigos here. But a new rule in Mexico's
      pro soccer league - tightening the definition of who is a "Mexican" - takes
      nationalism to new heights. And, say some observers, may help fuel xenophobia
      beyond the soccer pitch.

      US fast food cutting into Mexican traditional fast food fare - tortas on
      Associated Press Writer
      Boosters of Mexico's traditional fast foods are battling McDonald's, Burger
      King, Pizza Hut, KFC and other foreign chains that have taken a bite out of
      sales of tortillas, tacos and tortas.

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