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    HispanicVista.com Weekly Digest http://www.hispanicvista.com/ Our Point of View - Nuestro Punto de Vista HispanicVista Columnist Tancredo wrong on Night Line
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      HispanicVista.com Weekly Digest
      Our Point of View - Nuestro Punto de Vista

      HispanicVista Columnist

      Tancredo wrong on Night Line suggesting to stop supply and afterwards demand.
      By Patrick Osio, Jr
      On a recent Night Line program discussing illegal immigration, Congressman
      Tom Tancredo emphasized that amnesty would be the worst mistake the US could
      make. The congressman ignores the worst mistakes have already been made, and his
      suggested remedies are part of those mistakes…. In answer to Ted Koppel's
      inquiry as to how he would stop illegal immigration, Tancredo said first seal the
      border completely, and once this done, go after US employers hiring illegal
      immigrants. His remedy is totally opposite to the laws of supply and demand -
      paramount to Newton reversing the laws of gravity under the premise of an apple
      on his head flying up to the tree.

      Killing Desert
      By Domenico Maceri
      Raminez Bermudez said he could make $200 a day picking cherries in
      California. Arrested by the border patrol in the Sonora desert, he was sent back to
      Mexico. He'll probably try crossing again and if he is luckier, he'll make it to
      his job in the U.S. If he's unlucky, he could become one of the victims who die
      in the desert. As of this writing, more than 61 people have already lost
      their lives since October of 2003. That's the figure given by the Mexican Interior
      Ministry. The US Border Patrol puts the number at 43. Whatever the number,
      it's too high.

      Darkness Descends on California
      By Raoul Lowery Contreras
      Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is on point when he declares that the state
      legislature writes too many stupid bills because they have so much time on their
      hands. It is at it again and the people must rise up to defeat their smoking
      bills, not because smoking is good, but because bad laws are bad.

      Reaction to the Great March
      By Richard N. Baldwin T.
      Predictably, there has been a rush to political posturing by politicians at
      all levels over the Great March. But, one would think that after putting a few
      hundred thousand protesting citizens on the street in México alone should
      evoke some kind of political reaction.

      Latino/a Literature: A Resource For Standardized Testing
      By Manuel Hernandez
      Latino/a Literature is a resource for young adults and standardized testing
      in America. Voices of concerns were depicted in a widely televised special on
      November 30, 2003 on Fox television. The prime time segment dedicated a series
      on education to vividly document stories of teens with problems with
      standardized testing.

      Differences No Need to Stereotype
      By Domingo Ivan Casañas
      Living in a melting pot in this great country at times we encounter Latinos
      as well as Anglos that make it a point to stereotype each other. For instance,
      do Latinos play their music too loud, wear their clothes too tight, litter the
      streets, flaunt their sexuality, and crowd their homes with noisy relative?
      How about the Anglos being stereotyped as people who hoard their affection,
      over organized their lives, let their children raise themselves and shunt their
      elderly off into nursing homes.

      A Progressive Alternative: Charter Schools
      By Erika Robles
      Charter schools are publicly funded schools permitted to operate autonomously
      and free from many of the regulations other public schools must follow. They
      encourage innovative and creative educational practices without excessive
      bureaucracy and rules. Many parents choose to leave the traditional public school
      in favor of a charter school that offers a unique philosophy, culture,
      curriculum, or organizational style better suited to meet the educational needs of
      their children This flexibility is awarded as part of a contract with an
      authorizing agency that holds the school accountable for achieving its outlined
      charter goals, including supporting student achievement, within a certain period of

      By Patrisia Gonzales and Roberto Rodriguez
      If You Want to See Me Cry ...
      This is a special first person column by Rodriguez
      Talk to me about how some human beings are less human and less worthy of the
      legal protections afforded all other human beings. It will remind me of when
      Europeans once debated the humanity of my ancestors. Also, show me the scars of
      torture victims or survivors, and then talk to me about legal definitions of

      By Patrisia Gonzales and Roberto Rodriguez
      What the Big, Fat Filmmaker Left Out
      What can be said about "Fahrenheit 9/11" that hasn't already been said? That
      Michael Moore actually went easy on the administration? It's true. Here are
      some issues that went unexplored:

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      Patrick Osio, Jr.

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