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    HispanicVista.com Weekly Digest http://www.hispanicvista.com Our Point of View - Nuestro Punto de Vista COMMENTARY-OPINION ARTICLES NCLR Slams Senate for
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      HispanicVista.com Weekly Digest
      Our Point of View - Nuestro Punto de Vista

      NCLR Slams Senate for Failure to Act on Farmworker Legislation
      The U.S. Senate is currently embroiled in a procedural dispute that will make
      or break whether or not a major piece of legislation - a priority for Latinos
      and other key constituencies - comes to the Senate floor for a vote. Senator
      Larry Craig, a conservative Republican from Idaho and the main sponsor of "The
      Agricultural Job Opportunity, Benefits, and Security Act of 2003" (AgJOBS, S.
      1645), has attempted to introduce it as an amendment to the class action bill.

      Bush defends education and job policies record at LULAC convention
      By: Rebeca Rodriguez
      Express-News Staff Writer
      In a nod to the nation's growing Hispanic population, President Bush defended
      his record on education and jobs to more than 1,500 convention-goers Thursday
      while vowing to make America "a welcoming place for Hispanic people."

      President Discusses American Dream Remarks by the President Via Satellite to
      the League of United Latin American Citizens Annual Convention
      THE PRESIDENT: Hector, thank you very much. I appreciate so very much the
      invitation to take part in your celebration of the 75th anniversary of LULAC. And
      I'm so honored to speak to members of America's oldest leading Latino civil
      rights organization.

      John Edwards: from textile-mill parents, a poised persuader
      By Linda Feldmann
      Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor
      Last October, at the height of baseball playoff season - and the race for the
      Democratic presidential nomination - John Edwards was asked which team he
      favored, the Yankees or the Red Sox. The first-term senator from North Carolina

      Hispanic Republicans surge in California
      By Steve Miller
      It was predicted, and doubted, years ago… There are seven Hispanic
      Republicans challenging Democratic incumbents for congressional seats and another dozen
      or so running for the state Assembly… Some have run and lost before, but are
      bolstered by the party's heightened profile among Hispanics prompted by Gov.
      Arnold Schwarzenegger. But others are newly minted federal candidates, likewise
      prompted by the governor's standing in the community.

      FPIF Commentary Congress Overwhelmingly Endorses Ariel Sharon's Annexation
      By Stephen Zunes
      On Wednesday, June 23, 2004, the U.S. House of Representatives, in an
      overwhelming bipartisan vote, endorsed right-wing Israeli prime minister Ariel
      Sharon's efforts to colonize and annex large sections of the Palestinian West Bank,
      seized by Israel in the June 1967 war… This was not just another "pro-Israel"
      (or, more accurately, "pro-Israeli right") resolution, but an effective
      renunciation of the post-World War II international system based upon the premise of
      the illegitimacy of the expansion of a country's territory by military force.

      Rep. Tancredo's proposals for immigrant remittances draw First Data Corp.
      into public policy debate
      By Aldo Svaldi
      Denver Post Staff Writer
      First Data Corp. chief executive Charlie Fote and Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo.,
      are both the grandsons of Italian immigrants and consider immigration a
      critical public policy issue… Their views just happen to be polar opposites.

      Immigrant nation … trading freely and building wealth
      By Jack Kemp
      A struggle is under way for the soul of the Republican Party between a
      minority of protectionist xenophobes and those who are pro-trade and
      pro-immigration. It's beneath the radar screen but it's not so quiet.

      Holding America to its ideals Reported by staff writers Amanda Paulson in
      Chicago and Stacy A. Teicher in New York and contributor Sheila Riley in San
      The imagery of immigration makes it seem so simple: People are said to come
      to the United States in waves, in flows, and, literally, in boatloads, as if
      carried along by the tide and deposited on the shores of freedom. Each
      immigrant's story is, of course, not simple. It's a tangle of sacrifice, hardship, and,
      finally, hope that life will be better in a land where freedom and
      self-government are the principles that bind a disparate people - a nation of

      Arizona voters face crucial ballot issues
      By Elvia Díaz, Chip Scutari and Robbie Sherwood
      An anti-illegal-immigration initiative that would affect all Arizonans who
      voted or sought welfare benefits may be headed to the Nov. 2 ballot after its
      supporters turned in more than 190,000 signatures Thursday.

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