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7/18: March for Immigrants Rights in Freehold, NJ!

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    March for Immigrants Rights in Freehold, NJ! From: ckates@pegasus.rutgers.edu Sunday, July 18th March in Freehold! 2:00 p.m. County Hall of Records 1 E. Main
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 14, 2004
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      March for Immigrants Rights in Freehold, NJ!
      From: ckates@...

      Sunday, July 18th
      March in Freehold!
      2:00 p.m.
      County Hall of Records
      1 E. Main St.
      Freehold, NJ

      Within the United States, thousands of immigrants, both undocumented and
      permanent residents, are now being illegally detained without charge,
      subjected to attacks by dogs, to beatings and to humiliations, torn from
      their homes. In Freehold, immigrants have begun to fight back, resisting
      efforts to drive them out of town and organizing for their right to work
      and to raise working and living standards. But immigrants can only win
      through unity with all who live here.

      Abuse and torture are inevitable in any system of arbitrary detention.
      Only the protections of the Bill of Rights no detention without charge,
      no forced questionings, no double jeopardy, no secret proceedings or
      "military tribunals" stand in the way of police-state tactics. When these
      protections are flouted, torture results.

      The detentions here are part of a War OF Terror on immigrants, depriving
      them of their ability to protest their living and working conditions. To
      end terror, to end torture, ALL the detainees, here and abroad, must be

      First they came for the immigrants, but ALL OF OUR RIGHTS ARE ON THE LINE!

      Monmouth County Residents for Immigrants Rights, New Jersey Civil Rights
      Defense Committee, Workers Committee for Progress and Social Welfare
      Endorsed by: Central Jersey Coalition to Stop Endless War, Central Jersey
      Coalition for Peace and Justice, Ever Reviled Records Workers Collective,
      Families for Freedom, Middlesex Students for Social Justice , NJ
      Solidarity Activists for the Liberation of Palestine, NJ Workers
      Democracy, Union County Peace and Social Action Committee

      More information: 732-492-1852, 609-406-7857, elerner@... or

      National Immigrant Solidarity Network
      No Immigrant Bashing! Support Immigrant Rights!
      webpage: http://www.ImmigrantSolidarity.org

      August 27 Immigrant Workers Day of Action and Speak Out!
      Part of the week-long Counter RNC Mobilization in New York City
      Friday, August 27 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
      New York City, NY
      Web: http://www.ImmigrantSolidarity.org
      Information Hotline: (212)330-8172
      Sponsered by National Immigrant Solidarity Network

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      Coalition, National Immigrant Solidarity Network and US-Mexico Border Actions
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