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    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 14, 2004
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      HispanicVista.com Weekly Digest
      Our Point of View - Nuestro Punto de Vista

      Miranda Let's you and I debate this in public Sen. Hatch
      By Manuel A. Miranda
      So what made reading political documents left unprotected on an open server,
      which were not confidential under Senate rules, wrong? Except for lack of
      statutory protection for congressional staff, what made it different than an
      ordinary whistleblower situation - seeing something not intended for your eyes?

      Armendariz Kerry/Moore in 2004...not!
      By Joe Armendariz
      Guest Columnist
      So, the French looking John Kerry has picked Johnny-come-lately Edwards as
      his Vice-Presidential running mate… I must admit some surprise on my part. In
      spite of the fact that Edwards has been campaigning for Vice-President since
      September of last year, I figured Kerry would at least think a little bit outside
      the box in making his first Presidential level decision. This wasn't a
      decision by Kerry, it was the political equivalent of a rubber stamp.

      Latin America: Newly Distant Neighbors
      By Marcela Berland and Frank Gómez
      Immediately after 9/11, media accounts of Mexican attitudes toward the United
      States revealed surprising similarities to those of Arabs in the Middle East.
      While many lamented the loss of life, they were also critical of what they
      perceived as an arrogant superpower allied with Israel and hostile to the
      interests of the Arab-Muslim world. By extension, the perceived hostility applied to

      Higher Education and Instruction in Spanish: A Call for Action
      By Pablo Hidalgo
      The Latino community in the United States today is faced with a paradox. As
      Latinos become the demographic majority in many regions, pay the majority of
      the taxes, and serve disproportionately in Iraq and other wars waged by our
      country, we nonetheless face an odd restriction in our educational opportunities.
      Even in states like California and Texas, almost all college and university
      instruction is conducted in English; opportunities to study subjects in Spanish
      are almost nonexistent for us. The reasons for this are manifold and based, in
      part, on three damaging myths that hinder our economic and cultural

      To: Jude Wanniski
      From: Joe Armendariz
      Re: How The Mighty Have Fallen
      "Congratulations on being selected by Senator Kerry as his vice-presidential
      running mate. I'd frankly hoped he would choose others on the list being
      circulated, but I do hope you will be a help to his candidacy, as I am actively
      considering voting for the Democratic ticket this year for the first time since

      California LULAC Calls On Governor To Investigate Border Patrol Sweeps -
      Agent's Intelligence Reports Off by 95%
      The California League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) announced
      today that it will call for the Governor of California to investigate the recent
      actions by the Mobile Patrol Group, a team of a dozen specially trained agents
      based at the Temecula station in Riverside County.

      Statement from Chairman Torres on the Selection of John Edwards as Vice
      Presidential Candidate
      California Democratic Party Chairman Art Torres released the following
      statement today. "I am thrilled to learn that Senator John Edwards has joined the
      Democratic Presidential ticket as candidate for Vice President."

      A tale of 2 trial lawyers
      By Myriam Márquez
      Orlando Sentinel
      Both men have that down-home charm and populist appeal. They came from humble
      beginnings, worked hard and achieved. And both are seen by many in their
      respective political parties to be the key to the White House in at least one
      pivotal state -- Florida.

      Sabotaging The Poor
      By Deborah Cutler-Ortiz
      It is an age-old tactic to chalk up the ills of poverty to the poor
      themselves. Blaming the poor enables those in charge to shirk their responsibilities
      for ensuring at least a minimal standard of living for all citizens. It relieves
      the policymakers from having to take responsibility for the systematic issues
      that perpetuate poverty-keep the poor - poor. A clear example is the pending
      welfare reauthorization. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families-the
      legislation that pays for assistance to households with minor children-expires on June

      The ABCs of Immigration Reform
      By Sean Garcia
      Americas Program, Interhemispheric Resource Center (IRC)
      On January 7, 2004, President Bush opened the doors to a national debate on
      U.S. immigration policy. While his proposal leaves much to be desired, it
      provides activists across the country with an opportunity to raise questions about
      how immigration reform should be properly executed. -- What Is Immigration

      General Sanchez Commands Attention at LULAC Convention
      By: Scott Huddleston
      Express-News Staff Writer
      The general from South Texas embroiled in the Abu Ghraib prison scandal has
      faith his name will be cleared… Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, who testified before
      a Senate committee in May, still accepts some blame for the sexual and
      physical abuses under his watch, as well as the shocking photos and violent
      retaliations that followed, even as he oversaw some 130,000 U.S. troops in Iraq.

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