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      HispanicVista.com Weekly Digest
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      White Fear in Wartime -- Samuel Huntington Brings His 'Clash of
      Civilizations' Home
      By Roberto Lovato
      Just as excerpts from a polemical new book by Harvard international relations
      expert Samuel Huntington were hitting newsstands, I was in New York and
      visited Huntington's old neighborhood in the Bronx near blocks of sooty,
      industrial-age housing projects.

      The Latino Community Has Confidence In La Causa Inc.
      By Robert Miranda
      In the past few weeks La Causa Inc., one of Milwaukee's longest reigning and
      best-known Latino social service agency, has managed to get itself in the news
      - unfortunately the news has focused mainly on the agency's financial

      Prisoner Abuse: Explaining America in Challenging Times
      By Frank Gómez
      Explaining America to the rest of the world has always been difficult. Since
      the collapse of Soviet communism, as we became the world's sole superpower, it
      became more difficult. Now, with the prisoner abuse scandal, it seems more
      daunting than ever.

      Hindering homeownership
      By Henry Cisneros and Bruce Katz
      PRESIDENT BUSH has seized on rising homeownership rates as a major
      contributor to economic revival and social stability this spring. "Homeownership in
      America is at the highest rate ever," he said to applause recently in Ardmore, Pa.
      "It's a fantastic statement to say that, isn't it?" Well, yes, it is.

      Movie Asks: What if Every Latino Vanished from State?
      By Emily Bazar
      Picture waking up one morning to discover that all of California's Latinos -
      about a third of the state's population - had suddenly disappeared.

      Bay of Goats
      By Maureen Dowd
      So let me get this straight: We ransacked the house of the con man whom we
      paid millions to feed us fake intelligence on W.M.D. that would make the case
      for ransacking the country that the con man assured us would be a cinch to take
      over because he wanted to run it.

      New York Post Editorial
      Aiding a United Nations Cover Up
      It looks like the investigation into the U.N. Oil for Food program - one of
      the biggest corruption scams in his tory - is being hindered by Paul Bremer and
      the Coalition Provisional Authority.

      The Adventures of Bush the Crackpot
      By Carlos Fuentes
      Le Monde
      "April is the cruelest month." Here we are; May 1st, just a little over a
      year ago on the bridge of an aircraft carrier close to the California coast,
      George W. Bush, dressed up as an aviator declared: "Mission Accomplished." One
      year later, the famous opening of T.S. Eliot's Wasteland applies. The month of
      April just past has been the cruelest of a "selected presidency" (to use Susan
      Sontag's expression) that owes its election more to the Supreme Court than to

      State ballot measures on illegals founder
      By Valerie Richardson
      A proposed California ballot measure aimed at cutting services to illegal
      aliens has died after failing to garner enough signatures for the November
      ballot, and a similar Colorado

      The Blind Man and the Elephant
      Reporting on the Mexican Military
      This article continues the Archivos Abiertos series of monthly reports on
      U.S.-Mexico relations produced by the Americas Program in collaboration with the
      National Security Archive in Washington, DC and its Mexico Project

      Bolivia: The Chamber of Deputies must reject US impunity agreement
      Amnesty International
      No one should enjoy impunity for the worst crimes known to humanity, Amnesty
      International said today, in the wake of the Senate's approval of an impunity
      agreement with the USA on the International Criminal Court. It is now up to
      the Chamber of Deputies to ensure that this agreement is stopped.

      Bush anti-Castro beat goes on
      By John Hughes
      If Iraq is understandably the current focus of the Bush administration's
      foreign policy, the president is not overlooking an irritant in America's
      backyard, namely Cuba and its communist leader, Fidel Castro.

      Hispanic market proves tough to stir
      By Teresa Borden
      Palm Beach Post-Cox News Service
      When Rene Michel Diaz started importing Hispanic food brands to Atlanta in
      1980, he would order 100 cases a month of Bustelo coffee, a Cuban favorite. Now,
      he orders fewer than five.

      The Broken Promise of Brown
      By Julian Bond
      Fifty years ago this past April, Martin Luther King, Jr. preached his first
      sermon as the new pastor of Montgomery's Dexter Avenue Baptist Church. He was
      25 years old. One month later, on May 17, 1954, the United States Supreme
      Court, in Brown v. Board of Education, unanimously declared that segregated schools
      violated the Constitution's promise of equal protection.

      NCLR Applauds Major Defeat of Deadly Rohrabacher Bill
      By Raul Yzaguirre
      NCLR President and CEO
      (sic)… This misguided bill, brought to the House floor for a vote due to a
      backroom deal between Speaker Hastert and Rep. Rohrabacher, would have forced
      doctors and nurses in hospital emergency rooms to target possible undocumented
      immigrants and gather identifying information such as their fingerprints and

      Outrage spreads over beer billboards that stereotype Latin women
      By Diana Griego Erwin
      "Finally. A cold Latina." - Tecate beer advertisement This is how a movement
      is made. One person stands up, followed by another and another. So it is with
      the growing protest over the sexist Tecate beer billboard implying that all
      Latinas are "hot." Hot-blooded. Hot, sexy.

      Survey: GOP gains among Hispanics
      By Thomas Hargrove
      America's 38 million Hispanics form a highly diverse population that
      historically has favored the Democratic Party, but that support has declined in recent
      years. Interviews with 1,150 Hispanic Americans conducted over 10 years by
      the Scripps Survey Research Center at Ohio University showed that Hispanics are
      now more likely to describe themselves as independent or to identify with the
      Republican Party.

      Politics & Prose History's Fools
      By Jack Beatty In the wake of Iraq, the term "neo-conservative" may come to
      mean "dangerous innocence about world realities"

      Limited Intelligence
      By Paul Jacob
      Terrorism is a big threat. So how do our representatives in Congress meet
      that challenge? Well, just recently, senators on the Intelligence Committee took
      action to remove one threat. They voted to remove the impending limits on the
      terms of Intelligence Committee members.

      Poll: Bush's Surprising Latino Draw
      A new poll shows Latino voters in the United States divided in their support
      for George Bush and John Kerry, six months before the U.S. presidential

      The prison effect on political landscape
      By Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman
      The US prison boom of the past 30 years - which has nearly doubled the number
      of state prisons to more than 1,000 and increased the nation's prison
      population from 218,000 to 1.3 million - has had widely recognized economic,
      political, and social effects.

      Un-American Activities? It's Not the Passport That Molds the Character
      By Clifford D. May
      The abuses at Abu Ghraib prison, President Bush said, do not represent the
      America he knows. Sen. Joe Lieberman called what took place there "un-American."
      They're right, of course. But there's something else that needs to be
      candidly acknowledged: Americans are as likely as anyone else to do terrible things.

      In some US prisons, echoes of Abu Ghraib Complaints of prisoner abuse crop up
      at home as well as in Iraq - and may now get attention.
      By Alexandra Marks and Daniel B. Wood
      "Simply stated, the culture of sadistic and malicious violence that continues
      to pervade the ... prison system violates contemporary standards of decency."
      - That conclusion, written by Judge William Wayne Justice, does not describe
      Abu Ghraib in Iraq last fall, but the Texas prison system in 1999 when George
      W. Bush was still governor there.

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