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5/14: Report from 1st RNC Immigrant Solidarity Day Planning Meeting

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  • SIUHIN@aol.com
    Report from 1st RNC Immigrant Solidarity Day Planning Meeting: May 12, 2004 By: Lee Siu Hin National Immigrant Solidarity Network Tel: (626)695-3405 Next Speak
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      Report from 1st RNC Immigrant Solidarity Day Planning Meeting: May 12, 2004
      By: Lee Siu Hin
      National Immigrant Solidarity Network
      Tel: (626)695-3405

      Next Speak Out! Phone Conference/Planning Meeting, Wednesday May 26 3:00 PM
      Tel: 1-413-200-7060  (Plainfield, MA)
      Participant Access Code: 91030

      To Join the NoRNC Immigrant Solidarity WG listserv, send e-mail to:

      To read call the action (old vision) please visit:

      Due to different people have different schedules, we had 5 separate meeting
      between May 12 and 13 with 30 people to have the following initial consensus
      about the proposed RNC RNC Immigrant Solidarity Day of Action.

      May 12 3 PM EST: Phone conference - Siu Hin, Tom Baker, Jeff Senter, Eric

      May 12 4 PM EST: Meeting at CCR Office - Siu Hin, John Jurzensen, Sam Quiah,
      Danny Katch, Ramona Ortega, Benjamin Ross, Marc Krupunski, Jennifer Flynn,
      Arif Ullah, Smirk Vibe, Sheila M.

      May 12 7 PM EST: NorRNC Meeting Immigrant Solidarity Breakout (informal) -
      Sara Bugler, Sheila M. Christian, Leslie, Jason, Sally, Adam, Jenny, Yvonne,
      Liu, Brandon Neubaver, Sharpie, Jeff Senter, Richard McBright, Cheri Honkala

      May 13 10:30 AM EST: Meeting with KWRU - Siu Hin, Gael Abary

      May 13 1:00 PM EST: Siu Hin, Lenore Palladino, Jessica Rutter

      Decisions from the Meeting:
      1) We will move the day of immigrant conference from Aug 31 to Aug 27 (Aug 28
      is impossible since NYSPC will have their full day Books-Not Bombs
      Conference), 2 days before the Aug 29 March.

      2) We change the format of the event from conference to community
      forum--Immigrant Worker Community Speak Out! Depends on each organization's capcity, any
      level of involvement will be welcome.

      3) The event will be between half day to 3/4 day, with cultural event at the

      4) Kensington Welfare Rights Union, NYSPC, NY Summer and Still We Rise agreed
      to corroborate with the Speak Out! event, and help each other's project--as
      long as we are not conflict with their event.

      5) Kensington Welfare Rights Union suggest we should organize an immigrant
      worker contingent and student contingent for the Aug 30 Poor People march.

      6) We will work with NY Summer to create educational materials throughout the

      7) If everyone can be agreed with the Aug 27 day, we will finalized it and
      begin search for meeting space and the promotion and logistic planning.

      ***Detail Meeting Notes:
      - Throughout all these meetings, especially during the May 12 meeting at CCR
      office, several immigrant groups expressed concern the conference day on Aug
      31 since there's too many too many projects, meetings, protests and actions
      happen during the RNC week, it'll be too difficult for immigrant organizations to
      take yet another project.

      - Some also raised concerns about the conference idea on Aug 31 since it'll
      require too much work.

      - Several people suggest we should change the meeting day to before the RNC
      mobilization, say 2-5 days before.

      - After some discussions, we concluded that the Aug 27 (Fri) or Aug 28 (Sat)
      will be the best day for the immigrant worker gathering.

      - Several people suggests we should changed the format of the gathering, from
      formal full-day conference, to half or 3/4 day immigrant-worker community
      speak out! (the community forum) with breakout discussion/causus meeting to let
      community speak out their issues and voice, and cultural event at the evening.

      - The advantage of speak out! is people could enjoy more on informal and less
      stress meeting, and can offer some good ideas, messages and set some tones
      for the coming RNC week of action. It will be not too early for the RNC
      mobilization, many people can come and still get very good media coverage.

      - AFSC New York is planning to organize a full-day immigrant cultural event
      during the RNC mobilization, and a possibility we can corroborate for the Speak
      Out! event.

      - Kensington Welfare Rights Union want to corroborate with the Speak Out!
      event to support each others: we can organize immigrant-worker contingent for the
      Aug 30 "poor people's march", and they will invite us to participate at their
      summer long "tent city" and we can offer a day of "immigrant solidarity" on
      the "city" etc.

      - NY summer would like to work with the Speak Out! event, we proposed NY
      Summer can offer some interim work with us to organize a summer-long education
      project to go to the NY-area immigrant-worker community for outreach and research
      project, and produce an immigrant-worker zine for the mobilization.

      - NYSPC would like to corroborate with the Speak Out! event, however, they
      raised the issue of Aug 28 since they will have their all day "book-not-bomb"
      conference, they request we should consider to organize the event at Aug 27,

      - NYSPC suggest we should work on a join promotions for Aug 27 Speak Out! Aug
      28 NYSPC Book Not Bomb Conference, the Aug 30 poor people's march, and the NY
      Summer program as a one track event for the RNC. We can jointly design a good
      postcard and press release materials, to highlight the above events with good
      promoting messages, so people can have a mind set to follow one event to

      - If we can agree on the day for the Speak Out! most likely Friday, August
      27, then we will set up the programming committee, New York area immigrant
      community organizations, along with national immigrant groups will be the one to
      decide the program for the Speak Out! event.

      - We'll have once a month face-to-face planning meeting, with bimonthly phone

      - We will create a listserv for organizing the Speak Out event! and to
      discuses the points of unity and the program for the Immigrant-Worker Community
      Speak Out!

      Next phone conference, Wednesday, May 26 3 PM EST (tentative)


      Lee Siu Hin
      National Immigrant Solidarity Network
      No Immigrant Bashing! Support Immigrant Rights!
      webpage: http://www.actionla.org/ISN/
      Tel: (626)695-3405

      *to join the immigrant Solidarity Network daily-news litserv, send e-mail to:
      *a monthly ISN monthly Action Alert! listserv, go to webpage

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