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      HispanicVista.com Weekly Digest
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      HispanicVista.com COLUMNISTS
      Dying at the Border and Beyond
      By Domenico Maceri
      It's a deadly ritual. Every year several hundred undocumented workers die on
      the US-Mexico border as they attempt to enter our country, looking for minimum
      wage jobs. Although some of these people come from Central America, most of
      them are Mexicans. For those who make it across the border, the dangers are not
      over. A recent study by the Associated Press found that Mexican workers in
      the US are four times more likely to die on the job than US-born ones.

      White men speak with forked tongue. - Again? Or Still?
      By Patrick Osio, Jr
      The United States did in 1969, sign the Vienna Convention on Consular
      Relations (VCCR) treaty joining 165 other countries. The treaty clearly stipulates
      that signor countries shall comply with the clauses as set forth in the treaty.
      A specific number of clauses in the VCCR treaty mandate signor countries to
      advise foreign detainees of their right to have their consulate or embassy
      notified of their detainment, to notify the corresponding consulate of such
      detainment, and allow access to their detained citizens. The reason why the United
      States signed was to provide our government legal means in other countries to
      intervene on behalf of US citizens with local authorities and courts to assure
      that US citizens' civil and constitutional rights are respected.

      Latino Domestic violence - get help before it's too late
      By Erika Robles
      Domestic Violence is a widespread and complex social issue that devastates
      individuals and families regardless of ethnic, racial, or economic backgrounds.
      It has been estimated by the FBI that every 30 seconds a woman is beaten -that
      means that 2,880 women are beaten every day. Nearly 1 in 3 adult women
      experience physical assault by a partner during adulthood.

      Free Donny
      By Carl J. Luna
      Enough with all the chanting for Don Rumsfeld's head. Okay, as Secretary of
      Defense, he does have ultimate responsibility for what occurs under his watch.
      And, yes, allegations of abuse of Iraqi prisoners (and even the killing of a
      few) have been hung up in the Pentagon pipeline for review by senior officials
      for months. But the calls for Rumsfeld's bureaucratic execution are misplaced.

      The Yaqui Indians: Four Centuries of Resistance
      By John P. Schmal
      Over the years, I have met many Americans who have proudly stated that they
      had a Yaqui grandmother or Yaqui great-grandfather or are in some way descended
      from the Yaqui Indians of Mexico's northwest coastal region. Many Mexican
      Americans have indigenous roots from various parts of Mexico, but the
      assimilation and mestizaje that took place in many northern and central states of Mexico
      has obscured any cultural or linguistic identity with specific tribes.
      However, the Yaqui Indians - and their cousins, the Mayo Indians…

      Who speaks and Who speaks not?
      By Manuel Hernandez
      To speak or not to speak English or Spanish that is the question. Latinos
      have once again brought up the dilemma of who speaks and who speaks not English
      or Spanish. As the language debate continues into heights yet unknown, truth is
      that the education of Latinos is in a state of national crisis. According to
      US Census numbers, approximately one in eight Americans is Latino. The Latino
      population augments every second while the education boom diminishes by the

      It Takes More Than Salsa to Get My Vote
      By Domingo Ivan Casañas
      The Hispanic population is being courted by two political parties that seek
      their votes. With an increasingly diverse and independent-voting perception
      nationally, many Latinos are only seeking real solutions to our problems. No
      longer is the Hispanic community looking for promises from today's politicians, we
      want solutions regarding our concerns, we want someone that is real and will
      not take us for granted and we want someone with good morals to lead us.

      To Impeach or Not to Impeach
      By Raoul Lowery Contreras
      In 1943, President Franklin Roosevelt personally ordered that photographs of
      dead American soldiers floating off New Guinea beaches not be published by
      Life Magazine. In 1944 a group of American soldiers executed German prisoners of
      war in Sicily. Also in 1944, an all-Black Army division ran away from a battle
      in Italy.

      ¿Si? TSK, Tsk, tsk... ¿Que onda güey?
      By Ricardo Castañón
      While the expression is commonly accepted and used among the members of the
      lowest stratums of our community, it has until now had a low profile and kept
      at that level. To unreservedly use such derogatory connotations in a national
      campaign implies that ALL members of our community use it -regardless of
      educational level.

      By Patrisia Gonzales and Roberto Rodriguez
      Teach everyone to sing.
      That's how one avoids preaching to the choir. When the doings of government
      become transparent, it no longer takes a preacher or a choir to discern the
      notes of truth…

      Something for Every Home
      By Richard Baldwin
      HispanicVista.com With the political situations in both the US and México
      heading for self-destruction, I thought I would try something on the lighter side
      while things, hopefully, settle down politically. Today's subject is cats.

      Another Addition to the Editorial Dead Zone
      By Jennifer Solis
      As student body president of the largest high school in the nation (5,600
      students, 95-percent Hispanic), I feel a loss when any publication designed to
      serve our Latino community has gone belly-up, and joined the list in the
      Editorial Dead Zone.

      MALDEF and LULAC Rebuke Samuel Huntington's Theories on Latino Immigrants and
      Call on America to Reaffirm Its Commitment to Equal Opportunity and Democracy
      On May 27th, Samuel P. Huntington will publish his new book, alleging that
      Latino immigration threatens "Anglo-Protestant values" which are the "creed" of
      American culture. Since the release of his article announcing his new theory
      in Foreign Policy magazine in March,[1] Huntington's methodology and
      conclusions have been proven wrong by experts across the board.[2] As national Latino
      civil rights groups, we further believe that Huntington's writing is dangerously
      biased against Latinos and goes against fundamental American values.

      Evaluating Enhanced US Border Enforcement
      By Wayne Cornelius
      During the past 10 years, the overwhelming emphasis in US immigration policy
      has been on border enforcement, primarily on the US-Mexican border. Congress
      has more than tripled spending for border enforcement activities since 1993,
      despite evidence that this unprecedented border build-up has failed to deter
      significant numbers of unauthorized migrants from attempting entry.

      Advocates Praise Comprehensive Immigration Reform Legislation Call for
      Enactment of "Down Payments" This Year
      The National Immigration Forum joined advocates, labor leaders, and community
      groups across the country in praising new comprehensive immigration reform
      legislation unveiled today in Washington. The new bill, the Safe, Orderly, Legal
      Visas and Enforcement Act of 2004 or SOLVE Act, introduced at a Capitol Hill
      press conference by Senator Edward Kennedy (D-MA) and Representatives Bob
      Menendez (D-NJ) and Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), would go a long way toward fixing our
      broken immigration system

      Congress Unlikely to Change Immigration Laws This Year
      By Bruce Alpert
      Once a top priority of the Bush administration and a hot-button issue in
      Congress, an overhaul of the nation's immigration laws appears unlikely to happen
      this year…Dozens of bills that aim either to impose new limits or to give
      legal status to tens of thousands of illegal workers are expected to be left on
      the table when Congress adjourns this summer, victims of election-year politics
      and the war on terrorism. With emotions running high and lawmakers eager to
      avoid votes that might be used against them on the campaign trail, debate will
      likely be put off until after the November elections.

      SOCCER SLURS: A Level Playing Field in Iowa? Have state and school officials
      ignored an Iowa coach's complaints about anti-Hispanic slurs on the playing
      By Brian Willoughby
      An Iowa soccer coach is out of a job and wondering why state athletic
      officials won't take seriously his and his players' allegations that an ongoing
      pattern of ethnic slurs is tarnishing the playing field.

      In our name!
      By Ramona Shashaani
      Millions of witnesses were shocked and appalled by graphic photographs of
      American soldiers reveling the vicious inhumane torture and sexual abuse of Iraqi
      prisoners in "Abu Ghraib," a US-run prison outside Baghdad, notorious for
      torture and massive executions

      By Mona Charen
      Today's picture on the front page of the newspaper shows a naked Iraqi
      prisoner on the floor. A leash is tied around his neck. Holding the leash is an
      American soldier. This is a disaster…These photographs are a dagger in the heart
      of our hopes for Iraq and the wider Middle East. It isn't yet clear whether the
      damage is reversible, but first let's be clear about what the damage is.

      Op-Ed New York Post
      A Higher Standard: America and Abu Ghraib
      President Bush apologized publicly yesterday for the mistreatment of Iraqi
      captives by U.S. military police, telling the world that he is "sorry for the
      humiliation suffered by the . . . prisoners and the humiliation suffered by
      their families."

      Going it alone
      By Rich Tucker
      Things were so much easier in the good old days. Back then our isolationism
      was voluntary…With two oceans for protection, the United States followed George
      Washington's advice to avoid foreign entanglements. In fact, we didn't even
      sign a treaty of alliance with another nation until 1949, after we'd fought in
      two World Wars.

      Report to the President from the Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba

      Latin American Issues are Key to Kerry Victory
      By Larry Birns & Jessica Leight If John Kerry is to emerge as a triumphal
      alternative to George Bush and simultaneously fend off Ralph Nader's challenge on
      his left, he must realize that his present tilt towards a Bush-lite platform
      on Latin American issues could cost him the election. There are
      hundreds-of-thousands of voters who will cast their ballots mainly on the basis of whether
      Kerry unfurls an enlightened regional agenda…

      Castro's rift with Mexico is an old scenario
      By Andres Oppenheimer
      There are three major reasons why Cuban president-for-life Fidel Castro is
      picking a fight with Mexico, for several decades his biggest ally in Latin
      America, in the latest incident that has led to a near break in the two countries'
      diplomatic relations.

      Balancing Act
      By Paul Jacob
      We find ourselves in the middle of an election year, and, because of the
      McCain-Feingold campaign finance law, in a muddle…While Democrats took the lead in
      arguing against soft money, it is Democratic groups that are now using what
      other Democrats call a loophole to raise and spend large, unregulated
      contributions to defeat President Bush.
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