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    HispanicVista.com Weekly Digest http://www.hispanicvista.com COLUMNISTS & COMMENTARY (Scroll down to end for subscribing or removal instructions)
    Message 1 of 5 , May 6, 2004
      HispanicVista.com Weekly Digest
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      Immigration Reforms? Or Immigration Bashing?
      By Erika Robles
      One of the most complex and controversial issues facing the U.S. today is the
      question of immigration and border policy. Although President Bush has said
      that "immigration is not a problem to be solved; it is the sign of a successful
      nation," the current immigration policies do treat immigration as a problem.

      The GOP: Bashing Immigrants with Stones and Words
      By Domenico Maceri
      Reacting to the vicious attacks of a group of teen-age boys on immigrant
      workers in Canton, Georgia, Bill Shipp, a longtime columnist said he was
      "surprised." Shipp called the attacks an aberration, which is not part of "middle
      class-republicanism."…Shipp may be right. Republicans usually attack immigrants in
      more subtle ways,

      The BureaucraticTerminator
      By Carl J. Luna
      He defeated cyber assassins from the future twice (alright - so he failed
      when he was a cyber assassin himself, but .667 ball - the Chargers and Padres can
      only dream...) derailed the plans of dozens of terrorists and even tamed a
      Kindergarten class. Oh, and he also unseated a recently re-elected governor and
      has completely cowed the Democratic California legislature. But now our
      Gubinator is taking own the most horrific hegemonic henchmen of heinousity he has
      ever faced: the California bureaucracy. Maybe it's time to call in the stunt

      An Invasive Legislature Strikes Again
      By Raoul Lowery Contreras
      When Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger mentioned publicly that the California
      Legislature should revert back to a part-time legislature, he was right. The
      legislature has to occupy itself with silly bills, for they have nothing else to
      do…A case in point is California State Senator Deborah Ortiz, D-Sacramento.

      Egg on Our Face
      By Richard Baldwin
      A few weeks ago I wrote about the World Court decision against the United
      States in a case brought by México. This involved the US courts not abiding by
      the Geneva Convention in not granting access by foreign nationals to their
      conciliates. I took a position of strong support for México and the World Court

      Louie Dominguez: An American Hero
      By Donna S. Morales and John P. Schmal
      When Louie Dominguez was born on July 20, 1926, it was a day of both
      celebration and mourning for the Dominguez family of Turner, Kansas. In recent years,
      Louie's mother, Luisa Lujan de Dominguez had grown progressively weaker and
      more fragile with each of her pregnancies. While Luisa had managed to pull
      through in the past, her general poor health and poor nutrition had led to serious
      complications this time. Although little Louie survived the birthing process,
      Luisa experienced serious postpartum hemorrhage following childbirth.

      The Bridge To The Classics: Latino/a Literature in The English Classroom
      By Manuel Hernandez
      The largest bridge near my hometown, Sleepy Hollow, New York is the legendary
      Tappan Zee Bridge. It is one of the most exhilarating drives across New
      York's Hudson River. Latino Literature represents that exhilarating connection to
      the teaching, appreciation and literary analysis of American and British
      classics. The link of one to the other not only makes sense but also provides the
      needed context and helps students (especially Latinos) to make a personal
      connection to the text before driving across the more formal academic literary

      By Patrisia Gonzales and Roberto Rodriguez
      No Quiero Cerveza or Taco Bell
      April could not have ended soon enough, though luckily, it ends in time for a
      low-carb Drinko del Cinco. With the deteriorating situation in Iraq, we all
      might need several drinkos, especially after listening to L. Paul Bremer, the
      head of the American occupation, address the Iraqi people: "If you do not
      defend your beloved country, it will not be saved."…That's echoes of: "We had to
      destroy the village to save it."

      A Hot Political Campaign Season
      By Richard Baldwin
      Scandals for a major political party erupting on television? Escalating
      acrimonious political commentary? Investigations launched against possibly corrupt
      politicians? Am I talking about the political campaign in the US? No! This is
      what is going on in México… two years before the campaign season starts!

      Cinco de Mayo - Fifth of May - a great battle, a great victory
      By Patrick Osio, Jr.
      On May 5, 1862, Mexican troops defeated invading French troops in the
      outskirts of Puebla, a city around 60 miles east of Mexico City. How did events come
      to this point in time, what were French troops doing in Mexico and why?

      Quo Vadis, Ethical Journalism?
      By Amb. Phillip V. Sanchez
      My first experience with journalism was in 1945 as the first editor of my
      high school paper in California. Later, during my college journalism classes I
      sat starry-eyed as my professor extolled the virtues of American journalism and
      its accompanying litany of dos and don'ts. I became -and I remain- a fervent
      admirer of the American press. Modern media has its good points and bad points,
      of course, and the occasional surfacing of the bad ones tends to sadden us.

      A War Party In The White House
      By Robert Miranda
      The selected president of the United States, selected by the U.S. Supreme
      Court that is, George W. Bush, got behind his desk in the oval office at the
      White House, shortly after 9-11, and began issuing orders to his men of war-Colin,
      Cheney and Rumsfeld. He had them prepare attack plans against the nation of
      Iraq, a nation he told the world and the people of the United States had an
      advanced nuclear weapons development program and ties to Al Queda.

      Dual Language Educational Programs For All Children.
      By William A. Meléndez, Ed.D.
      All our children can be best served and prepared for the 21st Century by dual
      language educational programs (Lindholm-Leary, 2001). The reality of the
      research supporting the theory of dual language education is overwhelming. The
      vociferous alarming cries, sarcastic inflammatory remarks and negative rhetoric
      from the critics, who rely on nativistic or xenophobic reasons, should not
      deter the policy makers in their decisions.

      Pro-Choice is Compassion
      By Rachel Kipling
      I have gone through an experience that has not only changed me inside, but
      has fueled my determination to speak out and share my knowledge with those whom
      I know and care about and those whom I don't know and also care about.
      Washington D.C, April 25th, 2004, a million people marching together to ensure the
      right for a woman to have control of her own body.
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      Patrick Osio, Jr./Editor

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      HispanicVista.com Weekly Digest http://www.hispanicvista.com HispanicVista Columnists - October 18th, 2004 Issue Guest Columns - October 18th, 2004 Issue The
      Message 2 of 5 , Oct 19, 2004
        HispanicVista.com Weekly Digest

        HispanicVista Columnists - October 18th, 2004 Issue Guest Columns - October
        18th, 2004 Issue
        The Christian Right v. AmericaLost in the Debate: An Alternative to Embryonic
        Stems. - Spanish Language Media Play Vital Role
        By Beto Segovia
        In the time of Christ it was a well established custom for men to marry at an
        early age. At that time the life expectancy was in the 40's and it was normal
        for men to marry in their early 20's and women in their teens. There was a
        high incidence of infant death and, therefore, married couples sought to have as
        many children as they could afford. By Frank Gómez
        Christopher Reeves, championed stem cell research until his recent death.
        Ron Reagan spoke at the Democratic convention in favor of stem cell research.
        And in California, Proposition 71 proponents and opponents debate the merits of
        that initiative.

        Kerry’s record is zilch, nada, nothingChismes de Mi Gallinero
        View of the Presidential Campaign – From the Gallinero
        By Pete Martinez
        During the last Bush-Kerry debate, Kerry made a point to suggest that one of
        Bush’s failures was not agreeing to allow Canadian prescription drugs into the
        US. Kerry again demonstrated ineptitude or was saying what he felt the polls
        indicated he should say.
        The US has the world’s strictest regulations on what over the counter or
        prescribed medicines can be sold to consumers… By Julio C. Calderon
        It has been a while and I write only because I forced myself, motivated by
        the arrival of fall, and the pending end of the 2004 political season. I have
        been hiding in the gallinero (chicken coop). I was drawn out, mumbling and
        complaining, by the presidential debates. Expecting something new from these
        debates is like a child expecting to really see a fat man slide down their chimney.
        It has, after all, been a very long campaign.
        The US, Canada and Mexico must form a North American Security ForceAcademia's
        Critical Challenge
        By Patrick Osio, Jr.
        Securing the nation against further terrorists’ attacks has become the number
        one preoccupation of US citizens and the administration. The Bush vs. Kerry
        campaigns success hinges on which candidate voters feel will be able to do a
        better job in such an effort. Part of the debate includes securing our borders
        against the illegal entry as fears mount that terrorists can and at some point,
        will cross unimpeded to mount further attacks. By Robert Miranda
        University and corporate partnerships, we are told, are moving in a direction
        designed to increase support for American businesses competitively engaged in
        global economic struggle. Yet, the idea that universities continue to
        practice academic freedom is consistently being compromised by the encroachment of
        corporate/university initiatives-ultimately it is the corporation that will set
        its sights on taking control of university resources.
        Presidential elections 2004 and the issue of EmploymentRocking the Cuban Vote
        By Erika Robles
        The presidential elections are here. We can feel the heat building up of what
        it could be the most important and most awaiting election. November is not
        far away; and the decision as to whom we want to lead this country depends on
        all of us.By Roberto Lovato
        George W. Bush's brand of compassion doesn't please all of Florida's
        conservatives these days. The limited-Spanish-proficient President's message isn't
        translating very well among Cubanoamericanos--even though Bush came to Miami
        bearing federal gifts of billions of dollars…
        National Productivity, MexicoAmerica Is Me, and So Is My Accent
        By Richard N. Baldwin T.
        Productivity is a euphemism for laying-off workers, some say. And it works
        that way, at least in the beginning. In the US, big CEO's rake in big bonuses
        based on how many employees that they got rid of in the past year. Youth
        Commentary, Angel Luna, Pacific News Service
        I was 2 years old when I left East San Jose to live in Oaxaca, Mexico. I
        returned to the United States when I was 15, and was ready to leave my Mexican
        life behind and start my American one fresh. But today, I want to keep my accent…

        Innocent Civilians vs. the PlayersCelebrating Hispanic Heritage
        every day of the year.

        God Bless America
        By Jorge Oaxaca, DDS
        Once again the Democratic candidates for President and Vice President have
        put their respective feet in their mouth. Last week Senator Kerry had the
        audacity to bring our Vice President’s daughter into the political spotlight for
        the second time, Senator Edwards couldn’t resist taking a cheap shot at our
        Vice president the first time but that’s to be expected from a longtime trial
        Lagos de Moreno – The Gateway to JaliscoRemembering One of the Darkest Nights
        in Mexico’s History
        By John P. Schmal
        Lagos de Moreno, located in the northeast corner of the Mexican state of
        Jalisco, is an important commercial hub in the central Mexico region. While
        Aguascalientes lay eighty miles to the northwest, the city of Leon (in Guanajuato)
        is only forty miles to the east…
        Noticiero Semanal, Commentary,
        By Benito Ortiz, Translated by Marcelo Ballvé
        …At around five in the afternoon, I was on the corner formed by the sidewalks
        of Tlatelolco and Nonoalco, close to the building housing Mexico’s Foreign
        Relations Ministry. In that direction, along Nonoalco, towards the east, I
        noticed the army’s anti-riot tanks advancing toward us, but I didn’t find it
        strange. I thought that they were simply arriving as a security measure in case
        students decided to riot, but that was the least likely action we would have
        taken. We had converged in the plaza only because we planned a march to protest
        the army’s occupation of the Polytechnic University’s campus…
        Bush: No Second TermMaria and the Phony Polleros
        By Domenico Maceri
        Although George W. Bush was elected in very unusual circumstances, the
        tragedy of 9/11 gave him an opportunity to unite the country. Sadly, he has not done
        so. The Iraqi war and his handling of the economy have set the country back
        many years. By Sam Warren
        Maria looked out of the mud-streaked windows of the Tres Estrellas de Oro
        (three gold stars) bus line as it lumbered through the suburb of unpainted
        concrete block homes. Her long journey from her tiny pueblo in the Mexican state of
        Oaxaca was coming to an end. No, actually, it was just starting.
        He Left His Head In San Francisco: Olmec presence in the USAMore educational
        alternatives for Mexicans abroad: President Vicente Fox
        By Dick Davis
        Saturday, Octorber 9th, Governor Miguel Aleman of the State of Veracruz,
        Mexico donated a colossal stone sculptured Olmec head to the City College of San
        Francisco. The gift, a 14-ton, 9-foot tall replica of “El Rey” (The King)
        was made in honor of the new Pan American Center at City College. It is now the
        centerpiece of the proposed Frida Kahlo Garden next to the Diego Rivera
        Theater at City College of San Francisco.By Bernardo Mendez Lugo
        Mexico is building up a wide network for educational purposes through new
        technologies and interactive internet and video conference system reaching out Me
        xicans living abroad. Pointing out his commitment to Mexican migrants,
        President Vicente Fox Quesada launched the Portland educational portal and
        symbolically inaugurated 15 community plazas in Oregon on October 13th, which will give
        Mexican fellow citizens access to basic, technical, upper-middle, and higher
        educational services.

        Osama Bin laden is dead!Right of Mexicans to Vote Abroad Stalled by Politics
        Back Home
        By Raoul Lowery Contreras
        Osama Bin laden is dead, I believe. So does the U.S. Army Major General in
        charge of intelligence and Special Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. So
        believes a Spanish magistrate investigating terrorist acts in Spain, or at least he’
        s so busy hiding he can’t organize a Friday prayer. By Eduardo Stanley
        Mexicans living abroad still don’t have the right to vote in their country’s
        elections, but not for lack of trying. There are currently 14 initiatives in
        Mexican Congress—including a bill proposed by President Vicente Fox. So what’
        s preventing Mexicans abroad from gaining this basic right? Partisan politics
        and political games, says the author of two new books on the subject…

        Copyright © 2004. All Rights Reserved. HispanicVista.com, Inc.
        "The Mexican Perspective"
        A book
        By Patrick Osio, Jr.
        Click here for more info

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        Patrick Osio, Jr.

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        HispanicVista.com Weekly Digest COLUMNIST & GUEST COLUMNS http://www.hispanicvista.com/ HispanicVista Columnists - November 8th, 2004 Guest Columns - November
        Message 3 of 5 , Nov 8, 2004
          HispanicVista.com Weekly Digest

          HispanicVista Columnists - November 8th, 2004 Guest Columns - November 8th,
          2004 showed Latinos will vote for a Republican candidate – but the GOP still
          has a way to go.A Second Chance
          By Patrick Osio, Jr
          President Bush received 44 percent of the Hispanic/Latino vote. Some states
          went well above the national average, such as Texas with 59 percent, Florida
          and Georgia 56 percent, Oklahoma 74 percent, Washington 49 percent and in Hawaii
          46 percent. In fact in Oklahoma, Washington and Hawaii the Hispanic/Latino
          vote percentage was higher than the non-Hispanic/Latino white vote. That wasn’t
          suppose to happen – what happened? COLUMN LEFT
          By Beto Segovia
          In their wisdom, or lack thereof, the American people have given George W.
          Bush one more chance at the presidency. We all hope, and, yes, pray, that he
          doesn't fail us again. I say again, because he squandered the opportunity and
          commitment to bring us together after the questionable election of 2000. I say
          again because he wasted the worldwide political support and sympathy we
          engendered in the aftermath of 9/11. I say again because he pursued a regime change in
          Iraq, under false pretenses, instead of concentrating on the war against
          terrorism… The president must address the following challenges:
          Americans in MexicoBush got Latinos to vote for him in spite of Latino “
          non-partisan” organizations
          by Sal Osio, JD
          The U.S. Embassy in Mexico estimates that there are some 600,000 American
          expatriates residing in Mexico. The Democratic and Republican Party
          representatives in Mexico both estimate over 1 million U.S. citizens qualified to vote in
          Mexico. The U.S. Consulate in Tijuana officially estimates that there are over
          170,000 American expatriates living in Baja California. These estimates are
          mere guesses since Mexico does not police undocumented Americans living in
          Mexico, only a fraction ow whom have residential visas. Others cross the border as
          tourists and in the case of Baja California without any documentation at all.
          COLUMN RIGHT
          By Pete Martinez
          The only thing louder than the hooting and rooting coming from Republicans
          after the incredible Bush victory has been the sobbing and crying coming from
          the Democrats and their patented ‘somebody did me wrong’ songs. And the only
          thing faster than a comet has been the LULACs, NCLRs, NALEOs, and other so
          called Hispanic leadership organizations hurrying off press releases attempting to
          capitalize on the great Hispanic vote turnout – that incidentally Bush
          attracted 44 percent nationally.

          Election BluesWhy I Voted for President Bush
          By Erika Robles
          According to a study of Latino voters released recently by the William C.
          Velasquez Institute indicates that 7.6 million Latinos voted in this year's
          election, 1.6 million more than four years ago. That is all good news. The Latino
          population finally realized that their vote counts and that by voting they are
          making their voice heard.Youth Commentary
          By Charles Robbie
          Pacific News Service,
          … I did not vote for Bush based on party loyalty. In fact I'm not even a
          Republican. I did not vote for him based on his record as president. The war on
          Iraq seemed like a can of worms we should not have gotten into. The thing was, I
          did not know what state the country would be in under Kerry. Bush, despite
          his amazing butchery of the English language, has a set vision and was committed
          to staying on course and finishing what he started.

          Hispanics, Morality, Values and Republicans Why Bush Won – 58-Million Votes –
          That’s Why
          By Raoul Lowery Contreras/HispanicVista.com
          President George W. Bush lost the state of New Mexico in 2000 by 366 votes.
          New Mexico Hispanics are 32% of New Mexico’s voters. Thus, if George W. Bush
          could do better with New Mexico Hispanics in 2004 he could improve his vote and
          possibly win the state…. George W. Bush won the state of New Mexico this week
          by 10,781 votes. George W. Bush won the Presidency by having 7,000,000 more
          people vote for him this year than in 2000. Chismes de Mi Gallinero:
          By Julio C. Calderon
          The assessment of election 2004 continues. This year there were no hanging,
          pregnant, bulging chads to examine, only the vote of record numbers of voters.
          This year we don’t have legions of lawyers to explain problems in Florida –
          no decisions by judges, either state or federal or the Supremes that need
          examination by lawyers. There is only the vote of the “people” to examine and
          this is left to the pundits and they all have their take on the election; and,
          the take Americans around the water coolers and smoking enclaves outside of
          buildings are just as valid. What isn’t valid is the take of Europeans.
          The Road To FreedomLatinos Gain New Ground in Congress and State Houses
          By Manuel Hernandez
          The November 2nd elections defined Latinos as the vote that marched through
          the road to freedom. With the highest turnout ever, Latinos have finally opened
          the gates to their pathway. The road to freedom provoked a lot of before,
          during and after electoral debate, but Latinos met the challenge and cruised to
          victory. With an increase of 5 percent of the Republican vote from the 2000
          elections, it is clear and present that Latinos will have an opportunity to voice
          issues and concerns and make their presence felt in all avenues of the
          American highway. NALEO Educational Fund
          Latinos will continue to shape policy at the highest levels of government
          From the neighborhoods of Wichita, Kansas, to the South End of Waterbury,
          Connecticut, to Utah’s Salt Lake County, a diverse group of Latinos are gaining
          new seats in state legislatures across the nation,

          The American DemocracyHispanic and Farmworker Organizations Say (Arizona)
          Proposition 200 Will Not Fix a Broken Immigration System
          By Jorge Oaxaca
          Unquestionably I am a staunch Republican but I do at times disagree with my
          party of choice due to my own beliefs and my own willingness to keep an open
          mind. This willingness to keep an open mind is critical in our journey as
          Americans to keep our Democracy alive and thriving. Amazingly, I found that on
          some issues during this campaign that our President and Senator Kerry agreed
          on many points. This only reinforces that after this election we are all
          At a news conference today, National Council of La Raza (NCLR) Executive
          Director and COO Janet Murguia joined leaders from Hispanic and farmworker
          organizations in declaring that Proposition 200, the anti-immigrant initiative that
          was approved by voters on Tuesday, is a false "solution" that will not fix an
          immigration system badly in need of reform.
          Election Procedures Mexican Government regrets passage of Prop 200 in Arizona
          By Richard N. Baldwin T.
          First, in regard to México, we have gone through a through remake of our
          voting procedures here that should be mentioned. You might remember our 1998
          presidential election that was a national scandal. The computers that were counting
          the vote all shut down for hours on election night. After the computers were
          back on line, the then ruling party (PRI) candidate, Carlos Salinas won. The
          vast majority believes to this day that Cuauhtémoc Cardenás, an opposition
          candidate from the PRD, actually won the election but was fraudulently denied
          victory by the mysterious computer shutdown. The computers were run by the PRI.
          By Bernardo Mendez
          A recent press release by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that "the
          Mexican government regrets that this proposition has passed and would like to
          make clear its opposition to the measure."

          English in France? Mais Oui!Education: The Civil Rights Issue of the 21st
          By Domenico Maceri
          Should English be a required subject for all French schoolchildren alongside
          of math and French? ... Yes, according to a report of France's Higher Council
          of School Assessment.
          Non, said France's president Jacques Chirac, a number of French politicians,
          and leaders of French unions… For many countries the idea of English as a
          basic subject is already a reality. Italian schoolchildren begin to study English
          in elementary school. The same goes for many European countries.By Rod Paige
          and Alphonso Jackson
          Education is the road to personal growth, economic security, and future
          opportunity. It is the way out of poverty and public-supported housing.
          Education is the path to freedom itself. That’s why each of us wants a good education
          for our children. So we worry when our children struggle in school,
          especially when they fall behind.

          History: The Rise of the Aztec EmpireMexicans migrants to be included in
          Medical Insurance provided in Mexico
          By John P. Schmal
          The Aztec Empire of 1519 was the most powerful Mesoamerican kingdom of all
          time. The multi-ethnic, multi-lingual realm stretched for more than 80,000
          square miles through many parts of what is now central and southern Mexico. This
          enormous empire reached from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf coast and from
          central Mexico to the present-day Republic of Guatemala. Fifteen million people,
          living in thirty-eight provinces and residing in 489 communities, paid tribute to
          the Emperor Moctezuma II in Tenochtitlán, the capital city of the great
          empire. By Bernardo Mendez, Mexican Consul for Trade in San Francisco, Ca.
          Mexican President Vicente Fox Quesada announced on October 2004 that a
          mechanism will be implemented to gradually include Mexican men and women living in
          the United States in a form of the Medical Insurance scheme.
          Patrick Osio, Jr. has written a short but intensive manual on the Mexican
          perspective on numerous issues between our two countries. The manual is an in
          depth primer on the culture and protocol for better understanding Mexicans that
          in turn allows establishing personal and business relationships, and how to
          avoid the most common faux pas that can ruin relationships and business deals.
          About the author
          Table of Contents
          Excerpts from the manual
          The manual is available through Electronic delivery for $9.95 making it
          possible to download the manual to save on your hard drive, printing its entirety
          or particular sections while reaping considerable savings over printed copies.

          Et tu, Keyes!
          By Paul Jacob
          Alan Keyes thought he had the keys to the kingdom. Ban free speech about an
          inconvenient fact and, voila, erase the fact. Of course, you might also be
          violating the First Amendment, but who cares about that, right? … I wasn't too
          thrilled when Keyes agreed to run for Senate in a state, Illinois, in which he
          hadn't grown up and wasn't currently residing. After all his criticism of
          Hillary Clinton for doing the same thing in New York, he seemed a tad hypocritical


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          Patrick Osio, Jr.

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          Message 4 of 5 , Dec 22, 2004
            HispanicVista.com Weekly Digest
            Letters to Editor / Announcements / Columnists / Archive / Subscribe / About
            Us / Contact Us
            HispanicVista Columnists - December 20th, 2004 National Security begins by
            sealing the border – the Canadian border.
            By Patrick Osio, Jr.
            One must admit, it sounds so right and it’s so simple – National Security
            begins by sealing the border. If the border is sealed, no illegal immigrants
            ergo no terrorists can come in to the country. What’s so tough about
            understanding that? Those who on an almost daily basis hammer home that message seem so
            frustrated that the simple message seems to be lost on Federal authorities.
            Watch CNN’s Lou Dobbs, or Fox’s O’Reilly, or Buchanan or in almost any home town
            conservative radio talk show hosts – they all pound the message and they are
            all frustrated and angry.

            Patrick Osio, Jr. has written a short but intensive manual on the Mexican
            perspective on numerous issues between our two countries. The manual is an in
            depth primer on the culture and protocol for better understanding Mexicans that
            in turn allows establishing personal and business relationships, and how to
            avoid the most common faux pas that can ruin relationships and business deals.
            About the author
            Table of Contents
            Excerpts from the manual
            The manual is available through Electronic delivery for $9.95 making it
            possible to download the manual to save on your hard drive, printing its entirety
            or particular sections while reaping considerable savings over printed copies.
            The Driver's License Brouhaha
            By Richard N. Baldwin T.
            During the week of 6 Dec, the world was treated to a bit of rebellion in the
            US congress concerning the passing of the "9/11" security bill. Two lawmakers
            had stopped the whole process. One wanting more power left for the pentagon in
            intelligence matters, and the other wanting federal control of driver's
            license issuance by the states. The latter was taken by many as a purely racist
            request as it was directed at "illegal" immigrants (read Mexican). These two
            members were persuaded to come on board and the bill was sent to President Bush
            for signing into law, finally.
            Reality and Congress
            By Raoul Lowery Contreras
            To: The House of Representatives and,
            The United States Senate
            From: Raoul Lowery Contreras
            Subj: A nation at peril
            The Chairman of the Judiciary Committee of the House imperiled the United
            States of America more than can be imagined by 9/11 veterans for the most
            specious of reasons. His demands for national driver license standards were
            emotional, not very responsible and should not have been discussed while intelligence
            reforms recommended by the 9/11… The greater good and a long-range view to
            handling immigration problems swept him aside.
            Borinqueneers Defending America: Puerto Rican ContributionsGuest Columns -
            December 20th, 2004
            Intelligence Reform Bill Passes: What this Means for the Latino Community
            By John P. Schmal
            In times of crisis, many ethnic groups will stand up to defend their land and
            their people from aggression and occupation. This sense of duty and
            patriotism is a quality that has been exhibited most impressively by the inhabitants
            of a small Caribbean island, Puerto Rico (also know by its Native American
            name, Borínquen). Drawing from three primary cultural and genetic backgrounds –
            Spanish, Native American and African – the Puerto Rican people have shown great
            fortitude and courage in battlefield combat. From NCLR
            NCLR worked hard over the past months to keep an eye on the harmful
            provisions of the intelligence bill. Although the main intent of the bill was the
            reform of our nation’s intelligence infrastructure, provisions related to border
            security and immigration were included in each package. The Bill Does Include
            Some Immigration Provisions Important to Our Community
            Clear Channel has History of ControversyWhy Immigration Policy Reform in the
            109th Congress?
            By Robert Miranda
            Clear Channel Communications helps promote nationalist fervor by employing
            jingoistic talk show hosts whose mindset is rooted in racist ideals and bankrupt
            notions of nationalism. All the same, the public, now more than ever before,
            depends on an energized communications industry determined to use its
            resources to build a culture of democracy, justice and equality. But such a charge
            will not be the case for Clear Channel Communications, the nation's largest radio
            chain. Policy: Christina DeConcini/National Immigration Forum
            In the December 13th edition of Roll Call, Executive Editor Mort Kondracke
            outlines the political and policy imperatives that make comprehensive
            immigration reform a front-burner issue for the 109th Congress… Kondracke, the columnist
            and pundit who is also co-host of Fox News Channel’s Beltway Boys, recommends
            presidential leadership and praises the examples set by members of Congress
            like Senators John McCain and Ted Kennedy and Representatives Jim Kolbe and
            Jeff Flake.
            Sometimes the Water Just Is Not RightThe Plight of Immigrants from Mexico
            By Steven J. Ybarra, JD
            December 13th was my birthday. I know you missed it. It is tough being born
            in December. There is simply too much going on to pay attention to details -
            the celebration of the birth of the messiah de jour, the miracles of the
            lights that would not go out, the winter solstice, saturnalia, Mithras, Fiesta de
            Guadalupe, Las Posadas, Christmas, and Kwanza. I mean the reason for the
            party goes on and on. Not to mention it is Yule time, which is the celebration of
            the god Odin. He is one of my favorites. Odin was the god of intoxicating
            drink and ecstasy, as well as the god of death. Who cannot love a god of
            death, drink, and ecstasy, especially in this season? By Edward P. Lazear
            Hoover Institution
            Immigrants from Mexico do far worse when they migrate to the United States
            than do immigrants from other countries. Those difficulties are more a
            reflection of U.S. immigration policy than they are of underlying cultural
            differences. The following facts from the 2000 U.S. Census reveal that Mexican immigrants
            do not move into mainstream American society as rapidly as do other
            Bush: Spending Political "Capital" on Immigration?No walls, no troops along
            the border will secure our nation
            By Domenico Maceri
            In January of 2004, George W. Bush proposed an immigration overhaul which
            would match American companies with foreign workers needing jobs. The program
            would provide temporary legal status through a guest worker program to millions
            of undocumented workers in the U.S. and possibly others who would come into the
            country legally if jobs are available for them… Because the right wing of
            the GOP was very much opposed to the idea, Bush soft-pedaled it and the plan
            went nowhere. By US Sen. John Coryn
            “We’re making strides in bolstering our security. Some have suggested,
            wrongly, that our security needs dictate the need to build a wall between our
            countries, or deploy military troops along our border. Security must be achieved
            without causing irreparable damage to mutually beneficial trade and economic
            relationships, which create jobs and a better quality of life for those on both
            sides of the border. We also need to have common sense policies that reward
            those who obey our laws.
            Education: A Three Part Series Report (Part Two)Raul Yzaguirre, Hispanic
            Civil Rights Leader, Ends 30 Year Term
            The following report was written, revised and submitted by:
            Manuel Hernández, Erika Robles and Burt Posner to the National Hispanic/
            Latino American and Migrant Agenda
            This report is the culmination of numerous hours of hard work by the members
            of the committee. After a series of regional meetings and a national
            conference, which was held in Chicago last June, the report was voted on and approved
            by the Summit participants. Recommendations are made at the end of the report.
            The report will be included in its entirety.By Lynn Brezosky
            Sitting in a hotel lobby in the Mexican border town of McAllen, Raul
            Yzaguirre marveled at the urbanization of what was once a somnolent center of cattle
            ranches and citrus groves… Now, symbols of affluence -- golf courses, luxury
            cars and gated developments -- mix with the shantytowns of the newest
            immigrants. And businesses no longer ignore the spending power of the more than 80
            percent Hispanic population.
            Christmas Gifts that Preserve Our Heritage and LanguageJohn Bolton’s
            Appointment Would Destroy State Department Credibility
            By Marcela Miguel Berland
            As a Latina mother, I want my children to speak Spanish and to acquire a
            sense of what it means to be a Hispanic. They should be familiar with songs,
            games and stories that we knew when we were growing up. The holiday season now
            upon us, I began looking at gifts for pre-teens that can help instill that extra
            “something” in children… In a large store I discovered such an extensive
            array of so-called “educational toys” that I could have used a guidebook to
            find my way through the aisles and the displays. By Gabriel Espinosa Gonzalez,
            COHA Research Associate.
            With court confidante Condoleezza Rice soon to be at the helm of the State
            Department, the possible ascension of ultraconservative political appointee John
            Bolton will stress the Bush administration’s conversion of the agency from a
            relatively passive and ineffective dissenter under Colin Powell, to an
            aggressive crusader for the administration’s ideologically-driven foreign policy
            agenda in the second term.
            Celebrating Hispanic Heritage
            every day of the year.

            God Bless AmericaThe Race Heats Up: Candidates for OAS Secretary-General are
            By Alex Sanchez, COHA Research Fellow
            Washington continues to have inordinate influence over the organization. Its
            ill-advised decision to back Flores is an example of the detrimental
            hemispheric policy that results from hiring the ill-prepared Roger Noriega and the
            ideologue Otto Reich to the Latin American bureau of the State Department.


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