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FNS: BC Police Have Leads in Mexicali Double Femicide

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    FNS: BC Police Have Leads in Mexicali Double Femicide Date: 4/28/2004 From: gbloom@nmsu.edu According to unnamed sources within the Baja California state
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2004
      FNS: BC Police Have Leads in Mexicali Double Femicide
      Date: 4/28/2004
      From: gbloom@...

      According to unnamed sources within the Baja California state police force,
      members of a street-level drug gang known as "Los Renatos" are allegedly
      responsible for last week's murders of Viridiana Estrella Mártinez and
      Sandra Luz Castro Pelayo near Mexicali. The two women, both 18 years old,
      were last seen alive on Sunday, April 18, 2004 while they were being forced
      into a white Dodge Neon by three men. Their bodies were discovered on
      Thursday, April 22.

      One of the women was choked to death while the other was stabbed 16 times
      and her throat had been cut. Officials are not considering the killings a
      crime of passion since neither woman had been sexually assaulted.

      Police currently have various lines of investigation into the killings. One
      thought is that the young women were somehow caught up in a drug war between
      gangs of drug dealers. Another theory is that the women witnessed something
      that may have happened between Los Renatos and another gang.

      Officials say that the investigation is moving along and that they are close
      to making arrests in the case.

      The parents of Viridiana Estrella Martínez say that the BC state police have
      not told them anything about the investigation. Everything they know about
      their daughter's case they have learned from the newspaper, they said.

      Sources: La Crónica (Mexicali), April 27, 2004. Article by Gerardo Franco

      El Universal (Mexico City), April 23, 2004. Article by Rosa Maria Mendez
      Fierros and Luis Carlos Cano.

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