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Manual: The Mexican Perspective by Patrick Osio, Jr.

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    The Mexican Perspective: Dismantling Perceptions -- Understanding Mexican Culture and Protocol -- Establishing Personal and Business Relations What you’ve
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 26, 2004
      The Mexican Perspective: Dismantling Perceptions -- Understanding Mexican
      Culture and Protocol -- Establishing Personal and Business Relations

      What you’ve always wanted to know about Mexicans but didn’t know who to ask,
      could be the title of this manual. Patrick Osio has ‘translated’ much of
      the Mexican perspective on issues of importance to them and to us. It explains
      their feelings about their country, and the Mexican psyche that makes up a
      great deal of their culture – on subjects of religion, family, politics,
      corruption in their midst, the immigration phenomenon, their feelings towards the US
      and its people including Mexican-Americans.

      It candidly analyses the perceptions Americans have towards Mexico and
      Mexicans providing a new perception by better understanding how and why some things
      came about.

      It provides insight on the Mexican thinking about the US’s foreign policy and
      the historical issues between the US, Mexico and Latin America – we call it
      helping, they call it intervention – we call it Manifest Destiny, they call it

      What readers say:

      “I recently purchased and read your book, The Mexican Perspective. It was
      excellent and something I think we could use in our organization for training and
      orientation….” W.J.

      “A few days ago I purchased the booklet The Mexican Perspective. You are a
      brilliant writer and well versed in what you present. I would like to find
      something that I can disagree with just to have an excuse to fire-off one of my
      long-winded letters to you.
      You just have not given me a chance (but don't relax yet) I have not finished
      all of it because I am reading it slowly and carefully and sharing your
      comments with my family.” B.A., Los Angeles, CA

      “I enjoyed your manual very much, but wonder when Part II will come out. It
      was clear to me on reading this primer that you have much more knowledge than
      what was shared. I hope you continue sharing, it’s very much needed.” F.L.,
      Mexico City, Mexico

      “Mr. Osio – Parts of your book made me angry that the country I so dearly
      love, the USA, would be thought of as you describe some of the Mexicans think of
      us. I had to remind myself that this is their opinion on some issues in which
      many of us in the US would take exception to. On the other hand it is good to
      know what they think so we may be able to reach out and correct those wrong
      perceptions they have about us, just as you have pointed out so many of the
      wrong perceptions we have about them.” R.W., Houston, TX
      (More testimonials at: http://www.hispanicvista.com/sales/testim.htm0

      Some excerpts from The Mexican Perspective:
      From the Foreword:
      The Mexican Perspective is a series of vignettes explaining the Mexican point
      of view on topics and issues that Americans may be familiar with, but whose
      perceptions may vastly differ from the point of view of Mexicans. Mistaken
      perceptions about other people often lead to friction; this is often the case when
      discussing issues of importance between the U.S. and Mexico…

      From Relationships with Americans
      “…By and large, Mexicans have a great deal of respect and admiration for the
      United States and its people as a whole. The problems between Mexico and the
      U.S. have been more at the level of governments than at the level of people to

      From U.S. Foreign Policy:
      “… For instance, in the U.S. there is the cliché – “… two-bit Latin
      American dictator” as an expression of backward countries or its leaders, but there
      seems to be no realization that those “two-bit” dictators were placed in
      office by the U.S. and kept there as long as they were friendly to “our interests.”
      (More excerpts at: http://www.hispanicvista.com/sales/excerpts.htm)

      Read more about what readers have to say, about the author; review additional
      excerpts, and see the entire Table of Contents at:

      (Available for purchase for electronic delivery on the HispanicVista.com site
      – www.hispanicvista.com)

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