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  • Travis Morales
    Friends, The La Resistencia national office staff has been working to design a new web site. Please check it out, and let us know what you think.
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 17, 2004
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      The La Resistencia national office staff has been working to design a
      new web site. Please check it out, and let us know what you think.

      We believe it has become a valuable resource for many to utilize. In
      order to maintain our site, the cost is $40.00 per month. We are asking
      for your financial support so that this site can become a powerful tool
      in our struggle to build a broad and strong national movement of
      resistance able to defeat the attacks on all immigrants.

      The La Resistencia web site is a site people are using more and more, to
      learn about resisting the war on immigrants in the U.S., and how they
      can be a part of doing that. For example, during the organizing for the
      third National Day of Solidarity with Muslim, Arab and South Asian
      Immigrants on February 20, one woman from California e-mailed our
      national office for the first time, and said, "... I have been to your
      web site and now I know where to go for the information I need. At our
      February 20 Solidarity Day event, we presented the stories of the
      disappeared that we found on your site."

      We need to post the kind of information that helps people to see, maybe
      for the first time, that they have an interest in standing with and
      defending our immigrant sisters and brothers. The site needs to provide
      the materials for people to organize this movement. We need to be in
      close communication with others who are taking up these battles and
      struggling to defend and protect our sisters and brothers who are forced
      to come to this country to survive. We want to learn from them, and
      have the site contain timely stories of both the conditions and
      struggles of immigrants. In order to do this, we plan to develop a team
      whose tasks will be gathering and researching relevant information for
      news shorts, getting input from other groups in these struggles, and
      formatting this information to post on our site.

      What will it actually take to build the kind of national movement of
      resistance we need to reverse the anti-immigrant climate so that we can
      stop the attacks on immigrants in this county? To bring people the
      truth about the lives of immigrants so that they are compelled to stand
      with them, and to beat back the government's repressive measures? The
      scope of our movement must greatly expand, and an important part of this
      will be through our web site. But in order to both maintain our site,
      and improve it, we need the financial support of our members and friends.

      Please send all donations for this web site project to:

      La Resistencia National Office
      P.O. Box 2823
      Houston, TX

      ** If anyone is interested in joining this web site team, please e-mail
      our staff back and let us know how to contact you.

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