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3/4 New York: Vigil for Detainee, Press Event for Domestic Worker

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    Vigil for Detainee, Press Event for Domestic Worker Date: 3/4/2004 11:29:46 AM Pacific Standard Time From: nicajg@panix.com 1. SAT 3/13: Vigil at Batavia
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      Vigil for Detainee, Press Event for Domestic Worker
      Date: 3/4/2004 11:29:46 AM Pacific Standard Time
      From: nicajg@...

      1. SAT 3/13: Vigil at Batavia Detention Center for Ansar Mahmood
      2. SUN 3/7: Domestic Worker Press Conference for Women's Day

      1. SAT 3/13: Vigil at Batavia Detention Center for Ansar Mahmood

      Date: Tue, 2 Mar 2004 16:50:37 -0500
      From: Aarti Shahani <aarti@...>
      Subject: Free Ansar! (Saturday, March 13 @ Batavia NY)

      ON MARCH 13

      On Saturday, March 13 from 1 to 3 p.m. supporters of 9/11 detainee Ansar
      Mahmood will gather outside of the Buffalo Federal Detention Facility in
      Batavia, NY in support of Mr. Mahmood's request to the U.S. Government
      that he be released and his deportation halted. Vans organized by the
      Chatham Peace Initiative will be traveling out to Batavia, Genesee County,
      early in the morning so that residents from Columbia County and adjoining
      areas can join the vigil. The event will include speakers and musicians.
      The organizers have obtained an okay from the Supervisor of the Town of
      Batavia and the County Sheriff for the vigil and anticipate a peaceful
      event reflecting the strong humanitarian feelings which motivate Mr.
      Mahmood's supporters.

      The sponsors of the vigil in Batavia for Mr. Mahmood include the Ansar
      Mahmood Defense Committee/Chatham Peace Initiative in Columbia County and
      Rajesh Barnabas in Rochester, NY.

      Ansar Mahmood is an immigrant who came to the US legally having won a
      green card in a lottery. He hoped this would be the beginning of a better
      life for his parents and his younger sisters who live in poverty in
      Pakistan. He worked as a pizza delivery man in Hudson, NY and made enough
      money to send home. Then on October 9, 2001 he was arrested because he
      asked guards at the Hudson water treatment plant to take his picture by
      the plant with the Catskill mountains in the background. They were
      suspicious that he might be a terrorist and called the police who arrested
      him. Mr. Mahmood was immediately cleared of any connection to terrorism,
      but he has now been detained for two years and faces a deportation order
      because he pled guilty to "harboring illegal aliens" for helping fellow
      immigrants whose visas had expired.

      Mr. Mahmood is currently waiting for BICE, which is now part of the
      Department of Homeland Security, to respond to his request for
      discretionary action granting him deferred action on his deportation and
      release from detention under an order of supervision. Mr. Mahmood has
      received international media attention on his case and has the support of
      both Congressman Charles Rangel and Congressman Maurice Hinchey as well as
      the majority of the Hudson City Council members led by Alderman Robert

      To reserve space on the vans going out to the vigil in Batavia on March 13
      check www.chathampeace.org or call 518-392-9477 or 518-766-2992. For more
      information about Ansar Mahmood check the website or write the Ansar
      Mahmood Defense Committee, c/o CPI, PO Box 34, Chatham, NY 12037.

      2. SUN 3/7: Domestic Worker Press Conference for Women's Day

      Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2004 19:02:50 -0800 (PST)
      From: ai-jen poo <apoo@...>
      Subject: 3/7, International Women's Day Press Conference

      -please forward-


      In 2001, Estella N'gambi began her journey to justice for slavery
      conditions she faced while working as a domestic worker in Yonkers. She
      was forced to sleep on a thin blanket on her employer's floor, behind
      the couch. She cooked, cleaned, took care of a child and an elderly man
      for $0.50 per hour, sometimes working over 18 hours per day.

      On Sunday, in honor of International Women's Day, she will announce
      victory in her case, and the beginning of her new journey alongside other
      exploited domestic workers throughout New York State, for a new bill of
      rights for domestic workers and an end to the systematic, everyday denial
      of justice to domestic workers everywhere.

      SUNDAY MARCH 7, 2004
      12:00 NOON

      Location: Domestic Workers United Office
      between E. 188th Street and Fordham Road
      BRONX, NY 10458

      Directions: Take the D Train to Fordham Road, exit the station behind the
      token booth to E. 188th Street. Take the left staircase, at the top of the
      stairs, turn around and walk toward Valentine Avenue. Make a left on
      Valentine. The building is next to Bravo Supermarket.

      For more information: (718) 220-7391 x 23 or 11
      CAAAV: Organizing Asian Communities

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