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Please Supports the DREAM Acts and Sign the Petitions!!

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  • SIUHIN@aol.com
    **Please Supports the DREAM Acts and Sign the Petitions!! **Due Day is April 1st!! Hi everyone: Please join CHIRLA, Wise-UP, MEChA, USSA, USAS and many other
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2004
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      **Please Supports the DREAM Acts and Sign the Petitions!!
      **Due Day is April 1st!!

      Hi everyone:

      Please join CHIRLA, Wise-UP, MEChA, USSA, USAS and many other organizations
      in our efforts to collect 65,000 petitions for President Bush urging him to
      support the DREAM Act (S.1545) and Student Adjustment Act (H.R. 1684)
      [http://ga1.org/alert-description.tcl?alert_id=8052] which are pending legislation that
      would help legalize undocumented students so that they can have access to a
      fair college education.
      Many undocumented students find colleges and universities doors closed to
      them because of their immigration status after graduation. These are longtime
      residents of this country who have grown up and have made the United States their
      home. They have dreams of becoming professionals in their communities like
      lawyers, doctors, etc., and have the grades and 4.0GPAs to help them, but
      because of their immigration status, they are hardly encouraged and have little
      resources to continue a higher education. Thus, many students are forced to
      abandon their dreams and hopes of a career. How can we throw away such talented and
      gifted students?
      By supporting student legalization, we are investing in communities that
      would eventually benefit from the careers that these students are pursuing. Our
      communities cannot afford to be ignoring these students anymore. By collecting
      65,000 petitions, one for every undocumented student that graduates every year,
      we will be one step closer to getting the DREAM Campaign passed this year.
      Please download the following links and ask much people as possible to sign
      the DREAM Act petition and send to:
      Lee Siu Hin
      1013 Mission St. #6
      South Pasadena, CA 91030
      or directly to CHIRLA:
      Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles
      2533 W. Third St., Ste. 101
      Los Angeles, CA 90057
      The due day for the petition is April 1st!
      English http://www.chirla.org/pdf/BushPetition_En.pdf
      Spanish http://www.chirla.org/pdf/BushPetition_Sp.pdf
      Korean http://www.chirla.org/pdf/BushPetition_Ko.pdf
      Vietnamese http://www.chirla.org/pdf/BushPetition_Vn.pdf

      In Solidarity!
      Lee Siu Hin
      United Students Against Sweatshops
      Student Peace Action Network
      National Immigrant Solidarity Network

      National Immigrant Soliadrity Network
      No Immigrant Bashing! Support Immigrant Rights!
      webpage: http://www.actionla.org/ISN/ (For latest immigrant issues/news)

      ***Please consider making a donation to the important work of the ActionLA
      Coalition, National Immigrant Solidarity Network and US-Mexico Border Actions
      Send check pay to:
      1013 Mission St. #6
      South Pasadena CA 91030
      (All donations are tax deductiable)

      *to join the lmmigrant Soliadrity Network daily-news litserv, send e-mail to:

      *a monthly ISN monthly Action Alert! listserv, go to webpage

      *National Immigrant Soliadrity Network is the part of the ActionLA Coaliation
      and US-Mexico Border Actions Project

      US-Mexico Border Actions
      No Militarization of Borders! Support Immigrant Rights!
      e-mail: borderactions@...

      *to join the US-Mexico Border Information Bulletin, send e-mail to:

      Action for World Liberation Everyday!
      URL: http://www.ActionLA.org
      e-mail: Border@...

      To join our ActionLA Listserv
      go to: http://lists.riseup.net/www/subscribe/actionla
      or send e-mail to: actionla-subscribe@...

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