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    HispanicVista.com - http://.www.hispanicvista.com WEEKLY DIGEST COLUMNISTS & COMMENTARY-OPINION HISPANIC VISTA COLUMNISTS Presidential Elections 2004 and
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      HispanicVista.com - http://.www.hispanicvista.com
      Presidential Elections 2004 and Hispanics
      By Erika Robles
      (sic)…According to the results from a recent survey by New York management
      consultants Westhill Partners and the Hispanic publication Poder magazine, 26
      percent of those responding to the survey said they were Democrats, 9 percent
      said they were Republicans, and 52 percent said they were independent or had no
      party affiliation.

      Bilingual Education Better Than English-Only
      By Domenico Maceri
      When California voters approved Proposition 227 in 1998, which virtually
      eliminate bilingual education from the Golden State, they were sold the idea that
      with one year of immersion kids would learn English. The unfortunate result
      has been that only 7% of English language learners have become proficient.

      The Oaxaca Journal
      Haiti and Aristide - A ticking, Stealth Crisis for the U.S.
      By Fernando Oaxaca
      They are out there again! Many of the same folks who coerced Bill Clinton
      into invading Haiti in 1994 are trying to get the U.S. to buy into the latest
      Jean-Bertrande Aristide-inspired chaos and scams in Haiti! Again they want
      American troops to risk their lives on the island and for American taxpayers to fund
      one more bailout of super-loser Aristide, the Haitian President who is
      fighting ouster by overwhelming rebellious forces for grossly bad and larcenous

      A War with No Winners
      By Carl J. Luna
      In the Great California Grocery Strike, neither labor nor management can
      claim victory. The labor unions can take solace in the fact that they received as
      much public support as they did and, more importantly, that they survived the
      longest grocery strike in California history. But the damage done to the
      pocketbooks of both individual workers and grocery corporations has outweighed the
      gains either party can claim.

      The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend
      By Raoul Lowery Contreras
      A friend of mine's father once said, "A man who agrees with me 80% of the
      time is not my enemy." I reminded my friend Michael Reagan of his father's
      declaration when he was indicating support for Arnold Schwarzenegger's
      "conservative" opponent in the Recall-Gubernatorial election last October. He agreed and
      eventually supported Governor-to-be-Arnold despite differences in opinions.

      Toilet Wars
      By Steven J. Ybarra JD
      I guess it is time to set the tone for the upcoming election. It is clear to
      me that there will be a new low in how we are all going to be bombarded by
      both the left and the right. Say, by the way, have you noticed that there can be
      Conservative Democrats, Moderate Democrats and Liberal Democrats but that
      there are only Conservative Republicans and Moderate Republicans? I wonder how A.
      Lincoln would have felt about that. Anyway, I digress.

      American Deception, Maskirovaka and Weapons of Mass Destruction
      By Luis Tijerina
      Maskirovaka is a Soviet word defining an act of intentional misleading,
      involving the presentation and dissemination of false information. In the Soviet
      context, Maskirovaka is a moral deception, in one case used to defeat the
      invading German armies, in other cases used to maintain order among its people and
      was politically acceptable. In the American context, deception of the people,
      to manipulate their support of an individual President's policy, should be
      considered in contradiction to supposed Democratic principles.
      Juarez - Again
      By Richard Baldwin
      Recently, a group of celebrities organized a demonstration against Mexico's
      inaction on solving the 10-year string of unsolved brutal murders of young
      Mexican women and girls. More and more the world is taking notice. And now the
      ante has been upped again by none other than the famous actress Jane Fonda (of
      Vietnam War "fame") who headed the last group. The list included others of the
      arts like Sally Field and playwright Eve Ensler. Our federal government can't
      seem to understand is that this will not quit, and even more the worldwide
      attention this is getting.

      A Typical Californio (Chapter 7)
      By Manuel Hernandez
      Winters in New York City's Lower East Side were chillingly frightening. The
      roaring twenties had frozen the solar system in 1923. Although there was a warm
      stint at times, it seemed like an eternity before the mild and warm weather
      could find its place between the hard brick front homes and cold sidewalks.
      While Joey fluttered down the street, he felt the stark wind creeping in every
      cell of his body. Manny's divine intervention was fine. His English professor
      had opened a spiritual door, and the dazzling Light had come in to his heart;
      but now it was time to make decisions
      Requiem for Frank Del Olmo, 1948-2004
      TONY CASTRO, Columnist
      Frank Del Olmo, the Los Angeles Times editor and columnist who died Feb. 19,
      lived his professional career in the shadow of tragedy and death.

      Nation's Latino Leaders Mourn the Loss of Frank del Olmo
      On February 19, 2004 the nation lost a national leader, Frank Del Olmo. He
      did not belong to just one community, or just one group or segment of the
      population, but rather he belonged to a nation, one struggling to come to terms with
      and understand its changing American identity.

      Evangelical Right Uses 'Passion' Film to Widen Reach
      By Roberto Lovato
      Long before "The Passion" became a multimedia ministry, I whipped "Christ"
      with black leather strips while onlookers gasped in "Gethsemane." I held
      gyrating bodies that glowed with the Holy Spirit. I witnessed death and rebirth --
      beginning with my own -- and then bore witness all my waking hours, with all my
      energy, with as much money as I could spare.

      Mexico Moves to Tax Billions in Remittances as Migrants Protest
      By Daniel Rodríguez
      Vida en el Valle
      According to the amendment made to paragraph 'a' in the first clause of
      Article 9 of the Código Fiscal de la Federación in México, the money transfers that
      Mexicans send to their country would be subject to federal taxation

      A jobless recovery is like a mule-drawn pick-up
      By Victor Landa
      I'm intrigued by the idea of a jobless recovery. That's the term being used
      to describe the present economic situation. We're getting better, but not
      producing jobs. When I was a boy I would occasionally see a man who had turned the
      bed of an old pick-up into a mule drawn cart. It wasn't a truck and it wasn't
      a traditional cart either, but the man somehow managed to make it work. I
      wonder if the cart man's ingenuity is in any way related to the inventiveness of
      an economic recovery without jobs. What is it, really?

      My Dream Vacation in San Diego
      By Enrique Morones
      I had read all the brochures and watched the Super Bowl minus Janet a couple
      of years ago from "Americas Finest City" and could not wait to get to the city
      that Hispanic Magazines touted as America's Number One City for Latinos. "Ay
      Caramba" …
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      HispanicVista.com Weekly Digest htt://www.hispanicvista.com COLUMNISTS & COMMENTARY-OPINION ANNOUNCEMENTS Bilingual Latina Girls Magazine Celebrates 1-Year
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        HispanicVista.com Weekly Digest

        Bilingual Latina Girls Magazine Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary and launch of
        teen version

        You can join the debate - but it's in Spanish.
        By Patrick Osio, Jr.
        Why weren't any Mexican presidents on the top ten list of the most corrupt
        leaders in the world in the last two-decades is the subject of an ongoing debate
        on Cyber space. Transparency International based in Berlin recently published
        the list - there were two former Latin American presidents - Peru's Alberto
        Fujimori reputedly taking $600 million, and Nicaragua's Arnoldo Aleman
        reputedly taking $100 million. Small amounts compared to the billions taken by the top
        five, but absent from the list were any Mexican presidents and debaters are
        arguing who should be on the list.

        Learning English Takes More Than a Year
        By Domenico Maceri
        "At my age learning Spanish is difficult," stated my community college
        student to explain her difficulty in my class. In her mind, children learn languages
        faster than adults. Ron Unz agreed with my students. Proposition 227, which
        the California software entrepreneur sponsored, stated that immigrant children
        would learn English in one year of immersion. Eight years after California
        voters approved the initiative which virtually banned bilingual education, the
        vast majority of California immigrant children are not learning the new language
        in one year.

        ¡Si! Something must be done! (Part two)
        By Ricardo Castañón
        When I see names such as Horacio Gutierrez --Microsoft's Chief European
        Lawyer, and Amelia Torres --European Commission's spokeswoman, my chest expands
        with legitimate ethnic pride. (I'm NOT saying we're better than any body else,
        only as good!) The brains that can get some of our people to such high places
        must be coupled with noble hearts. At the bottom of the ladder though, our
        brothers have to put up with numerous sorts of hurdles and taking unthinkable risks
        just to survive and get their dreams going.

        My Heart Went Weak
        By Domingo Ivan Casañas
        As a 46 year old man feeling like 26 and looking like 36, I felt invincible.
        Last month, I had been feeling some stomach heartburn and had been given
        Zantac for acid indigestion. I had also experienced for the first time a bit of
        pressure (not pain) on my chest. During the short chest pressure, I promised God
        that if it would happen again I would drive myself to a hospital emergency

        Fixing the Broken System
        By Richard Baldwin
        Just after writing my last week's article (The System is Broken!), our
        president, Vicente Fox, announced that he was going to send Congress proposals "to
        guarantee Mexicans an efficient system of public security". Among his proposals
        was to introduce the presumption of innocence into our constitution. He is
        also talking about open to the public trials with the judge in view. Well! Two
        out of three isn't bad - I'll keep the suggestions coming.

        By Patrisia Gonzales and Roberto Rodriguez
        Honoring the Trauma of Memory
        This week marks 25 years since my life was violently taken from me by
        club-wielding East Los Angeles deputies. The details are no longer important. Please
        permit me to remember those days -- not by dwelling on the trauma I received
        to my body and the continual dehumanization I was subjected to -- but by
        "The Mexican Perspective" -- What you’ve always wanted to know about Mexicans
        but didn’t know who to ask, could be the title of this manual. Patrick Osio
        has ‘translated’ much of the Mexican perspective on issues of importance to
        them and to us. It explains their feelings about their country, and the Mexican
        psyche that makes up a great deal of their culture – on subjects of religion,
        family, politics, corruption in their midst, the immigration phenomenon, their
        feelings towards the US and its people including Mexican-Americans.
        It candidly analyses the perceptions Americans have towards Mexico and
        Mexicans providing a new perception through understanding how and why some things
        came about. It provides insight on the Mexican thinking about the US’s foreign
        policy and the historical issues between the US, Mexico and Latin America – we
        call it helping, they call it intervention – we call it Manifest Destiny, they
        call it imperialism.
        The manual also explains the oft confounding usage of double last names,
        their professional titles and their meaning. It covers the usage of nicknames, as
        well as the social and business culture with numerous tips to prevent faux pas
        and to help in establishing both personal and business relationships.
        What do readers say and excerpts from the manual at:
        Hispanics Have the Numbers But Asians Have the Income
        In the 85 metro markets surveyed by The Media Audit, Hispanics outnumber
        Asians by more than two to one, 18,370,000 to 7,672,000. But, 1,488,000 Asian
        households have annual incomes of $100,000 or more compared to 1,476,000 Hispanic
        households. Among households with annual incomes of $75,000 or more Hispanics
        barely outnumber Asians 3,039,000 to 2,718,000 With annual incomes of $50,000
        or more Hispanics outnumber Asians 5,786,000 to 4,289,000.

        Opening New Markets for America's Small Businesses President George Bush --
        Speech at U. S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Legislative Conference in
        Washington, D. C.
        Thank you all. Thank you for that warm welcome. Sientese, por favor.
        Bienvenidos. I'm so glad you're here. Thanks for having me. (Laughter.) I love to be
        in the presence of entrepreneurs, people who are willing to dream and to work
        to realize their dreams, which is really what America has been, is, and should
        be all about.

        No Gracias Señor Bush
        By Enrique Morones
        Earlier this month, President Bush invited President Fox to him Texas ranch
        to repatch relations "strained" since their first official meeting as
        Presidents in shortly after they were both inaugurated in 2000. The two now Presidents
        had developed a friendship while they were both Governors in their respective

        Running Scared
        By Philip James
        The swiftness and ferocity of the Bush White House's attack on Richard Clarke
        tells you two things: his story may be largely true, and the Bush
        administration is terrified that the American people will believe it.

        Partisan Clarke
        By Charles Krauthammer
        It is only March but the 2004 Chutzpah of the Year Award can be safely given
        out. It goes to Richard Clarke, now making himself famous by blaming the Bush
        administration for 9/11 -- after Clarke had spent eight years in charge of
        counterterrorism for a Clinton administration that did nothing.

        Disturbing Mixed Signals from Senator Kerry's Latin American Policy
        Council of Hemispheric Affairs
        Sen. Kerry woos hard-line Cuban right; risks marring his reputation as an
        advocate of a more principled foreign policy.

        A Changed World
        By George P. Shultz
        Foreign Policy Research Institute
        We are at one of those special moments in history: the topic of the day is
        Iraq and weapons not accounted for; but our action in Iraq has implications that
        go far beyond this in areas including Israeli-Palestinian issues and our own
        dangerous dependence on imported oil.

        The GOP's Failing Hispanic Strategy
        By Ruy Teixeira
        (sic)…The fact of the matter is that the strongest part of the GOP's argument
        about Hispanics is that they need to make progress among this voter group.
        Evidence of actual progress among Hispanics has been conspicuously lacking.

        "Breaking the Truce"
        By Paul Jacob
        There's so much fighting in Washington. The President says he's fighting
        those who would do our country harm. Primarily, he means the Democrats. John Kerry
        says he's fighting against the special interests. I'm not sure if that's all
        special interests or just the ones that didn't contribute to his campaign…But
        in the U.S. House of Representatives there's a truce. No kidding. For the last
        seven years. Between Republicans and Democrats…Was it over Social Security?
        Taxes? Education? No. Ethics

        Transmitting Civilization
        By George Will
        After eight years at Robert F. Kennedy Elementary School, Ethel Bojorquez
        knows a thing or two about teaching. She radiates calm, no-nonsense authority,
        and today she is watching a kindred spirit, Carole Valleskey, put Bojorquez's 35
        fourth- and fifth-graders briskly through their paces.

        Made in America
        By Kerry A. Dolan
        On an eerily quiet, gleaming white factory floor in Waukesha, Wis., inside a
        massive GE plant that could cover seven football fields, 350 highly trained
        workers churn out 2-ton, million-dollar medical machines. Without knowing it,
        they also offer an answer to one of the most troubling trends dogging the
        American economy. Manufacturers across the nation have eliminated 2.8 million
        factory jobs in less than four years, including a million jobs that moved to
        cheap-labor markets overseas. Some experts worry the U.S. has lost its manufacturing

        Haiti after Aristide
        By Robert Novak
        U.S. Ambassador James Foley on Monday passed the word to Provisional Prime
        Minister Gerard LaTortue that his superiors in the Bush administration were not
        happy about language used by the head of Haiti's new government. LaTortue
        refers to his country's rebels as "freedom fighters." That designation, the prime
        minister responded, was deserved by patriots who had ousted as president the
        oppressive tyrant, Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

        The Road to 9/11
        Editorial - New York Post
        Testimony before the 9/11 Commission yesterday and early findings from that
        panel make one thing painfully clear: America was alarmingly unprepared in the
        face of repeated provocations by militant Islamist groups. And both the
        Clinton folks and the Bush folks share the blame.

        Hell is Forever
        The Valley 3 say they're victims of a vendetta
        By Gustavo Arellano
        I just called to say, 'I hate you!'…If Virgil took Dante into the ninth level
        of Hell today, the pair would quickly arrive at the offices of the Santa Ana
        Unified School District. Already facing a $29.8 million budget deficit, the
        district's declining enrollment means less government cash. And while the
        district is No. 1 in at least one category-worst Academic Performance Index test
        scores in the county-the teachers union is talking strike.

        "The Democracy Deficit"
        By Paul Jacob
        I've got bad news, but then I've got good news, too. And then, unfortunately,
        bad news about the good news. But finally, good news about the bad news about
        the good news about the bad news…More clear speaking from Washington, eh?
        I'll try again.

        HispanicVista.com -- www.hispanicvista.com
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        Patrick Osio, Jr - Editor/ POsioJr@...

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        HispanicVista.com Weekly Digest http://www.hispanicvista.com Our Point of View - Nuestro Punto de Vista COLUMNISTS AND COMMENTARY-OPINION HispanicVista.com
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          HispanicVista.com Weekly Digest
          Our Point of View - Nuestro Punto de Vista


          HispanicVista.com COLUMNISTS
          English and Spanish must know languages in the Western Hemisphere.
          By Patrick Osio, Jr.
          I've yet to meet anyone who speaks more than one language that has said, "I'm
          sorry I speak more than one language." But I have met and heard from those
          who only speak one language who are resentful of others speaking another. In
          fact, monolingual people fall into categories - those who wish they spoke another
          language; those who don't care; and, those who object to others who speak
          more than one language. In the USA we have quite a group who claim English is the
          only language we need to speak, and don't want to hear foreign languages in
          America. And unfortunately this group garners the most media attention with
          nationalistic patriotic sounding rhetoric such as- our sovereignty is at stake,
          our culture is being lost.

          Ariel Sharon and The Rise of Fascism
          By Luis Tijerina
          Ariel Sharon and Israeli imperialism is the result and consequence of one
          man's insatiable drive for power. It was shortly after the contentious struggle
          between the United States and the Soviet Union, which ended with the collapse
          of Soviet hegemony, that the imperial leaders of America begin to maneuver
          politically and military for control of the Middle East. This strategy has
          actually been an on going process since the end of World War II. Although it was the
          British Mandate that provided the first stage in the completion of Western
          domination over the region of Palestine, after its failure to bring a peace to
          the Arabs and Israelis, the crises was handed over to the United Nations to
          bring about a partition of the disputed lands.

          Illegal Immigration: Outsourcing Jobs on Reverse?
          By Domenico Maceri
          Reacting to one of my articles on immigration, the reader stated that
          companies hire "illegals" because they are not "willing to pay fair wages." As a
          result, the reader went on, the American worker "gets the shaft from the depressed
          wages."…My older brother, a legal immigrant, a laborer, and a union member,
          would totally agree. He sees first hand in New Jersey how companies, both big
          and particularly small ones, refuse to hire union workers. They cost much more.

          Discrimination Still Going On
          By Domingo Ivan Casañas
          I was reading in Hispanic magazine that discrimination against minorities
          overall has declined significantly between 1989 and 2000. However, it has
          declined less for Hispanic homebuyers and not at all for Hispanic renters...The study
          compared the experiences of black, white and Hispanic testers who posed as
          apartment seekers and homebuyers in 20 U.S. metropolitan areas. The testers
          responded to the same housing advertisements within hours of each other's. With
          only their ethnicity being different they showed the same financial backgrounds,
          job histories and with other factors being the same investigators found that
          rental agents discriminated…

          ¡Si! People as well as nations, age, but don't necessarily grow wiser!
          By Ricardo Castañón
          Regretfully, it seems the predominant mentality in Mexico remains as it was
          in the days of Cortez. We still look at foreigners as demigods and bow in an
          effort to please them. As we all learned in the news, a group of British
          tourists had been regularly "visiting" the caverns in the outskirts of Puebla. As it
          turned out to be, they were not tourists at all. They are an undercover team
          of military scientists posing as sports fans with a definite strategic purpose…

          "Mexican Americans will Overcome Cruz Bustamante's Sins"
          By Raoul Lowery Contreras
          But memories fade and as When Republican Romauldo Pacheco, the first Mexican
          American elected to statewide office in California in 1875, retired from
          Congress to accept an ambassadorship, Mexican Americans would suffer through over
          six decades of state and federal electoral drought. No a single Mexican
          American would win elective office until Los Angeles City Councilman Ed Roybal was
          elected to Congress in the early 1960s

          By Richard Baldwin
          The World Court handed down a decision on a case brought by México concerning
          51 Mexican nationals on death row in the United States. The basis of this
          case was the denial of access to the Mexican council for assistance. This is not
          the first instance as both Germany and Paraguay has raised this issue in
          recent years against the US. This time the court has simply asked that the US
          review these cases. This procedure of allowing foreigners access to their national
          consulates for assistance is part of the 1963 Vienna Convention in which the
          US was a signor. It is also one of the treaties that was torn up by the Bush
          administration as infringing on its sovereignty. But treaties mean very little
          to that administration…

          By Patrisia Gonzales and Roberto Rodriguez
          Remembering and The Battle Over Memory
          Remember…That's what the ad in the April 12 issue of Time magazine says…So
          powerful are these words in the American psyche that there's no need to add the
          name of the 1960 movie: "The Alamo." (Aside from this DVD release, there's
          also a 2004 version of the movie about the battle that fueled Texas
          independence.)…Remembering has a powerful function in American history. Yet it is very
          selective. Memory is critical to things Americana, just as long as it doesn't go
          too far back, nor stray too far from promoting Anglo-American Protestant
          values. (Just ask Harvard's Samuel P. Huntington, who claims that Mexicans --
          Hispanics/Latinos as a whole -- threaten the national security of the nation…
          Iraq The Hidden Unseen War: The Reality of Bush's Iraq
          By Manuel Valenzuela
          Contributing Editor AxisofLogic.com
          (Editor's Note: Originally Released in November/December 2003, this
          three-part series conveys with clarity the situation in present-day Iraq. It is as
          relevant today as it was a few months ago, if not more so. We re-post this article
          due to its clear understanding of events such as those in Fallujah and the
          continuing quagmire that is Iraq. This article covers the Dead and Wounded, the
          Resistance and Failed Policy.)

          Glorifying the Fight for Slavery in Texas - Forget the Alamo!
          By Don Santina
          Yet another film version of the story of the Alamo is about to descend on a
          movie theatre near you. Due to production delays, we have been watching
          trailers and previews for over four months. According to the hoopla, the defenders of
          the Alamo fought for "liberty" and "freedom" and--as their noble commander
          says in a film clip-- to "show the world what patriots are made of." A stirring
          ad run during the Superbowl intoned that, at the Alamo, "Ordinary men will
          become heroes."

          GOP convert puts Demos on notice
          By Rhina Guidos and Joe Baird
          The Salt Lake Tribune
          For more than three decades, Ana Archuleta knocked on doors, stuffed
          envelopes and handed out literature around Salt Lake City in the name of the
          Democratic Party. You could say the political affiliation was a family tradition in her
          Latino household, where her parents campaigned for President Kennedy and
          aunts and uncles sat around the kitchen table discussing the best ways to help
          their favorite Democrats.

          Campaign 2004: Bush, Kerry wrestle for votes among Hispanics
          By Ann McFeatters
          Post-Gazette National Bureau
          Both the Bush and Kerry presidential campaigns talk about the need to unite
          the country, but when it comes to wooing Hispanic voters, their tactics can be

          Immigration reform would help warm Mexicans to US 'melting pot'
          By Jorge Castañeda
          Los Angeles Times Samuel Huntington is a distinguished scholar who always
          addresses important and timely issues. In his article on Mexican immigration to
          the United States published in the current issue of Foreign Policy magazine,
          Mr. Huntington reveals serious concerns about his country, especially that he
          sees it divided into two cultures and two languages…

          Four New Tools for Implementing No Child Left Behind
          White House
          POLICY SUMMARY of the four recent No Child Left Behind policy announcements
          regarding special education students, limited English proficient students,
          highly qualified teachers, and participation rates.

          Missing the Forest for the Trees: The Environmental Arguments of Immigration
          Restrictionists Miss the Point
          By Walter A. Ewing, Ph.D.*
          In the latest battle for control of the Sierra Club, immigration
          restrictionists are again using an "over-population" argument that is based on flawed
          environmental assumptions and offers no useful guide for fixing the broken U.S.
          immigration system.

          COMMON SENSE
          "Today's Whys"
          By Paul Jacobs
          Republicans control the legislative and executive branches of the federal
          government. And yet, the party of "smaller government" and "fiscal
          responsibility" has grown government outrageously and irresponsibly…Quite a few of my
          listeners and readers have offered excuses for the Republicans. The most common?
          "The Democrats would have been worse." That may be true. But why haven't the
          Republicans been better?

          A call for an exit door from Iraq
          By Sen. Robert Byrd
          I have watched with heavy heart and mounting dread as the ever-precarious
          battle to bring security to post-war Iraq has taken a desperate turn for the
          worse in recent days and hours. Along with so many Americans, I have been shaken
          by the hellish carnage in Fallujah and the violent uprisings in Baghdad and
          elsewhere. The pictures have been the stuff of nightmares, with bodies charred
          beyond recognition and dragged through the streets of cheering citizens…

          Where's the outrage now Democrats?
          By Armstrong Williams
          Sen. Robert Byrd, the longstanding Democrat from West Virginia, cast his
          17,000th vote in the chamber last week. Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) saw fit to mark
          the occasion with a rousing tribute in which he proclaimed, "There is no one I
          admire more. There is no one to whom I listen more closely and carefully when
          he speaks on any subject matter than Sen. Byrd."…For obvious reasons, Dodd
          neglected to mention that Byrd is a former Grand Kleagle of the Ku Klux Klan.
          Nor did Dodd dwell on the fact that Byrd voted against the Civil Rights Act of
          1964 or…

          As Prepared for Delivery
          National Security Advisor Dr. Condoleezza Rice Opening Remarks The National
          Commission on Terrorists Attacks Upon the United States Washington, DC
          I thank the Commission for arranging this special session. Thank you for
          helping to find a way to meet the Nation's need to learn all we can about the
          September 11th attacks, while preserving important Constitutional principles…This
          Commission, and those who appear before it, have a vital charge. We owe it to
          those we lost, and to their loved ones, and to our country, to learn all we
          can about that tragic day, and the events that led to it.

          Rice Testifies
          USA Today
          In a perfect world, national security adviser Condoleezza Rice's appearance
          Thursday before the independent commission looking into the 9/11 attacks would
          have ended the partisan finger-pointing that broke out two weeks ago… That
          naive hope was quickly put to rest. But Rice's public testimony did help dispel
          several damaging theories that have gained traction since Sept. 11, 2001.

          Sins of Commission
          By Clifford D. May
          It's not supposed to be about politics. It's not supposed to be about
          settling scores. It's not supposed to be entertainment. But those are the ways the
          9/11 commission's work is being framed for American and international audiences.

          Non partisan 9/11 showed it's anything but non-partisan.
          New York Post
          As they prepared to question Condoleezza Rice yesterday, the members of the
          9/11 Commission were given some sage advice on the op-ed page of yesterday's
          Wall Street Journal… Rice's appearance, said the author, "will test the
          commission's resilience to the partisan pressures which threaten to collapse the
          goodwill needed to achieve consensus." Indeed, he warned against the urge "to
          become personal and question motives instead of confronting the substance of the
          argument made by any individual." …For, "if we yield to this tendency," he
          noted, "all hope for an honest and constructive report is lost" - and "we will most
          certainly fail." …Too bad former Sen. Bob Kerrey - who wrote the article -
          didn't take his own advice.

          Why Richard Clarke is a Hero
          By Richard Reeves
          Richard Clarke seems an odd duck, or perhaps I mean that you probably would
          not want to go on a duck-hunting trip with him. He comes across, in both
          appearance and in interviews, as arrogant, tough to get along with, a loner who
          spent hours one early morning working out the precise wording of his public
          apology to the families of Sept. 11 victims. He is also smart as hell and is telling
          very unpleasant truth in a critical whirl of many truths -- and many lies.

          Rice and Clarke
          By George Will
          Present events grind the lens through which we view the past. Condoleezza
          Rice, testifying to the commission examining U.S. counter terrorism efforts in
          the decade prior to 9/11, addressed the past, particularly the Bush
          administration's activities in the 233 days prior to the attacks. But her testimony came
          against the backdrop of the deterioration of conditions in Iraq, which have
          increased public skepticism about an administration that radically underestimated
          postwar challenges.

          Clintonizing Kerry
          The Monitor's View
          Christian Science Monitor
          Despite guns blazing in Iraq this week, John Kerry decided to focus on
          butter. In his second major campaign speech on the economy, the presumed Democratic
          nominee made promises about federal spending that indicate a President Kerry
          is likely to be more a Clinton than a Johnson; and on tax cuts, he'd be more a
          JFK than an FDR. Mr. Kerry's speech was decidedly to the right for a Democrat,
          indicating he's rounded on his heels after the left-nudging primaries and run
          to the economic mainstream in time for the November election.

          Kerry isn't as ignorant on economic matters as he sounds....
          By Neal Boortz
          ...but he certainly thinks that you are. A caller to my talk show earlier
          this week was trying to explain his support for John Kerry. He particularly liked
          Kerry's plan to increase taxes on the highest income earners. It was an
          explanation only a Democrat could love. "If the government takes more money away
          from the rich," he said, "then the rich will have to work harder to get that
          money back, and this will increase productivity and help our economy."

          Pundits to Kerry: Move Right - Same advice every four years
          FAIR Critique and Activism
          Every four years, loud voices in the media advise the Democratic presidential
          candidate to abandon progressive stances and occupy the political center.
          With Sen. John Kerry having emerged as the presumable nominee, the pundits are
          once again issuing the same prescription.

          Stonewalling your Right to Know
          By Mark Tapscott
          Ever wonder why journalists seem so cynical? Maybe you would be, too, if the
          following exchange between a New York reporter and a local "public servant"
          was typical of your day at the office: …Journalist: "Why can't you provide these
          school payroll records electronically?"…Bureaucrat: "Ummm … we just don't."…
          Journalist: "But under the Freedom of Information law, if you're capable of
          providing them electronically, you're required to do so."…Bureaucrat: "Yeah …
          but we don't follow that."

          Wal-Mart Prepares to Bury the Left Under a Mountain of Money
          Jim, John, Alice, Sam and Helen may carry the world's most dangerous genetic
          markers. They are the Waltons, heirs to the global destructive force called
          What you've always wanted to know about Mexicans but didn't know who to ask,
          could be the title of the manual, The Mexican Perspective. Patrick Osio has
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          that makes up a great deal of their culture - on subjects of religion,
          family, politics, corruption in their midst, the immigration phenomenon, their
          feelings towards the US and its people including Mexican-Americans. It candidly
          analyses the perceptions Americans have towards Mexico and Mexicans …insight on
          the Mexican thinking about the US's foreign policy and the historical issues
          between the US, Mexico and Latin America - we call it helping, they call it
          intervention - we call it Manifest Destiny, they call it imperialism.

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