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    HispanicVista.com COMMENTARY-OPINION SECTION A Look at Senator Gil Cedillo By Javier Rodriguez H. 50 year old California Senator Gil Cedillo, a progressive
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 2004
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      A Look at Senator Gil Cedillo
      By Javier Rodriguez H.
      50 year old California Senator Gil Cedillo, a progressive politician and a
      hero to millions in California, will soon introduce SB1160, the newest version
      of the driver's license bill, designed to empower 2.2 million undocumented
      immigrants in California and of course to make the highways safer for rest of the
      population. A controversial topic to say the least.

      The big gamble
      By Roberto Lovato
      Indians used to be on the bottom in Palm Springs, but gaming put them on top.
      Now tribal leaders are accused of exploiting workers and abusing their
      neighbors. Will the backlash topple their empire?

      The History of Jalisco
      By Donna S. Morales and John P. Schmal
      For more than a century, Mexican nationals have been crossing the southern
      border to begin new lives in the United States. A large percentage of those
      immigrants have come from the state of Jalisco. Jalisco, located in the west
      central part of the Mexican Republic, is the sixth largest of Mexico's thirty-one
      states. Within its 124 municipios, the state boasts a population that is
      approaching seven million.

      Testimony of Charles Cervantes - General Counsel United States-Mexico Chamber
      of Commerce Before the Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security and
      Citizenship Senate Judiciary Committee

      A 'hostile' takeover bid at the Sierra Club (Anti-immigrant groups making
      By Brad Knickerbocker
      Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor
      The Sierra Club - America's premier environmental group, with 750,000 members
      and considerable political clout - is the target of an unfriendly takeover
      attempt. A combination of animal-rights and anti-immigrant activists is aiming
      to take control of the organization - and change its philosophy and direction -
      by getting their slate of candidates elected to the group's board of

      A march to remember
      By Jack Kemp
      February is Black History Month primarily because Abraham Lincoln's birthday
      is Feb. 12. Unfortunately, the political party he helped to found has lost its
      historical recognition as the Party of Civil Rights. As I've said previously:
      The Democratic Party had a terrible history and overcame it; the Republican
      Party had a great history and turned aside.

      Democrats warned on GOP, Hispanics - Republicans only need 5% or 6% more
      Hispanic voters to win.
      By Donald Lambro
      Democrats must step up the courting of Hispanics who have voted Republican in
      recent years or risk losing this year's presidential election, states a
      Democratic campaign strategy memorandum.

      No Politician Left Behind - Lack of money isn't the problem with education.
      Critics of President Bush's education program, the No Child Left Behind Act,
      now accuse him of enforcing the law on the cheap. We agree the law has its
      faults, and said so when it roared through Congress two years ago, but lack of
      funding isn't close to being one of them.

      Selective outrage and hidden injuries of Class and Race: A Governor's Speech
      By Paul Street
      Sometimes the masters of policy and opinion speak most loudly through their
      silences. In such cases, it's what they fail to mention and what they choose to
      delete that says the most about who they are and what they are generally
      about: preserving privilege and power under the guise of populist concern for the
      people. Their omissions reflect their desire to suppress public consciousness
      and discussion of uncomfortable matters of race, class, and power that pose
      troubling questions about the content of American democracy.

      An Unlikely Fit: Will the Undocumented Apply for a Temporary Status?
      By Benjamin Johnson
      The American Immigration Law Foundation
      (sic)…Any serious proposal to reform the U.S. immigration system must meet
      two distinct challenges: reducing future flows of undocumented migration by
      providing sufficient legal avenues for immigrants to enter the United States; and
      adjusting the status of undocumented immigrants who already live and work

      Too Hot To Verify
      By Richard Blow
      Back when I was embroiled in a mini-controversy over writing a book about my
      old boss, John F. Kennedy Jr., this kind of thing happened a lot: A reporter
      would call me up, say that an anonymous source who used to work at George
      magazine had alleged a heinous thing about me, and ask me to comment. I was writing
      the book because I had a latent homosexual crush on John, because I couldn't
      get a job, and so on.

      Crying wolf
      By Charles Krauthammer
      As the Democrats enter the final stages of their primary race, the emerging
      story is how the Republicans are preparing to go negative in the general
      election with a campaign of singular viciousness against John Kerry.

      Democratic Primary Campaign Impresses Voters - Bush Personal Image Tumbles
      The Pew Research Center
      The presidential primary campaign has been very good for the Democratic
      Party. Public interest in the race has been relatively high. Americans have a much
      better impression of the Democratic field than they did just a month ago. And
      an increasing percentage believes a Democratic candidate will win in November.

      Veterans face conundrum: Kerry or Bush?
      By James Webb
      Both Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., and President Bush have had their attackers
      and defenders on the issue of Vietnam War service. But given Kerry's infamous
      anti-war activities, it is striking that many Vietnam veterans have chosen
      either to support him or maintain a skeptical distance from both camps. Indeed,
      Kerry's wins in Iowa and New Hampshire, which jump-started his campaign, often
      are attributed to his support among veterans.

      The Dreyfuss Report
      Base Motives
      Does the United States want to have permanent military bases in Iraq? Does a
      camel sleep in the desert? Hardly mentioned in the hubbub about the June 30
      handover date in Iraq, and the scramble to put together an Iraqi, umm,
      "government" by then, is this basic fact: more than anything else, the Pentagon wants
      to stay in Iraq for years, maybe forever-you can't have an empire without an
      imperial presence. But if and when Iraq gets sovereignty handed to it, whatever
      rump authority takes power on July 1 will own the country.

      Journal Star, Peoria, Ill., on doctored health reports:
      One of the more bizarre tales coming out of the nation's capital concerns
      whether racial disparities in health care make for "national problems" or a
      success story. The original draft of a study issued by the Department of Health and
      Human Services said minorities receive less health care, and care of a poorer
      quality, than whites.

      The reality of outsourcing
      By Bruce Bartlett
      Last week, Council of Economic Advisers Chairman N. Gregory Mankiw ran into a
      buzz saw. He committed a major gaffe, which in Washington means he spoke the
      truth, by defending the concept of outsourcing -- contracting with foreigners
      for information technology services. With a lack of job growth being the
      central economic issue in the country today, Mankiw's comments were assailed across
      the political spectrum.

      NAFTA, Corn, and Mexico's Agricultural Trade Liberalization
      Even well before NAFTA, successive Mexican governments embraced free trade
      with remarkable zeal. Beginning with its membership of the General Agreement on
      Tariffs and Trade (GATT) in 1987, Mexico has signed more trade agreements than
      any other country in the world.
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