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Irvine Foundation/Seeks Director of Communications

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    (HispanicVista.com (www.hispanicvista.com) Editor’s note: The James Irvine Foundation is seeking to employ their Director of Communications. The candidate
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 30, 2004
      (HispanicVista.com (www.hispanicvista.com) Editor’s note: The James Irvine
      Foundation is seeking to employ their Director of Communications. The candidate
      need not be presently located in the San Francisco Bay Area to be considered.
      Please post or pass this message as the position is of significance.)

      The James Irvine Foundation seeks to recruit a Director of Communications for
      this San Francisco-based organization. Created in 1937, the Foundation's
      mission is to expand opportunity for the people of California to participate in a
      vibrant, successful, and inclusive society. The Foundation will award
      approximately $56 million in grants in 2004.

      The Director of Communications will serve as a senior staff member providing
      strategic and tactical communication leadership for the Foundation. Overall,
      the Director of Communications will be called on to work with senior staff,
      the board and selected grantees, providing critical and timely media relations,
      public affairs, and specially tailored outreach activities designed to
      facilitate program objectives and other key outcomes.

      The Director of Communications should ideally possess professional
      qualifications and skills including: a Master's degree in communications, journalism,
      public affairs, or management preferred. A bachelor's degree is required. A
      minimum of ten years of senior level work experience in the areas of journalism,
      public relations, public affairs, media relations or marketing. Demonstrated
      understanding and experience working with print media and electronic
      collateral materials, multi-tiered promotion campaigns and research. A record of
      developing, writing, and producing distinguished communications materials through
      print, broadcast, and electronic media. Proven experience in the
      philanthropic or nonprofit sectors preferred. Knowledge of the structure and operational
      nature of foundations desired. An effective communicator and listener,
      possessing superior writing and editing abilities. Demonstrated ability to plan and
      think strategically, set realistic goals and objectives, and balance multiple

      An expanded position description can be viewed on the employment page of the
      www.irvine.org website.

      Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume by March 1, 2004
      to Daniel Sherman, President, Explore Company, via email:
      explorecompany@... or fax: 202-333-3475. The James Irvine Foundation is an equal opportunity


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