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    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What s New at the Americas Program A New World of Ideas, Analysis and Policy Options
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 29, 2004
      What's New at the Americas Program
      "A New World of Ideas, Analysis and Policy Options"

      January 29, 2004

      New from the IRC's Americas Program:

      NAFTA, Foreign Direct Investment, and Sustainable Industrial Development in
      By Lyuba Zarsky and Kevin P. Gallagher

      Ten years after the passage of NAFTA, it is clear that the operation was
      successful. Foreign investment inflows and exports have boomed. Beyond its
      poor performance in terms of economic growth, jobs and industrial
      pollution, the neoliberal integration strategy has undermined, rather than
      nurtured, Mexicos endogenous productive capacities. In terms of Mexico's
      long-term prospects for sustainable industrial development, the patient is
      not well. This new policy brief provides an economic analysis of the flawed
      industrial development model promoted by NAFTA.

      Zarsky and Gallagher are researchers at the Global Development and
      Environment Institute, Tufts University, and they are analysts associated
      with the IRC's Americas Program (online at www.americaspolicy.org).

      See full article online at:

      With printer-friendly PDF version at:

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