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    HispanicVista.com Weekly Digest NEWS SECTION http://www.hispanicvista.com EDUCATION Hispanics upset by teacher s discipline Teacher faces firing for hitting
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 22, 2004
      HispanicVista.com Weekly Digest
      Hispanics upset by teacher's discipline

      Teacher faces firing for hitting children - Kids were speaking Spanish, board

      Brown at 50: King's Dream or Plessy's Nightmare?

      Affirmative action battle brews anew in Michigan

      Adam Chavarrias is appointed Executive Director of the White House Initiative
      on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans

      "The Mexican Perspective"
      "I recently purchased and read The Mexican Perspective. It was excellent and
      something we could use in our organization for training and orientation…I
      supervise a summer intern program and year-long fellowship that immerses
      individuals into the Mexican culture and live. Your book was fascinating and answered a
      lot of questions that our participants ask about Mexico…"
      WJ, San Diego, CA.
      Click here for more info
      Pew Hispanic Poll: Latino support for the war in Iraq and for President Bush

      Se Habla Electoral Votes

      Some Democrats target Michigan, job loss issue

      Voting Rights Legal Victory in Arizona - Court Upholds Ed Pastor's Latino
      Majority Congressional District

      Why don't more Hispanics vote?

      Schwarzenegger will support Bill Jones for Senate seat - Rosario Marin left
      out, will now face almost impossible odds on nomination bid.

      Governor Schwarzenegger Names Randal Hernandez Appointments Secretary

      MALDEF Pleased That President Bush is Taking 'A Step in the Right Direction'

      President of the United States Bush: The State of the Union

      New Initiatives in President Bush's State of the Union Address

      The Democratic Response to the State of the Union By the Democratic Leaders
      of the U.S. Congress - Rep. Nancy Pelosi & Sen. Tom Daschle

      Background Briefing by Senior Administration Officials on the President's
      Meetings in Mexico

      U.S. Accomplishments at the Special Summit of the Americas

      US, Canadian and Mexican secretaries of agriculture release a joint statement
      on the North American beef trade

      Mexamerica - If present trends continue, the majority of young adults
      eligible to vote in California will be Latino by 2019.

      Hello! Farmers and Farm Union agree - Bush's immigration proposal fall short

      Mexico wins factory (Michigan) state fought to keep - Loss of 2,700 jobs in
      W. Mich. hits economy hard

      La Opinion in Los Angeles and El Diario/La Prensa in New York will merge
      creating the first national Spanish language newspaper company in the US

      Chicago Tribune, owner of Los Angeles Times rid of La Opinion will launch
      Hoy, a replica of its successful Chicago Spanish language newspaper.

      Online Hispanic Publishers Form IAB Hispanic Committee

      Texan company first US company to produce natural gas for Mexican state oil
      monopoly PEMEX

      HELO Honors Prominent Hispanic Leaders, Elects New Board

      Last year in San Diego, this year in Houston - NFL continues Hispanic
      Programs for Super Bowl XXXVIII

      Undocumented Immigrants: Facts and Figures

      Not all businesses need a new guest worker program - some are already using
      the old ones.

      Oregon State University branch of MEChA has few answers regarding Bush
      immigration law

      Florida Immigration News - Workers recruited from homeless shelters were soon
      in debt, bondage, required to continue working to pay off food and
      transportation to work debt off.

      Bush guest worker plan recalls bracero program - Thousands of Mexican workers
      were defrauded of 10% of pay

      Register for draft, jailed migrants told

      Mexican immigrants turn philanthropic now sought after by Mexican politicos

      Many Hispanics left out as health costs climb


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