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[Fwd: La Resistencia Denounces Bush's New Plan As a Trap to Track & Control Immigrants]

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  • Travis Morales
    Please forward broadly... * La Resistencia Denounces Bush s New Plan As a Trap to Track and Control Immigrants* Under the guise of immigration reform Bush
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 21, 2004
      Please forward broadly...

      * La Resistencia Denounces Bush's New Plan As a Trap to
      Track and Control Immigrants*

      Under the guise of immigration reform Bush announces his new proposal.
      Clearly, it amounts to nothing more than a plan for more extreme
      suffering and exploitation of immigrants trying to work in the U.S. It
      is a plan to intensify repression, a plan to track and control. Is
      there anything at all that is actually good about his proposal?

      We've seen the "war on terrorism" used to usher in a whole package of
      repressive laws and measures, such as the PATRIOT ACT and the new
      "Department of Homeland Security" (repression) to oversee immigration
      and other federal law enforcement. The Bush administration has put
      immigrants in a status of feeling like 'America's most wanted'. With
      immigrants more persecuted than ever, the Bush immigration
      proposal suddenly promises /relief/ from having to live in the shadows
      to the millions who live a fearful existence, while slaving for low
      wages in America's most profitable industries.

      But what kind of relief is it that's being offered? A close look reveals
      that this temporary relief is really just the bait on a deadly hook.
      Like the 'Special Registrations' of middle east and Muslim men last
      year, this proposal is aimed at putting more people within easy reach of
      the well-oiled "Homeland Security" machine of tracking, detention and
      deportation. A few days ago, at a nationally televised "town meeting" in
      San Diego, DHS head Tom Ridge pointed out that Bush's immigration
      proposal was mainly aimed at strengthening the government's ability to
      control the border and the immigrants who have crossed it.

      Wayne Cornelius, Director of the Center for Comparative Immigration
      Studies at UC San Diego, hit the nail on the head in a recent opinion
      piece in the SD Union Tribune;

      "Under Bush's proposal, even if a migrant worker succeeds in renewing
      his initial three year visa for another three years, he could easily
      reach the end of his legal working period in the United States before he
      can obtain a green card. That would make him immediately deportable, and
      the government would know exactly where to find him because of the
      information provided in order to participate in the president's guest-
      worker program. Such a migrant would be much more vulnerable to arrest
      and deportation than if he had never applied for a temporary visa."

      After witnessing all that has happened to immigrants since 9-11;
      round-ups, "special registrations", indefinite and secret detentions,
      massive deportations, and worse, should we even for a moment think that
      it would be in the interest of our immigrant sisters and brothers to
      give the U.S. government their names and addresses?

      Bush's plan will give employers in this country access to use, abuse and
      throw away millions of poor people who are forced to come from outside
      this country's borders to survive and feed their families. Employers
      will have even more control of immigrant workers, by holding their visas
      and threatening them with deportation. This is a new bracero program.
      It provides employers with cheap labor, and the power to deport these
      workers who are without rights, back to the conditions from which they fled.

      While Bush claims to be so concerned about the welfare of immigrants and
      their ability to fulfill the so-called "American Dream", he announces at
      the same time, that part of his plan is for the increased militarization
      of the US-Mexico border. Total hypocrisy, coming from a government that
      has never had a problem viciously enforcing a national border policy
      that is directly responsible for the deaths of nearly 3000 immigrants
      over the last 9 years!

      La Resistencia joins with the other organizations and individuals who
      are voicing opposition to Bush's proposed plan. In no way is any part
      of this plan in the interests of our immigrant sisters and brothers!

      We believe:
      1) People are driven from their homelands and come to the U.S. to survive.
      2) All people have a right to survive regardless of legal status.
      3) Being an immigrant is not a crime. Human life is more important than
      4) People with legal status have the responsibility to defy and resist
      unjust laws, struggle alongside our brothers and sisters who
      have been deemed "illegal" and protect them.

      Cotact the La Resistencia National Office
      P.O. Box 2823
      Houston. TX
      National Office: laresistencia@...

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