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    HispanicVista.com Weekly Digest Our Point of View - Nuestro Punto de Vista http://www.hispanicvista.com COMMENTARY-OPINION SECTION (This week we have 17 guest
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 13, 2004
      HispanicVista.com Weekly Digest
      Our Point of View - Nuestro Punto de Vista


      (This week we have 17 guest commentary-opinion articles - ranging on issues
      of immigration, politics and education representing diverse points of view.)


      'Temporary' status doesn't help undocumented workers like Maria - trapped in
      the shadows of America.
      By Roberto Lovato
      Of all the people I know, none listened as intently to the details of
      President Bush's immigration reform proposal as my friend Maria, who has lived in Los
      Angeles since 1986, first as an undocumented immigrant and then, legally, as
      a temporary worker for the last 14 years.

      Republicans Develop a Three-Pronged Latino Strategy; Democrats Practice
      Benign Neglect
      By Dr. Victor M. Rodriguez
      "We can't survive as a party without getting more of the Hispanic vote," said
      Matthew Dowd, a pollster and senior adviser to the RNC. (Jeff Zeleny, Chicago
      Tribune, 2002) Recently, following Matthew Dowd's leadership, the Republican
      National Committee sent out its operatives to develop local strategies to,
      among other things, bolster support for Republican candidates in mid term
      elections. Back in January 2002, when the news about the Republican efforts to learn
      Spanish in order to gain some symbolic advantage over the Democratic
      traditional hold of the Latino vote, the Democratic Party's response was a glib remark.

      BLESSINGS (Day of the Epiphany)
      By Enrique Morones
      This past year has been one of many blessings and one of many challenges. War
      in a far off land in pursuit of liberty and justice, but who's liberty and
      who's justice? Recall in the worlds most powerful state, because of a financial
      energy crisis gone out of control and a governor who does not energize. The
      millenniums worst natural disaster, not because of an ayatollah, but Bam,
      because mother nature has spoken, 35,000 lives and counting. We land on Mars, who's
      in charge?

      The Serpent in the Garden: SPREADING LIES about Black Voters
      Commentary from: Black Commentator
      Honest, well-intentioned people begin the New Year with resolutions. Bush
      Republicans start every year as they ended the last, with outrageous lies. Black
      mercenaries in the service of corporate dollars are available on any date to
      say anything, no matter how nonsensical, as long as they get paid.

      State Leaders Launch Achievement-Gap Effort
      By Catherine Gewertz
      Education Week
      Hoping to use their combined influence, black and Hispanic state lawmakers in
      seven states have launched a campaign to enlist families, communities, and
      policymakers to improve schooling for disadvantaged children.

      Patrick Osio, Jr. has written a short but intensive manual on the Mexican
      perspective on numerous issues between our two countries including immigration.
      It deals with American's perceptions about Mexico and Mexicans - How Mexicans
      view U.S. foreign policy and their thinking on U.S. intervention in Mexico and
      Latin America The manual is an in depth primer on the Mexican culture and
      protocol. It is meant to provide a better understanding and to help establish
      relationships, and for business people to achieve success in their dealings with
      Click here for more info

      This isn't immigration reform.
      By O. Ricardo Pimentel
      Arizona Republic Columnist
      It's the Bracero program warmed over, expanded beyond agriculture and with a
      few other extra trimmings tossed in.

      The Bush proposal
      By Linda Chavez/TownHall
      President Bush announced a sweeping new immigration reform proposal this week
      that could become a hot-button issue in the November election. For months,
      insiders have hinted that the president would propose a new guest worker program
      aimed at allowing more foreign workers into the country on a temporary basis.
      Widely favored by the American business community, a guest worker program
      would allow employers to fill jobs in industries that routinely experience
      shortages of workers willing to do the often difficult, dangerous jobs Americans
      shun -- at least at wages that allow employers to remain in business.

      The Cost of Doing Nothing: The Need for Comprehensive Immigration Reform
      By Walter A. Ewing, Ph.D.
      American Immigration Law Foundation.
      President Bush's proposal to address the problem of undocumented immigration
      by creating more opportunities for legal immigration and providing a legal
      status to those already here is a useful starting point in reforming a broken
      immigration system that costs hundreds of lives and billions of dollars every

      Bush, Fox Setting Aside Past Differences
      By Steve Holland
      After deep differences over the Iraq war, President Bush and Mexican
      President Vicente Fox insist they have put the bad times behind them as they prepare
      to meet on Monday in Mexico. Fox angered Bush by refusing to vote in favor of a
      U.S.-backed resolution in the U.N. Security Council last March that would
      have given international backing for the use of force against Iraq. For his part,
      Fox was disappointed by Bush's refusal to move more quickly on his biggest
      priority, immigration reform to allow Mexicans to cross into the United States
      for work without being deemed illegal.

      Immigration plan long overdue, but it's just a start
      By Tina Griego
      Rocky Mountain News (Colorado)
      Before I get into the immigration proposals President Bush is masquerading as
      true reform, come to West 32nd Avenue. Not the West 32nd Avenue usually
      described as charming and cool but the West 32nd known affectionately as "Little
      Tijuana." That strip of Mexican bakeries and restaurants, where summer brings
      out old men in sweat-stained cowboy hats hawking fresh fruit and vegetables.

      Bush cracks the immigration door- Guest Worker Visas Would Improve the Lives
      of Millions of Undocumented Families
      (San Jose) Mercury News Editorial
      (sic)…His proposal for guest worker visas for immigrants living illegally in
      America falls shy of a broad amnesty, which he continues to oppose. But his
      plan would improve life for millions of undocumented families by granting them
      basic worker protections, such as the right to earn the minimum wage and to
      travel back and forth to their native lands.

      Bush Steers His Horse South
      Commentary Christian Science Monitor
      Most summits of world leaders can be a yawn. Not next week's gathering of
      leaders from the Western Hemisphere, which will provide an opportunity for the
      United States to reaffirm a commitment to its backyard after more than two years
      of preoccupation with the war on terrorism.

      Winking at lawbreakers
      Boston Herald editorial
      As a nation we have come a long way from the ``give me your tired, your
      poor'' era. Built by immigrants, this is now a country that continues to wrestle
      with the thorny issue of immigration in an even more complex post-Sept. 11 world.

      Bush plan is empty piñata
      By Kathleen Parker/TownHall
      Maybe I'm missing something, but President Bush's proposed program to
      legitimize immigrants working illegally in the U.S. has inspired much ado about nada.
      Conservatives are prickly because, they say, illegals are robbing precious
      American jobs. And because illegals are, well, illegal.

      Dean, Bobby, And The Ghost Of Landslides Past
      By Arianna Huffington
      I swear, if I hear one more Democratic honcho say that Howard Dean is not
      electable, I'm going to do something crazy (maybe that's what happened to Britney
      in Vegas this weekend). The contention is nothing short of idiotic.

      A Strategy of Partnerships
      By Colin L. Powell
      Secretary of State
      When most people think about U.S. foreign policy these days, they think first
      and sometimes only about aspects of the war on terrorism: the reconstruction
      of Iraq and Afghanistan, the troubles of the Middle East, and the terror cells
      lurking in Southeast Asia, Europe, and even the United States. This
      preoccupation is natural. International terrorism literally hit home on September 11,
      2001, and, for understandable reasons, an outraged American public wants those
      responsible brought to justice. The American people also want to understand
      why the attacks happened -- and demand a foreign policy that makes sure such
      events will never happen again.

      Remarks by the President on the No Child Left Behind Act Pierre Laclede
      Elementary School St. Louis, Missouri

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