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    HispanicVista.com Weekly Digest http://www.hispanicvista.com Immigration - Politics - National President Bush s immigration proposal has quickly taken over as
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 10, 2004
      HispanicVista.com Weekly Digest
      Immigration - Politics - National

      President Bush's immigration proposal has quickly taken over as the main
      issue for debate - HispanicVista researched news items from throughout the US and
      for Mexico's reaction - we present here articles from a number of news
      sources, along with articles on politics and others of national interest. More will
      follow next week along with commentary-opinion articles on the immigration
      proposal and other issues. -- For those who may have missed the in depth articles
      on the president's proposal that included his verbatim speech on the proposal,
      the White House press briefing with Q&A about the proposal, and reaction from
      a number of civil rights organizations - you can read them by visiting
      www.hispanicvista.com scrolling down to January 3-9, 2004 Immigration Issues (on
      right hand side of Index page).

      New Jersey: Immigrant rules may change
      By Michelle Sahn
      Home News Tribune
      Miguel Lazo, a 36-year-old Peruvian painter from Plainfield, believes
      undocumented immigrants would be able to work freely, without fear of deportation,
      under President Bush's proposal to overhaul the nation's immigration laws.

      Sacramento: Bush immigration plan debuts to mixed reviews - The sweeping
      overhaul faces a long debate
      By Michael Doyle
      Sacramento Bee
      President Bush on Wednesday formally proposed a sweeping immigration reform
      plan, drawing a mix of reactions that revealed the proposal's complexity and
      controversial nature.

      USA Today: Debate erupts on foreign workers - Some question Bush's motives
      By Judy Keen and Jim Drinkard
      President Bush's announcement Wednesday that he wants to give legal status to
      millions of illegal immigrants working in the USA launched a political debate
      about his motives.

      Houston Chronicle: Area Latinos say issue not simple - Some eligible to vote
      don't back amnesty for immigrants
      By Edward Hegstrom
      Houston Chronicle
      President Bush's proposal to give legal status to the 8 million to 10 million
      undocumented immigrants in the United States is widely viewed as a move to
      gain Hispanic votes, but some Houston-area Latinos say the issue may not be so

      Arizona Republic: Immigration plan mirrors proposal Kolbe co-wrote
      By Daniel Gonzalez
      Arizona Republic
      U.S. Rep. Jim Kolbe, R-Tucson, one of three Republican congressmen from
      Arizona sponsoring a guest-worker bill that has been called the basis for President
      Bush's monumental immigration reform proposal, was in Phoenix Wednesday and
      talked with Arizona Republic reporter Daniel González and members of the
      newspaper's editorial board.

      CSM: ng Politics with Immigration Reform?
      By Chris Axtman
      Christian Science Monitor
      President Bush Wednesday proposed some of the most sweeping changes in
      immigration policy in almost two decades, calling for an expanded guest-worker
      program and the ability for millions of undocumented immigrants to receive legal

      Napa Valley CA: Local Latinos wary of immigration plan
      By David Ryan
      President Bush called for a sweeping overhaul of the nation's immigration
      laws Wednesday, asking Congress for changes that would allow U.S. employers to
      hire illegal workers for jobs Americans don't want.

      Fox to Bush: Good start, but "we're going for more. We're going for more."
      By JOHN RICE
      Associated Press Writer
      Government leaders Thursday praised the immigration reform proposed by
      President Bush pledging to work with the U.S. Congress to ensure the measure passes…
      But President Vicente Fox and the others indicated the new American proposal
      did not meet all their goals. "We're going for more. We're going for more," he
      told reporters…

      General Accounting Office reports backlog of immigrants awaiting decisions
      continues to outpace system
      By Suzanne Gamboa,
      Associated Press Writer
      WASHINGTON - January 8, 2004 - The backlog of immigrants awaiting decisions
      on applications for benefits continues to grow rapidly even though lawmakers
      approved more money to address the problem, according to a congressional
      investigation released Thursday.

      Patrick Osio, Jr. has written a short but intensive manual on the Mexican
      perspective on numerous issues between our two countries. It deals with
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      policy and their thinking on U.S. intervention in Mexico and Latin America The
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      US Hispanics will go over the 40 million mark at end of 2003 - 13 percent of
      US population
      America's Latino community emerged as the largest US minority in 2003, with
      39 million people and rising on an influx of immigrants, in a demographic shift
      with far-reaching economic and political effects.

      US-Visit effort to photograph and fingerprint 23 million foreign visitors
      goal for 2004
      The US government's 2004 resolution is to fingerprint and photograph some 23
      million foreign visitors arriving at 115 US airports -- without clogging the
      air transit system.

      US-Visit process worries British travel industry - fears Brits may not go if
      too much hassle.

      US-Visit screening 83,000 identifies 30 criminals trying to enter US at

      Powell will ask Brazil for explanation on why Americans are singled out for
      photo and fingerprint process

      Bush will travel to Mexico seek Fox support on immigration proposal, and
      explain US policy to the other Latin American leaders.

      Former gang tough Manny Sanchez fights to keep Latino kids from skipping

      Illinois police now record 'race' of drivers
      By Dave Orrick
      Daily Herald Staff Writer
      Illinois' first statewide effort to deal with perceived racial profiling
      began Thursday, and the outlook for the program is as unknown as for the coming
      year itself.

      Miriam Naveira first woman sworn in as Chief Justice of Puerto Rico's Supreme

      A decade later, a tempered vision of NAFTA - On its anniversary, backers of
      the landmark trade deal cite more Mexican prosperity, but critics see loss of
      US jobs.

      New Foreign Aid policy will reward countries for how they govern - corrupt
      police states need not apply

      Bombs Away - Vieques Unearths Toxic Navy Trash

      US boots Cuban diplomat out - accused him for associating with criminal

      Bush woos Hispanic vote with immigration amnesty
      By Rupert Cornwell
      Washington/Independent (United Kingdom)
      In a blatant election-year gambit aimed at the Hispanic vote, President
      George Bush offered yesterday legal status and a virtual amnesty to millions of
      illegal workers.

      This is the report of the DNC Hispanic Chair Alvaro Cifuentes, a person of
      Submitted to HispanicVista.com
      By Steven Ybarra, JD
      December 29, 2003

      AP Poll: Bush Backed by Core Supporters - Strongest support from men
      By Will Lester
      Associated Press Writer
      Men, evangelicals and rural voters are supporting President Bush by big
      margins at the start of this election year, while traditionally Democratic-leaning
      groups such as women have more divided loyalties, an Associated Press poll

      Bush Tops Electoral College
      By Joseph Mercurio
      The New York Sun
      As the old year sweeps past us and presidential campaigning hits full stride,
      the quest for the White House could be more accurately described as a series
      of statewide races for electoral votes than as a national election.

      Chiapas rebellion marks 10th Anniversary without bang.
      Mexico's Zapatista rebels celebrated the 10th anniversary of their bloody
      uprising against the Mexican government, with quiet celebrations that were a
      sharp contrast to the show of force the Indian rights movement displayed in the

      US security agents have been flying Mexican airlines as part of security

      Where do Mexicans send money from the US?

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