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Update on Oscar Lopez Rivera/Vieques 12

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  • ProLibertad Campaign
    The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign is happy to annouce the following update on Oscar Lopez Rivera: December 18, 2003 We are relieved to inform you that on
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      The ProLibertad Freedom Campaign is happy to annouce the following update on
      Oscar Lopez Rivera:

      December 18, 2003

      We are relieved to inform you that on December 16, 2003, the Bureau of
      Prisons responded to your letters by operating on one of Oscar L�pez�
      hernias. Without your intervention, they would undoubtedly have prolonged
      his suffering. From Terre Haute, Oscar sends his thanks to all of those who
      sent letters urging the prison to repair his hernia.

      While we should celebrate this accomplishment, we must keep in mind that the
      second hernia still needs surgical repair. After Oscar has recuperated, and
      after he has been evaluated for the other hernia, we will evaluate the
      situation. Should another campaign be necessary, we know we can count on
      you. Thanks so much for your support!

      Committee for the Rescue and Development of Vieques
      PO Box 1424 Vieques, Puerto Rico 00765
      Tel. 787 741-0716 Fax 741-0358 E mail: bieke@...

      18 December, 2003 Report from the Peace and Justice Camp

      Jos� Monta�ez Sanes to be sentenced today

      Today at 9AM in the courtroom of Judge Fust� in the Federal Court in San
      Juan, sentencing will take place againt Jos� Monta�ez Sanes. Jos� is the
      nephew of David Sanes (R.I.P.), the Viequense security guard killed when a
      US pilot dropped two, five hundred pound live bombs on the military
      observation post where Sanes was working on 19 April, 1999. This death,
      direct result of US Navy bombing carried out for over sixty years in
      Vieques, shook the consciousness of the Vieques/Puerto Rican people and
      initiated four years of intense peacefull civil disobedience that succeeded
      in stopping the bombing and getting the Navy out of Vieques.

      Jos�'s family - and in particular, his mother, Myrta - has suffered
      immensely from the tragedy of the military presence on Vieques. The death
      of David and, one year later of his mother, Epifania, the arrest of Myrta in
      civil disobedience and now the arrest and sentencing of Jos�, is
      representative of the consequences of militarism for our people.

      Today's sentencing responds to the arrest of Jos� as part of the 12 accused
      for incidents here last May first, during celebrations for the official
      closing of US Navy activity here. Despite work of an excellent legal team
      and negotiations with federal officials, Jos� faces a 20 month jail
      sentence. We hope that God and the Puerto Rican blood that runs through the
      veins of this federal judge, can convince Fust� to act with justice and end
      the practice of punishment and the role of 'henchman' at the service of the
      Navy which has been the history of the Federal Court in Puerto Rico.

      On May 1st, 2003, the Puerto Rican people won a decisive victory against the
      U.S. Navy and the U.S. government. After decades of struggle, organizing,
      civil disobedience and solidarity work, the people of Vieques forced the
      U.S. Navy to cease using the Eastern portion of Vieques as their bombing

      The Vieques 12 are activists, community members and residents of
      Vieques/mainland Puerto Rico that have been targeted by the FBI for their
      activities in Vieques on May 1st, 2003. The arrests of ten of the Vieques 12
      in June is another attempt by the FBI and U.S. government to repress and
      punish Vieques activists for participating in the struggle to remove the
      U.S. Navy from Vieques. Two of the twelve, Jose Perez went to trial in
      Sept. and Jose Velez turned himself in after the arrest. It is also an
      attempt to discourage activists from continuing the struggle to achieve the
      four demands of the People of Vieques

      Jos� P�rez Gonzalez (#21519-069) and Jos� V�lez Acosta (#23883-069) are in
      the Federal Prison in Puerto Rico in relation to actions on Vieques last May

      Five of those arrested for the incidents of May 1st in Vieques during the
      celebration over the Navy's departure, were senteced today by Judge Jos� A.
      Fust� of the U.S. District Court for Puerto Rico. All five had pled guily on
      advice of their counsel.

      The sentences were as follows:

      Nilda Medina, of the Committee for the Rescue and Development of Vieques,
      was sentenced to one year on probation, 200 hours of community work, and was
      fined $2,000;

      Jes�s Delgado, former president of the Teachers' Federation, was sentenced
      to 24 months on probation, nine of which he'll have to serve under house
      arrest, and was fined $3,000;

      N�stor de Jes�s Guishard, a young Vieques activist, was sentenced to eight
      months in prison and a year on probation;

      Heriberto Hern�ndez was sentenced to four months in prison, two years on
      conditional release, and was fined $3,000;

      Manuel P�rez Santiago was sentenced to 12 months on probation and fined

      Jose Perez Gonzalez was sentenced to FIVE YEARS in jail and two years

      Please send a donation to the Committee in Support of the May 1st Arrestees:

      Grupo de Apoyo a los Arrestados en Vieques por el Primero de Mayo
      Apartado 191792,
      San Juan, PR 00919-1792

      Solidarity with the prisoners for the First of May in Vieques
      Write to them at: (Name and number)

      Jos� P�rez Gonz�lez (#21519-069)
      Jos� V�lez Acosta (#23883-069)
      N�stor de Jes�s Guishard (#21716 069)
      Heriberto Hern�ndez Carmona (#22304 069)

      MDC Guaynabo
      P.O. Box 2147
      SJ, PR 00922-2147

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