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    HispanicVista.com Weekly Digest NEWS SECTION http://www.hispanicvista.com LETTERS TO THE EDITOR NATIONAL US inspectors investigate Mexican onion exporters for
    Message 1 of 7 , Dec 4, 2003
      HispanicVista.com Weekly Digest


      US inspectors investigate Mexican onion exporters for hepatitis export in

      Relic from Mexico draws Philadelphia Catholics in awe

      Pew Research: Most of the World Still Does Without.- Even in U.S.-15% Go
      without Food, 26% without Health Care

      Agents of Change - recruiters who specialize in diversity recruiting

      Study: U.S. Hispanic Internet Usage Rises - In Time Spent Online, Pages

      JOHN A. DONAHUE, 64 - Activist devoted life to championing poor

      NCLR applauds inclusion of study to look at credit scoring and its potential
      impact on Latinos' access to affordable credit.

      Accused Burbank cop killer arrested in Mexico - returned to California to
      face charges

      Free Latino Eye Screenings Draw Protests -Callers Leave Racial Messages For
      Aspen Eye Doctor

      Human smuggler of 19 dead wont face death penalty if found guilty.

      Ohio construction site scene of 3 deaths

      Press Freedom Threatened in Americas IAPA Survey Finds Intimidation, Violence

      Immigrants' cash clout - Remittances boost wire-transfer services, Latin

      From southern Mexico to Northern California - As numbers grow, immigrants
      from Yucatan getting higher profile

      Dozens of clubs around the US formed by immigrants for mutual protection.

      US farmers coming around to idea that sweeping immigration reform are needed

      Legal and illegal immigration to US accelerates.

      Mexican or American? -- Man jailed despite U.S. birth certificate

      Immigration seeks to double jail space - 750 beds to be added to hold
      illegals caught on Colorado roads

      Will new map hurt U-46 diversity, then success?

      Solis scores victory in Congress - Provision to facilitate citizenship and
      family protection to immigrant soldiers signed into law.

      Another victory for Schwarzenegger - Assembly votes to repeal SB 60 - no
      driver's licenses to illegal immigrants.

      Baltimore Lawmakers asked to defeat act that would let police enforce
      immigration laws

      Latino leaders discuss politics, clout Expert at DU conference shares ideas
      for Hispanics to take larger role on issues

      Maryland GOP kicks out Hispanic Republican Caucus - gets new one that won't
      ask why there are no Hispanic appointments to high government offices.

      Southwest is hot spot among Democrats - Arizona, New Mexico are wild-card

      Mexico names new UN Ambassador replacing ousted Zinser

      Political campaigns begin in Mexico - everyone wants to be President.

      Mexican billionaire says US came out worse in World Trade Organization
      dispute with his company

      80,000 demonstrate in Mexico City against Fox's proposed tax increases

      Uncovered document shows Mexican soldiers tortured and set on fire prisoners
      during 'dirty war.'

      Mexican state witness against perpetrators of 'dirty war' in the 1970s shot
      to death.

      Warrant for arrest of former police commander accused of kidnapping during
      'dirty war' issued

      Sergio Andrade joins wife, Gloria Trevi, in Mexico after Brazil extradition -
      both held in maximum security

      Wave7 Optics Announces First Fiber-to-the-Home Network Installation in Mexico

      Columbian far right militiamen lay down weapons - hope for peace.

      Chavez's followers strike with grenades opposition collecting signatures to
      oust him

      Nicaragua court to US: Mind your own business - US to Nicaragua court: Forget
      aid payments.

      Guatemala: Amnesty International questions transfer of intelligence archives
      Issued by the International Secretariat of Amnesty International

      Peru police kill two during protest against mining pollution

      Bolivia Public Announcement


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      Patrick Osio, Jr.

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      HispanicVista.com Weekly Digest http://www.hispanicvista.com NEWS SECTION POLITICS Bruin (UCLA) Republicans campaign against MEChA s views Bush will order an
      Message 2 of 7 , Feb 5, 2004
        HispanicVista.com Weekly Digest

        Bruin (UCLA) Republicans campaign against MEChA's views

        Bush will order an independent investigation into intelligence failures

        Electronic Voting's Hidden Perils

        Colorado Rep. Tancredo flexes political muscle at Arizona fund raiser

        Senator rules out amnesty for aliens

        Tancredo plan vague, critics say

        Report: Bilingual classes better than English-only approach

        Immigrant children enrolled in some of the state's poorest school districts
        will now have access to millions of dollars to help them learn to read.

        Governor Schwarzenegger Appoints Seven State Board of Education Members (Four
        Democrats - 2 Republicans - 1 refuse to state)

        Latinos more positive about public schools than non-Hispanics according to
        Pew Hispanic Center study.

        Commission Examines Lack of Minorities in Health Professions

        Where 'English only' falls short - Companies scramble to cope with multiple
        languages in the workplace

        Brothers charged in sex ring - Women allegedly lured from Mexico

        Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo - A 156 year-old-treaty still evokes strong

        And this, ladies and gentlemen is what makes the U.S. a great country.

        La Economia de Dios: Internationally Popular Hispanic Christian Ministry
        Anticipates 100,000 Cardholders Within Six To Nine Months

        Dealer financing prompts scrutiny - "Hispanic customers of Nissan Motors
        Acceptance Corp. were charged $305 more than whites."

        J.R. Gonzales Named Acting President and CEO of USHCC

        Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg encourages people concerned about losing
        freedom to anti-terrorism efforts to speak out.

        NCLR and Tyson Foods announce agreement to examine working conditions of

        Senator McCain supports independent commission on intelligence failures.

        Strike acquires religious tones - Bus bound for Safeway CEO's Bay Area house

        Study: 'California Grown' Continues To Grow In Popularity - Especially Among
        Hispanic Consumers

        SPLC co-founder runs for Sierra Club's Board to prevent extremist
        anti-immigrant groups from taking over the club to promote their agenda.

        Task force to target foreign corruption - The Bush administration is stepping
        up its efforts to prosecute corrupt foreign officials who have moved to the
        U.S. and prevent others from entering the country.

        President's immigration proposal has triggered a flurry of rumors and
        misinformation among undocumented immigrants.

        Hispanics generally approve of Bush's immigration plan, but many oppose the

        National Poll of Hispanics' Views of Immigration Reform Shows Strong Support
        for Earned Legalization and Citizenship

        Immigration: A fiscal boon or financial strain?

        NCLR welcomes another important step toward real immigration policy change

        3 Immigration Officers sentenced to prison for failing to provide medical
        care to man who died from broken neck during raid

        Latinos lose suit over ID cards - A judge tells two groups that the DMV can
        refuse to accept certain Mexican identification without public hearings

        Bush immigration plan offers shaky promises - New arrivals may like idea, but
        longtime workers lose

        Chasing the American dream - Immigrants flock to county as demand for labor

        Foreign nurses decry hurdles to jobs in the U.S.

        Record number of Mexican ID cards issued - Lawmakers cite security concerns
        in effort to ban form of identification

        A new border to cross - Immigrants line up to get driver licenses while
        Mexican identification card is still valid

        Mexico's dirty war has been a secret for too long

        Massacre Still Casts Its Shadow in Mexico - 1998 Killings Revisited as
        Violence Grows

        MEXICO MISERY: Labor crisis, immigration not only looming problems

        Mexico names woman investigator as special prosecutor to investigate the over
        300 killings of young women in Ciudad Juarez - will also investigate local

        Mexico's First Lady eyes Mexico City Mayor's office in 2006

        Mexico's immigration problem - The kamikazes of poverty

        Mexico Bars Spanish Judge from Extradition Hearing for Six Spanish Terrorist
        Suspects Arrested in Mexico

        BBVA Launches Offer for Rest of Mexican Bank

        "The Mexican Perspective"
        a book by Patrick Osio, Jr.
        "Mr. Osio,
        I recently purchased and read The Mexican Perspective. It was excellent and
        something we could use in our organization for training and orientation…I
        supervise a summer intern program and year-long fellowship that immerses
        individuals into the Mexican culture and live. Your book was fascinating and answered a
        lot of questions that our participants ask about Mexico…"
        WJ, San Diego, CA.
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