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Fwd: Juarez murders - action alert

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  • Donna Dove
    ... Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2003 14:59:19 -0500 From: Sean Garcia Reply-To: Sean Garcia Subject: Juarez murders - action alert
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      Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2003 14:59:19 -0500
      From: Sean Garcia <sgarcia@...>
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      Subject: Juarez murders - action alert
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      Greetings to everyone -

      Work to end the murders of young women in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico continues to
      build steam in the US Congress. Now, we have the first opportunity to get
      our members of Congress on record as supporting a pro-active stance by the
      US government in resolving these crimes. On Friday, November 21, six
      members of the House of Representatives - four Democrats and two
      Republicans - introduced House Resolution 466, which extends sympathy to the
      victims' families and clearly defines 6 steps that the US government can
      take to help resolve this tragedy.

      As you may have seen in my last e.mail, 66 members of Congress sent a letter
      to Secretary of State Colin Powell asking him to raise a series of concerns
      in these cases during meetings with the Mexican Foreign Minister. That
      letter wsas a huge success with many thanks to all the activists who
      contacted their members of Congress despite the 48-hour deadline, and the
      State Department is becoming more aware of this issue. If you'd like to see
      that letter, you can find it on our website at
      You can also find background materials on the Juarez murders there if you're
      not familiar with the issue.

      This new resolution - HR 466 - gives activists across the country an
      excellent opportunity to work with their members of Congress to make sure
      that Mexico sees the large amount of concern and support coming out of the
      US for the women of Juarez. Contact your member of Congress and ask them to
      co-sponsor resolution 466. Congresswoman Solis is not going to ask for a
      vote on the resolution for quite a few months in order to get the largest
      number of co-sponsors possible, so it provides you with an opportunity to
      make sure that your member of Congress becomes a co-sponsor.

      To contact your member of Congress, call the Capitol Switchboard at
      202.224.3121 and ask to be connected to your member of Congress or e.mail
      (go to www.house.gov and select "Write Your Representative" to send an email
      message) them your request. Be sure to tell them that you're a constituent
      and that this issue matters to you. Because these murders are not
      politically controversial, just a few phone calls from constituents are
      sometimes enough to convince your representative to become a co-sponsor.

      When you contact their office, you can tell them that:
      . The Juarez murders are one of the most serious human rights abuses taking
      place in Latin America
      . The Mexican authorities have left over 370 abduction/rape/murders
      unresolved over the past 10 years
      . Only international pressure has forced Mexico to develop a plan to
      investigate and prevent the murders of young women in Ciudad Juarez
      . International pressure needs to continue until the government of Mexico
      implements this plan and finds the criminals responsible for the murders
      . House Resolution 466 will send a clear signal that the United States is
      concerned about these murders, and that we expect Mexico to meet its
      obligations by solving these crimes. It also offers our assistance in
      investigating these crimes.
      . Co-sponsor House Resolution 466.

      Don't hesitate to contact me with questions or for more information. Also
      check out our webpage - www.lawg.org - for background materials on the
      Juarez murders and other tips on how to lobby your member of Congress.

      Thanks to all, and have a great Thanksgiving.

      Best regards -
      Sean Mariano Garcia
      Senior Associate, Latin America Working Group
      T: 202/546-7010 F: 202/543-7647 sgarcia@...
      Latin America Working Group
      Action at home for just policies abroad www.lawg.org

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      Que todos se levanten, May all rise up,
      que ni uno ni otro May all be called
      se quede atras de los demas. May no one be left behind.
      --Popol Vuh the others.
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