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FTAA/Gap Actions in Tucson & El Paso -- Please Join Us!!!

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  • Chalice Productions
    Dear Donna and Border Activists, Per the announcement below, we are having FTAA/Gap actions in Tucson on Nov 12 and El Paso on the Nov 13 as part of our
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 7, 2003
      Dear Donna and Border Activists,

      Per the announcement below, we are having FTAA/Gap actions in Tucson on Nov
      12 and El Paso on the Nov 13 as part of our cross-country roadshow to stop
      the FTAA in Miami. We will be covering local related issues at these
      actions, such as the prison privatization issue at the University of Arizona
      and the Juarez murders. The El Paso announcement will follow in Spanish.
      Please distribute far and wide! Many Thanks! --Mary, The Gapatista Road Show

      The Gapatistas Ride Again!

      Join Us on Our Cross-country Road Show

      to Stop the FTAA in Miami, Nov 10--17!

      ***We'd Rather Wear Nothing Than Wear Gap!!!***

      The GAPATISTAS will be staging actions in seven cities-L.A., Tucson, El
      Paso, Austin, New Orleans, Tallahassee, & Miami Beach (see below for dates,
      times, locations)-en route to the mass protests against the FREE TRADE AREA
      OF THE AMERICAS (FTAA) in Miami, Nov 17--21, where up to 100,000 protestors
      are expected to converge!!! Our FTAA/Gap action in each city will start with
      a march including a 200-year-old giant redwood stump-logged by the Fishers
      of the Gap-to the entrance of the Gap store or mall. A mini FTAA & LOCAL
      ISSUES TEACH-IN will ensue using the stump as a stage. Speakers will
      alternate with GREAT SONGS and RADICAL CHEERS, all building to the CLIMACTIC
      round off the action with leafleting and one-on-one. Come strip with us for
      Redwoods & Workers Rights, for Global Justice and Global Ecology!!! Bring
      drums, noise-makers, and outlandish underwear!!!

      WHY THE GAP? Gap Inc is a poster-corporation of transnational exploitation
      and the debacle of corporate economic globalization. From the Devastation of
      the Aral Sea to the Ruination of the Redwoods! From the exploitation of
      cotton-workers in Uzbekistan to needle-workers in sweatshops throughout the
      global south! From union-busting in maquiladoras to union-busting on US
      docks. Whether it's advising the President on lethal global trade policies,
      coercing the City of San Francisco to slash business taxes by 5/6ths, or
      engaging in sweetheart deals to the tune of $18 million in public subsidies!
      Whether blocking a living wage for city workers or privatizing national
      parks, public schools, and public television-THE GAP IS THERE!!!

      To speak at any of these events or for more information, please contact
      415-731-7924 (office) or 415-509-1188 (cell Nov 10-26) or email
      chalicenew@... or pirohuck@... . Latest road show info:

      Gapatista Road Show Whistle-Stops:

      Tues, Nov 11, 12 noon - Los Angeles, California

      The Gap, 6830 Hollywood Blvd. (near Highland); assemble at Las Palmas &
      Hollywood Blvd.

      Weds, Nov 12, 12 noon - Tucson, Arizona

      Tucson Mall (parking lot main entrance), 4500 N. Oracle Rd.

      Thurs, Nov 13, 12 noon - El Paso, Texas

      Cielo Vista Mall (parking lot main entrance), 8401 Gateway West Blvd.

      Fri, Nov 14, 12 noon - Austin, Texas

      South Central S/C (parking lot main entrance), 4001 N. Lamar

      Sat, Nov 15, 12 noon - New Orleans, Louisiana

      1 Poydras St., Riverwalk Marketplace

      Sun, Nov 16, 12 noon - Tallahassee, Florida

      Old Navy, in the strip mall across from Governors Square Mall, 1565
      Governors Square Blvd.

      Mon, Nov 17, 2 pm - Miami Beach, Florida

      The Gap, 673 Collins Ave. (at 7th Street.); assemble around the corner at
      Ocean Ct. near 7th

      Notes: All actions are at 12 noon, except Miami Beach at 2 pm. At the malls,
      we'll assemble on the public sidewalk at the perimeter of the main entrance
      to the parking lot. At Gap stores that front on public streets, we'll
      assemble around a near by corner for our march to the entrance of the
      store-either meet us at the assembly point or at the action site. Info will
      be updated and posted at http://www.gapsucks.org as we refine it! Try to
      check the web site before the action for any last minute changes! You can
      also download our "Sing Along with the Gapatistas" song and radical cheer
      sheet and leaflet masters from the site!

      For more info on the Miami mobilization to stop the FTAA:
      http://www.flfairtrade.org http://www.ftaaresistance.org
      http://www.ftaaimc.org http://stopftaa.org http://www.therootcause.org

      For Global Peace, Democracy, Ecology, & Justice: End Corporate Rule!!!

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