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FNS: New Federal Commissioner Named to Investigate Juárez Serial Killings

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    FNS: New Federal Commissioner Named to Investigate Juárez Serial Killings Date: 10/20/2003 1:00:18 PM Pacific Daylight Time From: frontera@nmsu.edu Guadalupe
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 22, 2003
      FNS: New Federal Commissioner Named to Investigate Juárez Serial Killings
      Date: 10/20/2003 1:00:18 PM Pacific Daylight Time
      From: frontera@...

      Guadalupe Morfín Otero, a former president of Jalisco's human rights
      commission and a long-time defender of women and women's issues, has been named by the
      Fox administration as the Commissioner to Prevent and Punish Violence against
      Women in Ciudad Juárez (Comisionada para Prevenir y Sancionar la Violencia
      contra las Mujeres en Ciudad Juárez).

      Within hours of the announcement of her position, Morfín spoke about the
      spread of the Cd. Juárez crimes to other cities and said that she will investigate
      law-enforcement officials that have let the killings continue unpunished.

      "Because the crimes against women were not attended to in Ciudad Juárez--the
      place where the first symptoms were seen--a contagious malignancy was created
      and new killings have been noted among women in the capital of Chihuahua
      [Chihuahua City], León [Guanajuato] and Nogales [Sonora]," Morfín told reporters.

      Although Morfín says she plans to work collaboratively and on all fronts, she
      says that the hardest part of her duties will be examining the work of law
      enforcement officials in relation to the crimes. Morfín stated that if official
      inactivity, omissions, or complicity in the administrations of Chihuahua
      Governors Barrio or Martínez amount to a crime, she will investigate.

      Morfín is the niece of Efraín González Luna, the founder of President Fox's
      political party, the Partido Acción Nacional or PAN (National Action Party).

      Source: El Diario, October 18-20, 2003.
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