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13the Annual Economic Summit in San Diego - a must.

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    In you re in San Diego or can get here - strongly recommend the South San Diego Economic Development Council s and their partners, the Tijuana Economic
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 16, 2003
      In you're in San Diego or can get here - strongly recommend the South San
      Diego Economic Development Council's and their partners, the Tijuana Economic
      Development Corporation, plus a number of other copartners 13th Annual Economic
      Summit on Friday, October 24th. San Diego and Tijuana joined in preparing the
      100 Year Sustainable Urban Vision - first time ever two Binational cities do
      this - they entered their vision in international competitions with other cities
      throughout the globe, and won 2nd place at the awards in Tokyo, Japan. - Then
      there is the question of energy, Binational railroad, ports of Ensenada and
      San Diego, energy plants in Baja and California, water supplies for the
      region's future, the Binational air terminal, the security at the border and new
      technology. It is a full day of break out sessions, and hearing keynote speaker
      Gov. Ernesto Ruffo Appel - the first to break the political hold of the PRI,
      both as the first mayor of Ensenada, and then as the first governor of Baja
      California from an opposition party. And since Fox took office, Ruffo has been the
      'border czar' on matters relating to economic opportunities. He has retired
      and will now continue in private practice consulting.
      The event is about planning for the future, business and investment
      opportunities, job creation, funding for environmental friendly projects both private
      and public sector, and more.
      What a day - don't miss out.
      Below is a brochure with information and registration information - go for
      See you there.
      Patrick Osio, Jr.

      This event will bring together business and government experts and their
      perspectives into the future
      development of the area, as it becomes a focal point of the Pacific Rim

      Ernesto Ruffo has an outstanding professional career both in the public
      sector and in private initiative and is also one of the most prominent members of
      the National Action Party (PAN).
      A native San Diegan, he has intimate knowledge of the needs of both sides of
      the border. Come listen to his view on the future of our area.WHAT WILL THIS
      "The San Diego Tijuana Sustainable Urban Vision."
      With a growth of over 16 million people living in this area, a plan developed
      by the San Diego Regional Energy Office will show how this extreme population
      boom can co-exist with the environment and has solved transportation, energy
      water availability, infrastructure problems—all without borders. The plan won
      2nd Place in a worldwide competition that needed to show emerging technologies
      and innovative policies that create communities by 2103 that do not
      contribute to global warming.
      Come listen to how the plan was conceived and can be implemented from project
      managers and director of the "The San Diego Tijuana Sustainable Urban
      Vision." Former Planning Director Carlos Graizbord will present some specifics and
      how the plan won 2nd Place in a world competition.
      The report shows that if technologies it recommends are implemented, sprawl
      would disappear and a compact, livable, economically balanced and
      environmentally healthy region would emerge.

      To register please complete the PDF registration form downloadable below,
      and fax it to 619-424-5738

      For more information about Economic Summit XIII, or South County Economic
      Development Council,
      please call 619-424-5143 or visit www.economicsummit.org

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