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  • Donna Dove
    copied from http://www.rtfcam.org/border/pilgrimage.htm BORDER PILGRIMAGE 2003 A Journey of Hope and Life along the US-Mexico Border, October 26 - November 2
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 16, 2003
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      copied from http://www.rtfcam.org/border/pilgrimage.htm

      A Journey of Hope and Life along the US-Mexico Border,
      October 26 - November 2

      All people of goodwill are invited to join in the Border Pilgrimage - a
      journey of hope and life along the US/Mexico border to raise awareness of
      the deaths along our southern border and the economic policies that
      contribute to them.

      The Pilgrimage will begin in San Diego, CA and in Brownsville, TX on
      October 26. The Pilgrimage will culminate with the Border Convocation:
      workshops and activities from October 31 through November 2 in El Paso, TX.

      Join us in this journey of hope as we bring attention to the growing human
      rights crisis at the US southern border. Hundreds of migrants have already
      died this year in the deserts along the border as they seek survival for
      themselves and their families. Others have died in trucks and rail cars,
      victims of smuggling rings that have grown larger and bolder, profiting
      from stricter border enforcement measures that leave migrants at the mercy
      of those who promise them a path into the US. They are also victims of
      economic policies that have increased poverty and unemployment in their
      home countries, while creating a demand for their cheap labor here in the

      Why a pilgrimage?
      from Br. Ed Dunn

      We make this journey because as people of faith we can no longer allow the
      deaths on the border to continue while we sit by in silence. We hope to:
      *Raise public awareness of the more than 2,300 deaths of men, women and
      children since 1994
      *Expose the economic realities that are causing the migration
      *Generate a national discussion about the policies that force people to
      take such extreme risks to improve their lives.

      The pilgrims will set out from San Diego, CA and from Brownsville, TX on
      October 26. As they journey through various towns along the border, they
      will take part in community gatherings and public events where they will
      connect with activists and community members dedicated to ending the deaths
      at the U.S.-Mexico border and creating a just reality for those who live
      there. As they pray with, eat with, and learn from residents in the border
      region, pilgrims will learn about the area's long history of struggle and
      deep spirituality. Pilgrims may also visit meaningful sites such as the
      graveyard in Holtville, CA where over 300 unidentified migrants are buried.
      view the pilgrimage calendar for more events

      The two groups will arrive in El Paso for a series of bi-national
      entertainment and workshops on Oct. 31 and Nov. 1.

      The celebrations will conclude on Nov. 2, All Soul's Day, by joining with
      the El Paso community in their traditional mass on the border commemorating
      the "Day of the Dead."

      Join us for the week, join us along the way, or join us in El Paso on the
      weekend of Oct. 31-Nov. 2.

      A Journey of Hope and Life along the US-Mexico Border,
      October 26 - November 2

      Calendar of Events
      Please join us for ALL of PART of the pilgrimage! If you can't participate,
      consider attending a send-off or a welcoming ceremony, or an event in your
      area. Contact information for local organizers is on the main page.

      East Leg of Pilgrimage
      Brownsville, TX to El Paso
      West Leg of Pilgrimage:
      San Diego, CA - El Paso, TX

      Oct. 26 Brownsville, TX: kick off event at border bridge. San Diego: Send
      off at Larsen Field Park, 2-4 pm
      Imperial/El Centro: Reception/Vigil
      Oct. 27 Brownsville, TX: event and overnight Calexico: visit to All
      American Canal, where 10% of migrant deaths occur each year; meet with
      community leaders and bishop
      Holtville: cemetary of unidentified migrants; reflection service
      Yuma/San Luis overnight
      Oct. 28 San Juan, TX: press conference at United Farm Workers hall;
      procession to Basilica Shrine of Our Lady of San Juan del Valle; mass
      Douglas, AZ/Agua Prieta: vigil on border at this major crossing location;
      dinner at migrant center.
      Oct. 29 Laredo, TX: Open mic witness at University. Evening service at Our
      Lady of Guadeloupe. Douglas, AZ/Agua Prieta: border exposure at
      the "wall;" learn about vigilantism & civil rights issues with the Border
      Action Network.
      Tucson: overnight
      Oct. 30 San Antonio, TX: noon event
      Del Rio, TX: evening event and overnight Tucson: visit with migrant
      ministries; vigil and reflection service with Human Rights Coalition /
      CoaliciĆ³n de Derechos Humanos; learn about the impact of border policies on
      indigenous communities with Alianza Indigena.
      Overnight in Tucson
      Oct. 31 journey to El Paso, TX Lordsburg, NM: welcome from sanctuary parish
      Las Cruces: welcome from community.
      Pilgrimage Arrives in El Paso, TX

      Oct. 31 6 pm Fiesta de Bienvenidos with food, skits and music
      Nov. 1 9 am Opening Session: Ruben Garcia, Margaret Swedish
      10 am Workshops with local and nationally recognized leaders
      Noon lunch
      2 pm Workshops: Second Session
      4 pm Migrant Panel
      5 pm Ecumenical prayer service
      Nov. 2 9 am Strategy session: Where do we go from here? Building a national
      movement for migrants' rights.
      1 pm Bi-national mass on the US-Mexico border to remember those who have
      died trying to reach the United States

      Que todos se levanten, May all rise up,
      que ni uno ni otro May all be called
      se quede atras de los demas. May no one be left behind.
      --Popol Vuh the others.
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