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HispanicVista Weekly Digest - NEWS SECTION

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    HispanicVista.com Weekly Digest for October 13-16, 2003 http://www.hispanicvista.com NEWS SECTION CCNMA presents Lifetime Award to HispanicVista.com editor
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      HispanicVista.com Weekly Digest for October 13-16, 2003

      CCNMA presents Lifetime Award to HispanicVista.com editor Patrick Osio, Jr.
      San Diego - October 11, 2003 - At the 8th Annual La Pluma journalism awards
      banquet held in San Diego today, Patrick Osio, Jr., Editor of
      HispanicVista.com, was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award. Noel Gonzalez, a
      photojournalist with NBC and President of the San Diego Chapter of the California
      Chicano News Media Association, said the La Pluma awards aims to honor outstanding
      work by professional and student Latino journalists as well as journalists of
      all races and ethnicities…Julio Moran, the Executive Director, related how
      the organizations came to be. "It was 33 years ago that former Los Angeles Times
      columnist and KMEX-TV news director Ruben Salazar was killed while covering
      the Chicano Moratorium March in East L.A. that turned violent when Sheriff's
      deputies tried to shut down the event.


      California Democrats wondering what they could have, should have, done.

      California recall: Big losers, huge losers, big winners, winners

      Governor Davis vetoes tuition waiver to California Community Colleges Letter
      to the California Senate

      Advocacy Advertising on the Rise - Newspapers Get Small Piece of the Pie

      l Demo candidates first gang up on Clark, then turn to Bush - with gusto.

      A letter from General Wesley Clark to the Hispanic community commemorating
      National Hispanic Heritage Month

      Democratic hopefuls debate immigration, war - Event in Phoenix puts 9 in

      Governor-elect wants to repeal license bill - Proposal may lead to
      confrontation with Legislature

      Governor-elect Schwarzenegger transition team

      Hispanic Voters Divided on Recall Vote

      Poll: Hispanics and union workers turned against Davis and Bustamante

      Northern California not happy with decision made by Southern California to
      oust Davis

      Arnold's boast to repeal SB 60 - easier said than done - Legislature has to
      repeal it.

      Prop. 54 defeated soundly - State initiative on racial privacy raised issues
      about health, education

      Lt. Gen. Marc Cisneros questions Presidential aspirant Clark's honesty and

      Texas Republican congressman's aide sends ridiculing and gloating email about
      Democrats in redistricting war.

      Recall election in Wisconsin on after court refuses postponement - Democrats
      want one of their own recalled for siding with Republicans on overriding
      Gov.'s veto.

      UFCW labor union will endorse Dick Gephardt as best chance for universal
      health care

      Bush courts Cuban Americans - will tighten Cuban embargo, let more Cuban
      political refugees in.

      Public Has Less Faith in Political Advertising, but Newspapers Rank High

      NCLR hails rejection of deceptive Proposition 54 by Californian voters

      LBA largest Latino business expo set for October 21 in Los Angeles - be a
      HispanicVista guest.

      Editors Defend Policies on Running Op-Eds - No Policy Changes After Novak

      'La Opinion,' Tribune Co. Seek 'Divorcio' - Chicago Giant May Be Eyeing LA

      Kilmer Says He Was Misquoted in Magazine

      According to Mexico's Fox, Bush wants stronger ties with Mexico

      PAN and Green Party fined total of $48 million for campaign violations

      $5 million reward for arrest and conviction of leftist Colombian guerrillas
      holding 3 US citizens hostages

      Costa Rica may derail US free trade plans


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      Patrick Osio, Jr.

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