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    HispanicVista.com Weekly Digest for Oct 13 - 16, 2003 http://www.hispanicvista.com COLUMNISTS & COMMENTARY SECTION HISPANICVISTA COLUMNISTS La Raza is part of
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      HispanicVista.com Weekly Digest for Oct 13 - 16, 2003


      La Raza is part of Mexico's cherished doctrines celebrated with its own day.
      By Patrick Osio, Jr.
      On October the 12th Mexico celebrates El Dia de la Raza, a day celebrated in
      the U.S. as (Christopher) Columbus Day and as of late, Native American Day on
      the second Monday of October. El Dia de la Raza is the same holiday, but
      always on October 12 as the day in 1492 when Columbus landed on the Bahamas,
      opening our world as we know it today for eventual conquest, exploration and
      colonization. Recently the words La Raza have come under scrutiny, misunderstanding
      and suspicion of intended use by a number of sectors in the US.

      Choose Success
      By Michael G. Santos
      No one wants to serve time in prison, but over 2,000,000 people live inside
      these caged communities. I know something about these people. I have been
      incarcerated myself since 1987, when I was 23. Now I have passed 17 consecutive
      Fall seasons behind these fences, and during that time I have learned something
      about the people around me. For one thing, I have learned that the way
      prisoners think plays a huge role in whether they will succeed or fail upon their

      The Recall Fallout
      By Gary Mendoza
      Tuesday's election was a political watershed in California's political
      history comparable to the passage of Prop. 13. While the ultimate success of the
      recall effort will be measured by Governor-elect Schwarzenegger's ability to turn
      California around, it is not too early to identify some of the winners and
      losers in the initial victory of this grass roots revolt.

      Living in the Land of Conan
      By Steven J. Ybarra, JD
      Today, California has a new governor and an old Lt. Governor. In the movie
      Conan the Barbarian the job of Conan was to crush the enemy etc, etc. Well,
      Arnold has done his job again. He crushed the Democrats like a bug… The blame game
      began just after the polls closed. I thought the recall was going to be
      closer. Gut instinct said that Democrats would see through the fluff of Arnold's
      campaign and go for rejection of the deal. But, even I make mistakes. The only
      thing I did predict was that Davis would get fired.

      A Vast Right-Wing Frustration
      By Carl J. Luna
      Many Democrat opposed to the California recall have seen and continue see it
      as just another attempt to grab power by ultra-conservative Republicans
      unwilling to abide by popular will and established political practices - a "Vast
      Right-Wing Conspiracy." T'were that it was only that simple. The VRWC is said to
      have begun with all those attacks on the Clinton administration-- allegation
      after allegation being hurled like so much manure against the national barn
      until finally a tawdry sex-scandal stuck, launching impeachment. The VRWC has
      expanded to include the Florida election debacle, Texas redistricting shenanigans
      and the Dump Davis coup.

      Viva Recalls, Viva Arnold!
      By Raoul Lowery Contreras
      October 7th, 2003, shall go down in American political history as
      INDEPENDENCE DAY for the Mexican American voter…Facts: On October 7th, almost half of
      California's Mexican Americans voted to recall Democratic Governor Gray Davis.
      Barely half of them voted for "paisano" Democrat Cruz Bustamante to replace
      Governor Davis…Shocked by these results, Democrats, labor leaders and the Los
      Angeles Times newsroom and editorial board are panicking about their political
      place in the California political universe.

      Supporting Illegal Immigration?
      By Domenico Maceri
      Reacting to one of my many articles, a reader railed against illegal
      immigration. Yet, he admitted that "we can use the cheap labor." He could not have
      afforded to build his new house with unionized American workers…The reader was
      honest. Many Americans, however, can't see beyond the "criminal" act perpetrated
      by undocumented workers…Of course, it would be nice if the estimated several
      million undocumented workers living in the US had come with the proper papers.
      But they did not. Yet, they stayed, with the collaboration of the companies
      hiring them. Without jobs, they would not be here.

      Racial profiling is nothing more than discrimination by another name.
      By Erika Robles
      Throughout the years, the topic of Racial Profiling has brought a lot of
      controversy. Some observers allege that racial profiling doesn't exist; others
      dismiss such complaints about it as the exaggeration of hypersensitive
      minorities. On the other hand, President George W. Bush reported in his address to
      Congress that he'd asked Attorney General John Ashcroft "to develop specific
      recommendations to end racial profiling. It's wrong and we'll end it in America."

      Climbing the Ladder of Success: Latinos
      By Manuel Hernandez
      (sic)… President George W. Bush recently recognized the contribution of
      Latinos to the United States:…"You know, this nation is blessed by the talents and
      the hard work of Hispanic Americans, and we're really blessed by the values of
      familia y fe that strengthen our nation on a daily basis. It is fitting we
      honor Hispanic Americans in our country. It's part of our country -- an
      incredibly important part of our country. I also think it's fitting that the way to
      honor Hispanic Americans is to revel in the vitality of the Hispanic culture
      that was displayed today. The music that honors the roots, the rhythm, the life
      of the Latino. You know, this nation is blessed by the talents and the hard
      work of Hispanic Americans, and we're really blessed by the values of familia y
      fe that strengthen our nation on a daily basis."

      Mexico's strange new contempt for the U.S.
      By Fernando Oaxaca
      Last month the Mexican Foreign Minister said to us, "Got terrorism problems?
      You¹re on your own! Want a new Iraq U.N. resolution? Don¹t count on our vote
      in the Security Council! You don't like Fidel Castro? That's too bad. We like
      him, again; in fact, we¹re rebuilding our links with him. We don't get all this
      human rights stuff you Yankees worry about." And the Mexican press said on
      October 8, "Your new California Governor, Arnold, is a racist. Pete Wilson is
      advising him and we¹re ready to raise hell if that womanizing bodybuilder
      mistreats our countrymen as they keep California's economy alive!"

      It's a Bloody Shame
      By Patrisia Gonzales and Roberto Rodriguez
      Based on a one-year study of 682 women, thousands of years of human evolution
      are being discarded like dirty diapers…A contraceptive pill to suppress
      women's periods is being touted as another achievement in messing with Mother
      Nature. The Food and Drug Administration recently approved the November release of
      Seasonale, which reduces women's menses from 13 to four times a year. For
      years, some doctors have told women they can skip a period by ignoring the seven
      days of placebos in their birth control packet.

      A Mexican's Perspective
      Luciano Pavaroti in Mexicali's centennial concert.
      By Carlos Luken
      Mexico's youngest capital city is celebrating its first hundred-year birthday
      and it's doing it in very grand style. Mexicali, Baja California's capital a
      city as many of Mexico's northern cities founded totally by immigrants a
      century ago and represents the finest of the pioneering spirit, has been
      celebrating its hundredth anniversary since March 14th when the new centennial babies
      were delivered into this world and officially welcomed in the morning hours by
      Mayor Jaime Diaz and his wife who awarded them with special centennial birth
      certificates, ceremonial diplomas and gifts ranging from baby food, carriages to
      scholarships that were enthusiastically donated unselfishly by many community
      business and individuals..

      From Inside Mexico
      New Voice in Politics
      By Richard Baldwin
      We are beginning to hear and see more from our Carlos Slim, Mexico's (and
      Latin America's) richest man. He is, of course, known for his financial empire
      with the crown jewel of Telmex, our biggest telephone enterprise and with
      banking, retail, real estate and who knows what else, with revenues topping $20
      billion USD yearly. And also as the employer of 200,000 people. And while I have
      had differences with some of his pricing policies in Telmex (and their habit of
      saying, "the number is not existent" when you should get a busy signal), I
      recognize that the man knows how to make a buck or two. But what is most
      interesting is what the formerly reclusive Slim has been saying in public lately.

      The Magic in the Written Word
      By Ricardo V. Castañón
      Archeology says, that in one of the famous Magic Rolls from Tebas, in the one
      now in Leyden, it is written:..."There is no stronger Magic, than that in
      Symbols..."…It seems that in those days, the scribers, who were also priests and
      magicians, conjured tremendous amounts of mental energy into their writings.
      They condensed as much meaning as possible into as smaller a symbol they could
      produce. They also did this in a way where it could only be interpreted by
      others having the same level of knowledge. In fact, they believed that in this
      practice along with ceremonies, sacrifices, and oral prayer, they were actually
      establishing a means of communication with their gods.

      Should Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger be compared?
      By Roberto Lovato
      By blasting open California's political process, Arnold Schwarzenegger also
      terminated the legacy left by the man he and many others identify as his
      political father: Ronald Reagan…While comparisons between the two actors turned
      politicians make some sense, such parallels limit our ability to comprehend the
      profound changes to the political process embodied by the candidacy of the
      former Mr. Universe. The differences say as much about the individuals as they do
      about the dynamic relationship between media and politics.

      Actor just plays a Republican
      By Cynthia Tucker
      Editorial Page Editor
      Atlanta Journal Constitution Claiming that Arnold Schwarzenegger's broad
      appeal gives a fresh edge to the GOP, Republican politicians across the country
      are celebrating the action hero's strong win in California. The state is a
      Democratic stronghold, but Schwarzenegger drew many Democratic voters -- including
      substantial numbers of Latinos -- into his muscular fold. These days, the GOP
      needs a little good news. President Bush's poll ratings are sinking like a
      stone as voters gripe about the jobless recovery and recoil at the $87 billion
      bill the president has submitted for Iraq. Then there's that pesky investigation
      of a serious national security leak, which points to high-ranking
      administration officials.

      Democrats Spin Out of Control
      By Byron York
      To hear Democrats tell it, the voters who overwhelmingly chose to recall
      California Gov. Gray Davis on Tuesday were sending a strong and unmistakable
      warning - to George W. Bush…In California, Washington, and across the country
      Wednesday, Democrats struggled to portray the recall of Davis as the result of
      voter anger against the president, and not as a repudiation of a particularly
      unpopular Democratic governor.

      Democratic debacle may finally have broken GOP's cycle of defeat
      By Robert D. Novak
      Arnold Schwarzenegger's landslide victory in the California recall, an
      election treated as a ludicrous aberration by the bipartisan political
      establishment, could exert overriding political significance nationally…California
      instantly is in question as a solid electoral anchor of Democratic presidential
      strength. Without California, chances of defeating George W. Bush next year are nil.
      Short of that transforming development, the tawdry performance by Democrats
      in the brief recall campaign creates anxiety among thoughtful party loyalists
      outside California who looked askance at tactics used in the country's most
      populous state.

      California Democrats Regroup - After the big loss on Tuesday, California
      Democrats have to decide if they want to work with Arnold, or try to duke it out
      with the Terminator.
      By Bill Whalen
      Here's an unlikely recall winner: George Schwartzman. The San Diego
      businessman ran as an independent on Tuesday's ballot, wanting to ban cookies and soda
      pop from public school vending machines (child obesity is, ahem, a growing
      concern in California). What makes Schwartzman notable? He finished ninth in the
      race to replace Gray Davis--undoubtedly because the first six letters of his
      last name coincide with that of the governor-elect's. Let us give thanks that
      Tom Arnold and Arnold Ziffel sat this one out.

      San Francisco Chronicle Editorial: Why license bill is worth saving
      Even more unpopular than Gov. Gray Davis himself is the law he recently
      signed to allow illegal immigrants to get driver's licenses…The California
      Constitution requires Gov.-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger "to see the law is faithfully
      executed." Yet he is vowing to repeal the driver's license legislation. We urge
      him to rethink his position….However unpopular, we still think it makes sense
      to allow immigrants to get a driver's license. Rather than throwing out the
      law in a pique of post- recall fervor, "mend it, don't end it" would be a
      better approach.

      Le Figaro (famous French newspaper), Paris, Editorial on the California
      You shouldn't mock Arnold Schwarzenegger; what California invents, America
      adopts and Europe ends up imitating…You can laugh at the "Terminator," running
      for governor of America's most populous state, stomping through his speeches
      with the strongest Teutonic accent since Henry Kissinger. ...


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