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Border-Wide Mobilization Press Release

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  • Donna Dove
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Contact: Richard Moore, SNEEJ 505-242-0416 Fax: 505-242-5609 richardm@sneej.org http://www.sneej.org/us-mex.htm United Without Borders-
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 10, 2003

      Richard Moore, SNEEJ
      Fax: 505-242-5609
      United Without Borders- Unidos Sin Fronteras

      Thousands Scheduled to Protest in 6 Border Cities, Demand Human Rights

      The Southwest Network for Environmental and Economic Justice (SNEEJ)
      calls for bi-national mobilization on October 11 and October 12 along
      the 1,989-mile stretch of the U.S.-Mexico border. Rubén Solís, from
      Southwest Worker’s Union, recognizes the urgency "to imagine that a
      different world is possible." Protesting is the universal "means to
      impact border agenda that [is] forged by Fox and Bush," he confirms. The
      third annual mobilization provides SNEEJ and its many affiliates-as well
      as the Mexican and U.S. public-to physically represent the unity between
      two cultures and collapse an imaginary division. People will
      simultaneously walk together towards border crossings and meet at the
      “border line.” In a unified voice in six border cities the marchers will

      *A just border that permits the free movement of people and not just
      goods and capital
      *A border based on equality, trust, solidarity, and friendship
      *A border that eliminates racist practices and violent persecution of
      people who cross the border seeking a just livelihood
      *Removal of the failed border enforcement policies known as Operation
      Gatekeeper, Hold the Line, Rio Grande, and Safeguard

      SNEEJ, with headquarters in Albuquerque, NM, represents over 50
      grassroots community-based organizations in the southwest United States
      and northern Mexico. These organizations work together around a concept
      of bi-national corridors for social, economic and environmental justice.
      The mobilization will commemorate SNEEJ’s third year towards these
      goals. Every year the mobilization along the border has moved up a notch
      in all aspects from an increase in participation by 50% percent- Del
      Rio, TX and Laredo, TX- to customized balloons.

      Thousands to Protest on 6 Border Cities

      The border region has come under increased scrutiny due to the death and
      disappearance of countless women in Cd. Juarez, MX, and the death of
      innumerable migrants seeking a just livelihood in the U.S. SNEEJ
      designs the Border Wide Protest Manifesto, a six-page document, which
      highlights the worsening issues faced by a closed border, and provides
      solutions to them. It testifies that, “We are tired of having the
      centers of power and decision-making so far away from our border
      reality. Both governments [Mexico DF and Washington DC] have neglected
      taking action on long persistent problems that we face as a bi-national
      region. Whether we are residents of the US or the Mexican side of the
      border we suffer similar injustices.”


      San Diego, CA/Tijuana, MX
      Saturday, October 11
      For more info call:
      José Bravo (619) 838-6694
      Roberto Martinez (619) 838-6694

      El Paso, TX/C.d. Juarez, MX
      Saturday, October 11
      For more info call:
      Michael Guerrero (505) 247-8832
      Carlos Marentes (915) 532 0921
      Cipriana Jurado 011-52-65-66-24-49-93

      Laredo, TX/Nuevo Laredo, MX
      Saturday, October 11
      For more info call:
      Ché Lopez & Rubén Solís
      (210) 299-2666
      Martha Ojeda (210) 732-8957

      Brownsville, TX/Matamoros, MX
      Saturday, October 11
      For more info call:
      Rubén Solís (210) 299-2666
      Helga Garcia (956) 748-9159

      Del Rio, TX/Coahuila, MX
      Saturday, October 11
      For more info call:
      Ché Lopez & Rubén Solís
      (210) 299-2666
      Angelica Morales

      Nogales, AZ/Nogales, Son, MX
      Sunday October 12
      For more info call:
      Kathryn Rodriguez (520) 770-1373
      Jaime Escalante Merino

      For additional information and/or a copy of the Border Manifesto,
      Southwest Network for Environmental and Economic Justice, 505-242-0416

      Que todos se levanten, May all rise up,
      que ni uno ni otro May all be called
      se quede atras de los demas. May no one be left behind.
      --Popol Vuh the others.
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