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CA: VOTE Tuesday! NO on Prop 54 and NO on the Recall!

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    From: LCSC Mon, 6 Oct 2003 18:58:28 -0700 (To find your polling place, see information at end of this message) No on Prop
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 6, 2003
      From: "LCSC" <strategycenter@...>
      Mon, 6 Oct 2003 18:58:28 -0700

      (To find your polling place, see information at end of this message)

      No on Prop 54!

      Ward Connerly's Newest Initiative Wants To Erase the Evidence of
      Institutional Racism!

      Proposition 54 would bar state and local agencies from collecting or
      analyzing data on race, ethnicity or national origin. It would
      eliminate information that pinpoints where inequities lie, making it
      impossible to enforce civil rights laws barring discrimination in
      housing, education, employment, health care and transportation.

      Proposition 54 would eliminate the information that is used to stop
      hate crimes at a time when anti-immigrant crimes and white
      supremacist groups are on the rise. It would give the police immunity
      from even detection, let alone prosecution, for discriminatory
      practices by preventing collection of the information needed to show
      that racial profiling even exists. In our prisons, the data that
      documents the racial inequalities on death row or the prison
      incarceration rates of Latinos and Blacks would simply be erased. In
      short, Proposition 54 would prevent the enforcement of the 14th
      Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that makes racial discrimination
      illegal and grants "equal protection under the law" to all members of

      NO on the Recall!

      Stop the Right Wing Strategy of Taking Away Your Voting Rights!

      As flawed as even our normal elections are, this recall is a right-
      wing, money-driven maneuver that cleverly taps into voter
      dissatisfaction to even further subvert the electoral process. Far
      from being a popular upsurge, the recall only got off the ground when
      Darrell Issa, a Republican millionaire, took $2.1 million out of his
      own pocket to pay for the collection of signatures that forced the
      recall process into motion. Because the outdated law on which it is
      based does not include a primary election or any kind of a runoff,
      the recall process could allow one of the over 100 "replacement
      candidates" to replace the present governor with only a tiny
      plurality of the overall vote. This means that even if far more
      people want to retain the present governor than support his leading
      replacement, the governor could still be ousted and replaced by
      someone having only a fraction of his support.

      This recall is just the most recent phase of a right-wing electoral
      onslaught directed by operatives within the Bush campaign team --
      from the Supreme Court's selection of George W. Bush in 2000 by
      disenfranchising Black voters in Florida, to the aggressive
      maneuvering of the Republican Party across the Southwest to
      gerrymander districts so as to maintain Republican and white-majority
      districts, to the Right's opposition to voting rights for ex-

      In this latest assault, the San Francisco Chronicle reports that Bush
      campaign advisors Noelia Rodriguez, Gerry Parsky, Mindy Tucker and
      others are directly involved in the recall effort. GOP strategist
      Sean Walsh is quoted in the Chronicle as stating that "The Democrats
      (in California) are going to come unglued, and it's going to bleed
      over into the presidential race." These actions have all occurred in
      front of our eyes at record speed while the Democrats refuse to fight
      back, following Al Gore's pathetic example in Florida.

      Governor Davis clearly represents the right wing of the Democratic
      Party, having increased investment in prisons and prison guards'
      salaries, forced through bailouts of energy companies, and approved
      cuts to healthcare. But as bad as things are now, passage of this
      recall initiative is very likely to make them worse. Despite the
      dreadful record of the Davis administration, a NO vote on the recall
      is necessary simply to affirm your own rights as a voter to majority
      rule! These rights were not a product of the Democratic Party, but
      of a series of struggles led by individuals and organizations like
      Dr. King, Malcolm X, Fannie Lou Hammer, "Corky" Gonzalez, SNCC, La
      Raza Unida Party and many others before and after them. Don't let
      the legacy of their struggles be taken away through deception!

      This is a critical election. We need your help to defeat Prop 54 and
      to defeat the recall. Please come out to the polls on Tuesday (see
      information below) and oppose these two attacks on our fundamental
      rights. Please send this message along to your friends and ask those
      who live near you to come with you to the polls on Tuesday to vote
      these measures down.



      As many as 2/3 of all polling places will be closed during this
      election, which means that your own polling place is likely to have
      changed since the last election.

      Your correct polling place should be listed on the back of the paper
      sample ballot that was mailed to you for THIS election.

      If you have lost this paper ballot, or if you want to be sure that
      your polling place has not changed since it was printed, you can find
      the latest information on where to vote at the following Web site:


      Just find your own county on the above Web page, and then click on
      the link to your county's own Web site if one is listed there. For
      example, for Los Angeles County you would click on the following


      which takes you to a page from which you can get not only your
      polling location but also a sample ballot, simply by entering your

      If your own county does not have such a link, then you will have to
      call the telephone number listed for your county on the statewide
      page listed above.

      Remember, if at first you don't succeed in voting, try, try again!
      This could be the most important election in California's history.
      Our future is in your hands.

      Labor/ Community Strategy Center's Community Rights Campaign
      3780 Wilshire Blvd. #1200, Los Angeles, CA 90010
      (213) 387 - 2800

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