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    HispanicVista.com Weekly Digest for October 6 - 12, 2003 www.hispanicvista.com COLUMNISTS-COMMENTARY & POLITICAL NEWS SECTION (CALIFORNIAN S VOTE ON TUESDAY,
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      HispanicVista.com Weekly Digest for October 6 - 12, 2003

      Hey Republicans - Are You Ready to Puke, Swallow, and Vote?
      By Steven J. Ybarra JD
      By the time you read this, two million Californians will have voted in this
      historic recall election. They, like my wife and I, voted by mail. That leaves
      one million Californians out there with absentee ballots in their homes trying
      to decide what to do with their ballots. This is the highest number of
      absentee ballots ever issued in any election in California history, and probably
      statically the highest voter registration ever in California.

      Democrat's Left-Wing conspiracy reaches California recall.
      By Fernando Oaxaca
      Dozens of the E-Mails received after my article on the Democrat¹s Left-Wing
      Conspiracy (September 21) consisted mostly of nasty accusations of partisan
      hatred and vile attacks on my character, ethnicity, age, lack of education and
      mental health. Most were generously laced with juicy obscenities and insult…I
      knew then that a political nerve had obviously been pinched or even squashed.
      Perhaps damaging truth had elicited incredible outrage from these loyal but not
      so polite Democrats or sympathizers…

      What Can Latinos Do?
      By Domenico Maceri
      What Republicans are doing is "disgusting," railed the Latina reader,
      reacting against the California GOP Assembly's campaign to collect signatures to
      repeal the recently-passed state law allowing undocumented workers to obtain
      driver's licenses. The reader wanted to know what could be done to stop the
      Republicans…Plenty. Latinos need to become active, register to vote and cast their
      ballots. Their next opportunity comes on Tuesday in the California's recall
      election. They should vote against Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has indicated that
      he is against allowing undocumented workers to obtain driver's licenses…

      Liars Extraordinaire
      By Raoul Lowery Contreras
      "Liar, Liar, pants on fire," shouts the erudite and mature California Lt.
      Governor Cruz Bustamante who is running for Governor to replace another
      dissembler of truth, Governor Gray Davis…First, Cruz Bustamante lies to the people of
      California when he says the monstrous and illegal contributions from rich slot
      machine Indians "level the playing field" between himself and "rich
      millionaires" running for governor. Then, when challenged by opponents and the press
      about the illegality of these millions of dollars, he transfers the ill-gotten
      cash to a phony anti-Proposition 54 Committee…

      A Mexican's perspective
      California's Recall Election - After all the theatrics we are finally left
      only with the issues
      By Carlos Luken
      After more than one hundred persons that at one time or another and for
      whatever conceivable reason, decided to participate in the most outlandish screen
      test promotion since Gone With The Wind's search for Scarlet O'Hara, considered
      and registered themselves as California gubernatorial candidates to both
      eject and substitute Grey Davis…

      Unprotected sex - muy macho with Hispanics, but AIDS awaits.
      By Erika Robles
      A study published in the American Journal of Public Health, shows that levels
      of sexual activity among young adults decreases or remains the same after
      sexual education programs, which include information about condoms…Though there
      is no data showing that abstinence-only-until-marriage educational programs
      work, the Bush Administration's educational program focuses only on abstinence
      until marriage education, which doesn't include education about AIDS and
      Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD)…

      The Vision: An Integrated-Based Education for Latinos
      By Manuel Hernández
      An integrated-based education for Latinos is like the human body. It has many
      cells, but all work as one to achieve its objective. The human cell is the
      smallest component, but it functions like clockwork to maintain the system alive
      and well. The Latino community must partake in a process that will unite and
      multiply rather than divide. The cell needs oxygen for its existence just like
      Latinos need each other to co-exist. The vision of an integrated-based
      education is whole yet diversified and allows its components to contribute, grow and
      impart knowledge, ideas and strategies for the unity of the body: Latinos.

      Si...! HISPANIA... the birth of a nation within our greater NATION!
      By Ricardo Castañón
      Only in America could it have happened! Here, peoples of goodwill and open
      minds have found the ideal environment to work, live long and prosper. The
      legitimate "Pursuit of Happiness" guaranteed by the Constitution and the
      Declaration of Independence, and further endorsed by the Bill of Rights have created an
      atmosphere of positivism unlike anywhere in the rest of the planet. No other
      area of the world has experienced such a mix of races, beliefs and cultures.
      The "Old world" and the "New world" have come together to create nature's best!

      By Patrisia Gonzales and Roberto Rodriguez
      In the Eyes of the Creator
      (sic)…A coast-to-coast Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride began recently with the
      hopes that Americans will come to view all human beings with the same eyes as
      the Creator. Currently, not only are some of our fellow human beings deemed
      illegal (estimates range from 8 million to 10 million), but they are also
      remanded to live in society's shadows, while we all benefit from their
      exploitation. Additionally, in the past few years, thousands of them have drowned, become
      dehydrated or have frozen trying to cross into this country, while others are
      routinely hunted down by supremacist vigilantes.

      Inside Mexico
      Our tax pesos at work in Mexico
      By Richard Baldwin
      HispanicVista.com While our government complains that there is not enough tax
      revenue necessary to do what is needed in México, it might be good to review
      some examples on how they use the revenue that they now receive…Education.
      Governor Rene Juárez of the state of Guerrero acknowledges "historic
      irregularities" in the state's bureaucratic ranks. He reports that there are 6,500
      "aviadores" (what is known in the US as "ghost" on payroll) that draw salaries at
      taxpayer expense, but never show up for work in that state's education system…

      A Party to Intolerance: Mocking Mexicans
      By Dana Williams
      Bridget Newman could hardly believe her eyes when she left her dorm room on
      the campus of Duke University two Saturdays ago…Just a few feet away, a "border
      control station" guarded the door of the Sigma Chi fraternity house, where a
      "Viva Mexico" theme party was underway inside…Days earlier, fraternity members
      had passed out expired green card invitations and "Cross the Border" party
      fliers. The fliers featured a caricature of a sombrero-clad Mexican man, napping
      beside a cactus and surrounded by several bottles of Corona beer.

      Price Tag for Freedom and Security
      By Rosa Sarabia
      Schuler After September 11, 1999 people should have gotten it! There are bad
      people out there that want to kill us. People forget very quickly about
      tragedies and that's understandable is instinct of survival, we must go on, but we,
      must to be reminded very often about this tragedy…I'm flight attendant for one
      of the airlines whose aircraft was used as a weapon against so many innocent
      lives, and all I have to do to be reminded about the horrors of terrorism is
      to walk in that airplane "my place of work, my office."

      How Arnold Schwarzenegger Would Restore Higher Education Opportunities for
      California Students
      By Velma Montoya, Ph.D.
      Immigrant parents dream that their children will get a college education.
      This dream is evaporating under the current regime of California Governor Gray
      Davis and Lieutenant Governor Cruz Bustamante. Both are members of the oversight
      boards of the (10-campus) University of California and the (23-campus)
      California State University…As Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, an immigrant who
      cobbled together a college education by sometimes attending three California
      community colleges at the same time, would set a high priority on restoring higher
      education opportunities for California's students.

      Prop 54: An Affirmation for Self-Identity
      By Martha Montelongo
      A recent poll commissioned by four education and nonprofit ethnic-identity
      organizations found that more "minorities" (Latinos, African- and
      Asian-Americans) were in favor of Proposition 54 than not…Democratic pollster Sergio
      Bendixen said, "It's counter to what experts might have predicted." Oh my goodness!
      He, an "expert," was surprised that Latinos would indicate that they do not
      like the government's racist practice of classifying us by ethnicity or race,
      herding us into groups as if one part of our ancestry was more determinant then
      another, as if the box we checked said something inherently defining about who
      we are as a group. Could it be that we see ourselves as more complex, as
      citizens, individuals, equal before the law? Do we see those boxes we are asked to
      check by the government as suspect? Could it be that we think it is none of
      the government's business to ask?

      Adios Columbus
      By Anita Quintanilla
      The Columbus Day holiday should be abolished. Documents on the misdeeds of
      this pirate/conquistador in the Caribbean prove he is unworthy of having honors
      bestowed upon him. Columbus believed in his own "god given" superiority and
      the inferiority of these dark-skinned, non-Christian Natives. He imposed a
      system of forced labor of working them until they died. There's also documented
      evidence that Columbus butchered those who failed to meet their quota of gold.
      Columbus was directly involved in murdering and enslaving Natives and played a
      leading role in the destruction of their cultures…

      Latinos On The Line
      By Bill Berkowitz
      (sic)…As the situation in Iraq continues to deteriorate, the U.S. military is
      "turning increasingly to Latinos - including tens of thousands of non-citizen
      immigrants - to do the fighting and dying on its behalf," Andrew Gumbel
      reported recently in the London-based newspaper The Independent. Indeed, Latinos
      make up a disproportionate percentage of the lowest ranks in the armed services.
      And now they also make up a disproportionate number of the wounded and dying
      in Iraq.

      The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Calif. Recall
      By Jill Serjeant
      It was the best of times and the worst of times -- depending on how you
      looked at it. And when it came to the action-packed California recall election
      there were almost as many ways of viewing it as the 135 often quirky candidates in
      the running…A porn star flaunted her assets on national television, Arnie got
      egged, political debates were briefly must-see TV, the alphabet was jumbled
      up to ensure ballot paper equality, and the pregnant chad -- last sighted in
      Florida in 2000 -- threatened a comeback in the Oct. 7 vote.

      In the end - Dirty politics were just too much of a temptation for
      By Pete Martinez
      When the recall election became official, Senator Feinstein called on all
      leading Democrats to stay out of the election, and on Gov. Davis to keep the
      campaign clean. This was the first time a leading Democrat publicly acknowledged
      what all Californians knew - Davis is a dirty campaigner.

      Death Penalty: The US and Japan must put an end to a heinous practice
      Amnesty International
      "The continued resort to judicial killing by these two observer states casts
      a stain on the abolitionist aspirations of the Council of Europe as a whole,"
      Amnesty International said, welcoming the fact that this region of 45
      countries is now an execution-free zone. "Japan and the United States must recognize
      that their observer status places an additional obligation on them to end their
      use of this outdated punishment."

      Strange Fruit
      By Matt Pacenza
      Florinda Lollo Martínez lost her job so your bananas could stay cheap. And
      now she's so desperate to provide food for her family that she's risking her
      life to grow corn on a former banana plantation, even though thugs linked to her
      former employer, Fresh Del Monte Produce, have been accused of murdering eight
      of her fellow farmers in the past two years.

      Trade policies are not working - American workers are being hurt
      By John Sweeney
      Let's face it. Globalization under the old rules reflected in current trade
      policies just isn't working. It's not working for American workers, who have
      lost millions of family-supporting jobs due to flawed trade policies such as
      NAFTA and the one that created the World Trade Organization (WTO). It's not
      working for state and local governments, which are finding that common-sense
      policies to protect workers, public health or the environment are increasingly being
      challenged by obscure trade rules. And it's certainly not working for
      developing countries, which are seeing poverty and inequality grow even as trade and
      investment increase.

      Free trade takes unfair beating on campaign trail
      Ten years after Congress approved the North American Free Trade Agreement
      (NAFTA), the pact is creating a new "giant sucking sound." The noise isn't from
      the loss of jobs to Mexico, as colorfully predicted by 1992 presidential
      candidate Ross Perot. It's coming from the 2004 White House contenders who are
      kissing up to labor unions and industries with promises to protect them from
      foreign competitors…Though NAFTA has meant more jobs and lower consumer prices since
      its passage in the fall of 1993, most Democratic presidential candidates are
      ignoring its success…

      Analysis: Hispanic voting strength mixed

      Hispanic Women are Among the Top Constituents of the Democratic Party
      According to New Study

      Oakland Tribune withdraws Schwarzenegger Endorsement - cites pattern of
      recurring abuse.

      Schwarzenegger admits behaving badly after groping claims

      Schwarzenegger running strong despite last minute dirty campaign rhetoric -
      remarks about Hitler not completed by accusers, Austria news reports Arnold
      helped breakup Nazi rally as teen - women abuse still haunts Arnold.

      Texas Primary Threatened by Republican Map Fight

      White House Deadline Set for Leak Probe Records

      New Yorkers view of President George Bush plummets: Poll


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