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Tijuana, Mexico: Trabajs. Maquila Workers : reunion/meeting 4 Oct. 4th Tijuana 

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    Trabajs. Maquila Workers: reunion/meeting 4 Oct. 4th Tijuana  Date: 9/28/2003 9:52:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time From:
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      Trabajs. Maquila Workers: reunion/meeting 4 Oct. 4th Tijuana 
      Date: 9/28/2003 9:52:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time
      From: <A HREF="mailto:maquilatijuanasandiego@...">maquilatijuanasandiego@...</A>

      You are invited to the meeting of:


      [Please see English version below]



      Invitacion a la reunion de la:






      Hola compas,


      Los invitamos a la siguiente reunion de la Red de Trabajadoras y Trabajadores
      de la Maquila en Baja California.


      Día: Sábado 4 de octubre, 4 pm


      NOTA: La reunion comenzara a las 4 pm, después de que terminen las marchas de
      apoyo a las trabajadoras/res de Industria Fronteriza.


      Lugar:  Local del Cittac y Frente Zapatista

      Calle Dolores 32-B, Fraccionamiento Dimenstein, Tijuana


      Teléfono: Tijuana: 622-4269, 622-4217

      E-mail: Cittac@...,

                   FactorX@telnor, net



      Invitan: Casa de la Mujer Grupo Factor X, Cittac (Centro de Informacion para
      Trabajadoras y Trabajadores), Red de San Diego de Apoyo a Trabajadoras y
      Trabajadores de la Maquila




      You are invited to the meeting of:




      Date:  Saturday, October 4, 4 p.m.


      ATTENTION: The meeting will start at 4 pm, just after the two protests in
      support of Industria Fronteriza workers.


      Place:  Office of Cittac and Frente Zapatista

      32-B Dolores St., Tijuana (Fraccionamiento Dimenstein)


      Phone: Tijuana: (664) 622-4269, (664) 622-4217

                  San Diego: (619) 464-7056


      E-mail: maquilatijuanasandiego@...


      Directions from San Diego: Move toward the right lane as you cross the border
      so that you get under the sign that reads "Paseo de los Heroes".  Take Paseo
      de los Heroes through 4 traffic circles and then about seven traffic lights
      (the street changes its name after the traffic circles, but you don't have to
      worry about that).  Turn right at the traffic light that says "Ermita Norte"
      (which is one light past "Industrial").  Then, turn left on Calle Dolores, which
      is one block before Blv. Agua Caliente/Diaz Ordaz. The Zapatista office is at
      32B Calle Dolores, right next to the auto or tire store on the corner of
      Ermita Norte and Calle Dolores.


      Sponsored by: Casa de la Mujer Factor X (Women’s House Factor X), Cittac:
      Centro de Informacion para Trabajadoras y Trabajadores (Workers Information
      Center), San Diego Maquiladora Workers Support Network.

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