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    HispanicVista.com Weekly Digest Sept. 1-6, 2003 www.HispanicVista.com COLUMNISTS, COMMENTARY & NEWS HISPANICVISTA COLUMNISTS California Latinos will not vote
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      HispanicVista.com Weekly Digest Sept. 1-6, 2003
      California Latinos will not vote for Bustamante just because he is Latino -
      yeah, right.
      By Patrick Osio, Jr.
      Some Republicans are putting the word out to California Latinos - don't be
      racist, don't vote for Bustamante just because he's Latino. Let's hope they
      don't really think that's going to work. Kind of like in Massachusetts,
      Irish-Americans or in New York, Italian-Americans, or Polish-Americans in Illinois don't
      vote for their own. Of course not, everyone knows good citizens only vote for
      the best candidate no matter what race, ethnicity, or even political party
      he/she may represent.

      Fatal Distraction
      By Carl J. Luna
      Rest easy, my fellow Californians. Yes, I know, the rest of the country is
      laughing at us. Where but in California, could you have a movie star, child TV
      star and porn star on the same ballot? It makes even Floridian or Texan
      politics seem the height of propriety by comparison. Do not lose heart, however. As
      the frivolity of summer fades into autumn somberness , we will get beyond the
      shock and awe of our Terminator candidacy and then, "once we get beyond this
      circus," to quote Senator Dianne Feinstein, we will finally have an informed,
      adult conversation about the issues and problems that threaten to turn the
      Golden State into a lump of brass. Then the rest of the country will once again
      respect California, the cradle of rational policy debate.

      The Bustamante Bamba
      By Fernando Oaxaca
      HispanicVista.com "Para bailár la bamba, se necesita una poca de grácia!"
      Those are the first few words of a world famous Mexican song. "To dance the
      bamba, you need a little bit of grace!" Long before you ever heard of Cruz
      Bustamante, they were playing and singing "La Bamba" in Veracruz, that beautiful port
      city in southeastern Mexico.

      Saving Immigrants with Water?
      By Domenico Maceri
      Several months ago 18 migrants died of suffocation in a trailer at a truck
      stop in South Texas. The trailer was insulated for refrigeration but it was
      either not turned on or it was not working. In all likelihood it was an accident…
      No one wants to cause people to die. Yet, the vandals who destroyed a water
      station on the Mexico-Arizona border could become responsible for people dying of

      Chicken Bones
      By Steven J. Ybarra JD
      Once, a long time ago in a galaxy far away, I was in New Orleans doing civil
      rights work. There was an old woman who told your future; it cost a buck.
      Seemed pretty cheap for the reading, so I said, "Sure." She pulled out a bag of
      chicken bones, tossed them up in the air, and watched as they fell to the
      ground. I asked, "What do they say?" She hemmed and hawed around for a minute, gave
      me my dollar back, and walked away.

      Hispanics - take your pick: Arnold or Cruz
      By Raoul Lowery Contreras
      Almost one in five California voters eligible to vote in the October 7th
      Recall Governor Davis election are Hispanic, mostly Mexican American. As of this
      writing, over 52% of Hispanics most likely to vote are voting yes to recall the

      By Patrisia Gonzales and Roberto Rodriguez.
      Drinking and the Moral Hangover Editor's note: This is a first-person column
      by Patrisia Gonzales. My dad couldn't fight the disease of the drinking
      spirits -- maybe an allergy to European grains in Indian blood. Why he drank was
      another matter, part of the "smoking mirror" he could not face -- shell shock
      from World War II and Korea, or maybe the stress of being a rebellious brown man
      castrated by Jim Crow-era Texas. I was the one who stood up to Smoking Mirror.

      Si...! There is more to Mexico's efforts to seduce its runaway children!
      By Ricardo Castañón
      In Mexico City newspapers, a note by Olga R. Rodriguez/Associated Press,
      states the following: "Migrants from the Mexican state of Zacatecas living in the
      US will be able to vote and run for election in their home state thanks to a
      constitutional amendment recently approved by the state's congress. The new
      electoral law lets migrants vote in state elections and eliminates the one-year
      residency requirement for those who want to seek a position in state
      government. The change also allows first-generation Zacatecans born in the US, to run
      for office and vote. 'This law serves to recognize the political rights of
      migrants.' said Zacatecas Gov. Ricardo Monreal who was in Mexico City to discuss
      migration issues with Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano. The law allows migrants to
      run for most state positions except the governor's office; two of thirty state
      congress seats will be allotted to migrants, Monreal said."

      Reading the news.
      By Richard Baldwin
      Once upon a time on Sunday mornings, there were radio programs in which the
      comics were read for the young audience. Today, we are reviewing the news, but
      not the funny papers. This is not for children.

      A Mexican's Perspective
      Finally a reasonable starting point to solving immigration issues.
      By Carlos Luken
      Not since the aftermath of 9/11 in 2001 has a realistic and enlightened
      direction been introduced to guide the effort of attempting to solve what has been
      a huge and irreconcilable predicament between the US and Mexico.

      Texas A&M - 2 day conference on diversity in business and Government
      organizations. National Latino Labor Youth Caucus conference September 11-13, 2003
      "August 29" Live Community Theater in Boyle Heights (Los Angeles) August 29
      through September 21, 2003 MAPA Special Endorsement Convention - California Recall

      Chismes De Mi Gallinero MEChA-Do About Nuthin!
      By Julio C. Calderon
      Hay Dios! This California Recall is getting really crazy now. The Ultra-Right
      is going after Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante over his membership in the Movimiento
      Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan (MEChA) during his two years at California
      State University, Fresno. I am afraid that before this brief election is over,
      Bustamante will also have to explain his membership in the Mexican American
      Political Association (MAPA). After all, MAPA's creed is the increased
      participation of Mexican Americans in the electoral process and the election of same to
      public office. Is this also evidence of a Mexican takeover of the California?

      Fair and Unbalanced Racism By: Rodolfo F. Acuna
      Fox News and the O'Reilly factor have touched off a tempest in the proverbial
      teapot by denouncing California Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante for not renouncing
      his affiliation with a Chicano student organization of which he was a member in
      the 1970s. These so-called journalists equate MEChA with the Klu Klux Klan
      and violence, which at a time of general hysteria over terrorism is

      Whose Civil Rights Movement? 40 Years after the Dream
      By Steven Rosenfeld
      As the nation knows, California politics can be odd. But nothing in this
      recall-dominated season is stranger than the rhetoric-versus-reality of the other
      question on the October 7th ballot, Proposition 54, which would ban the state
      from collecting race-based statistics. Backers seek "a color-blind" society.
      They want "government to treat all citizens equally and without regard to
      race." They say the state should set the first example. They quote President John
      F. Kennedy: "Race has no place in America"; Thurgood Marshall, who called
      racial classifications "odious" as the NAACP's lawyer in Brown v. Board of
      Education; and Dr. Martin Luther King, who hoped people 'would not be judged by the
      color of their skin but by the content of their character."

      In his words: October 1997 Keep Big Brother's hands off the Internet
      By Senator John Ashcroft
      Republican, Missouri - Chairman of the Senate Commerce Subcommittee on
      Consumer Affairs, Foreign Commerce and Tourism
      The Internet provides a great opportunity to our country, in part by
      representing the most inviting form of communication ever developed. It draws people
      together from all corners of the globe to share and communicate on an
      unprecedented level, and brings all branches of government closer to the public that
      they serve.

      Parents Should Know That Lactose-Free Milk - Is Available in Schools for
      Lactose Intolerant Children
      By Sandra Bernardo
      These days, parents not only have to think about the quality of education
      their children are receiving in school but also the quality of meals as the topic
      of school lunches is being heavily debated. With studies showing that more
      and more children are overweight, school lunches have come under scrutiny for
      their high fat content and low nutritional benefits. Also under debate are
      alternative beverage options. Milk is one of the best beverage choices for children
      because it is a great source of calcium and provides other nutrients.
      However, some children, including Hispanic children, are not able to enjoy this
      healthy drink at school. Why?

      Affirmative Action From Inside the Classroom
      By Saba Bireda
      I can't process big thoughts anymore. Since becoming a seventh-grade English
      teacher a year ago, my thoughts have been limited to things like the most
      exciting ways to present subject-verb agreement to my classes. I woke up in a cold
      sweat one night wondering if my "Preposition Song" was too corny for my kids
      in Southeast Washington, D.C. The least of my worries have been macro-level
      policy decisions that seem worlds away from my students even though they are
      made down the street. Lately The New York Times has paled in interest to me as
      compared to what's happening on That's So Raven.

      Blackboard Bungle Insane and Racist
      By Steve Dunleavy
      New York Post
      When a principal of a school pleads with you not to identify him, you might
      think you're in Saddam Hussein's back yard and not here in the garden of
      democracy. "The [teachers] union could not only stop curriculum here, but they could
      make me irrelevant and, in the end, get me ousted," the principal said.

      USA Today - Op-Ed
      Give ex-prisoners a voice
      Numbers released this month by the Justice Department document that 5.6
      million Americans a full 2.7% of the population have been in prison at some point.
      Black men have a one in three chance of serving time, twice the rate for
      Hispanic men and nearly six times the rate for white males. (new) -

      Fiction-Short Story
      CB - a deadly decease is killing me.
      By Erika Robles
      I can see her walking up and down the room, while I lie uncomfortably on the
      hospital bed. She looks anxious, worried, and irritated. It's hard to tell if
      she's in this state because of me or because she knows she will miss her
      Tupperware party this evening. My eyes follow all her movements, as there's nothing
      else to do in this all white room. I can see there's a TV set and wonder if
      she plans to turn it on soon. Doctors come every hour or so; they inspect me
      with instruments hard to name or even describe; write down instructions on the
      chart and leave.

      Bringing up baby bilingual - As the world grows smaller, many parents want
      their children to learn a second language or to retain the family's ancestral

      Tell us your language lessons

      Baltimore schools fail MSA standards - District also misses mark in
      attendance, graduates

      Exams reveal racial divide, math troubles - Black students trailing whites in
      Balto. County; Middle school scores decline - scoring no better than limited
      English skill classmates

      Foreign students get help with transition to Broward schools

      Bustamante accepts UFW support at site where Robert Kennedy embraced Cesar
      Chavez in 1968 - Arnold on wrong side of farm worker battle

      Davis and Recall Candidates Rip Schwarzenegger

      LULAC Orange County Defends California Lt. Governor Cruz Bustamante and MEChA
      Student Organizations

      Labor leaders vow help to Davis - Arnold stomps with much fanfare

      Hollywood celebrities eerily quiet on support of opposition to Arnold

      Hispanic voters grow to 16 percent of voters in California, could hold the
      key to election.

      Citizenship and Voting

      Bush creates post to nurture needs of manufacturing sector in states crucial
      to his reelection.

      Minority buying power expected to rise

      Data Report on Status of Children in Puerto Rico Points to Opportunities and

      United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce President, George Herrera, Honored
      With Mickey Leland Award

      North American Development Bank signs $4 million loan for air quality project
      in Agua Prieta, Sonora

      After Supreme Court decision, U. of Michigan adopts new admission policy, but
      retains race as factor.

      In Houston 'Conexion Latina' TV program to Promote Technology Resources to
      Hispanic Businesses

      A Proclamation by the President of the United States of America: Family Day,
      September 22, 2003

      Ford Health on Wheels Program - expands van donation program to Hispanic
      healthcare centers in the US

      Cancer of the lips, cheek, palate and tongue can be fatal - look for the signs

      Cleaning tropical fish tank could lead to bacterial skin infection

      Mexicans in US send more money home than foreign investment or the country's

      State of the Nation speech: Mexico's Fox Acknowledges 'Huge' Hurdles

      Twenty Percent of Detained Tijuana Motorists Offer Bribes to Police

      Mexico City zero tolerance campaign, cracks down on Beetle cabs notorious
      passenger crime traps

      Zero Tolerance Comes to Mexico City, Courtesy of Rudy Giuliani When Cops Are

      Mexican Border Killings Going South

      Suffolk County declares September 15 Central American Day

      Three charged in immigrant fraud case

      100 suspicious visa applications lead to one of nation's largest immigration
      fraud investigations.

      Man could pay up to $6.25M for alien worker fraud

      Ten sets of bodies exhumed from military base grounds in Guatemala

      Guatemala Public Announcement

      Issued by the International Secretariat of Amnesty International 28 August
      2003 - Peru: Truth and Reconciliation Commission's report -- an essential step
      towards truth, justice and reconciliation

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