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Canada: Resisting Pakistani Deportations in Montreal

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    CKUT Radio: Resisting Pakistani Deportations in Montreal Date: 8/28/2003 2:35:29 PM Pacific Daylight Time From: christoff@dojo.tao.ca CKUT Radio: Resisting
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      CKUT Radio: Resisting Pakistani Deportations in Montreal
      Date: 8/28/2003 2:35:29 PM Pacific Daylight Time
      From: christoff@...

      CKUT Radio: Resisting Pakistani Deportations in Montreal

      Listen to a report with members of the Action Committee of Pakistani
      Refugees in Montreal and the No One is Illegal Campaign, who are currently
      organizing a political campaign to fight against the deportation of over
      400 Pakistani refugees from Canada. These refugees are facing deportation
      in the coming days, weeks and months. Since September 11th, Pakistani
      refugees have been systematically rejected at a rate of approximately 80%,
      by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

      These refugees are facing deportation to both Pakistan and to the United
      States their port of entry into Canada. If deported to the United States
      many the 400 Pakistani refugees would face the same persecution many
      recently fled, detention and the mandatory INS registration program for
      many Arabs, Muslim and South Asians. If deported to Pakistani these 400
      refugees mainly Shi'ia Muslim would face the same religious persecution
      they fled in Pakistan. The grounds for rejection of these refugee claims
      from CIC, being that the situation in Pakistan for these refugees has
      improved in Pakistan despite contrary human rights reports from Amnesty
      International and Human Rights Watch.

      One Pakistani refugee Bilquis Fatima a 63-year-old a wheelchair-bound
      woman with a serious heart condition has been incarcerated along with her
      son Imran Hussain at MontrealĀ¹s Laval Immigration Prevention Centre for
      over a month. During this period her medical condition has deteriorated
      drastically. Bilquis Fatima case has become a focal point of the campaign
      to fight the deportation of Palestinian Refugees.

      -> To Listen to the CKUT Radio Report Visit:


      Background Information on the Action Committee of Pakistani Refugees:

      In Montreal, there are over 400 Pakistani refugee claimants facing
      deportation in the coming months as their cases are being rejected in
      unprecedented numbers by the Immigration and Refugee Board. These refusals
      are based on the grounds that the situation in Pakistan from these
      refugees has improved, whereas, the facts are contrary to it. These
      refugees are fleeing a violent political and sectarian crisis in Pakistan,
      which has been well documented by Amnesty International and Human Rights
      Watch. They have escaped from the killings, torture, kidnappings, rape and
      constant humiliations.

      A close review of the rejected cases indicates that some IRB judges are
      not aware of their own departments published reports, which clearly agrees
      with the aforementioned human rights reports, and as such the decisions of
      the IRB judges decisions are indicative of systemic racial profiling. In
      the post 9/11 climate, there is also an increase in detention of
      Pakistanis, particularly men, with most of them being held in detention
      upon arrival at either Dorval airport or at the LaColle border.

      Facing evident persecution, it is a deplorable and unacceptable that a
      significant number of these refugees are being rejected and deported in
      the coming days and months. On the part of the members of the Immigration
      and Refugee Board, there is a clear lack of understanding, and
      inconsistency in judgment, with regards to what these refugees face-
      torture, rape, murder- upon their return.

      This situation points to the growing criminalization of asylum seekers
      world. Montreal's Pakistani refugees are developing a political campaign
      against the efforts of Immigration Canada to deport them. The developing
      campaign to fight against the efforts of Immigration Canada to deport
      Montreal's Pakistani refugees is also clearly part of the growing movement
      world wide, which confronts and challenges the Canadian State and its
      racist policies against immigrants, refugees and indigenous peoples.
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